Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baseball and burger...

My favorite book these couple of weeks, 'The Baseball Chronicles - Year by Year History of Major League Baseball': The title says it all. Too bad it still does not include my favorite team of all time: the 2004 Red Sox. Got this one @ Booksale. Awesome.

Soy Burger @ Likha Diwa. Tastes great but no fries or nachos?

Vegie Adobo @ Greens. The shitake mushrooms ruled on this one.

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another visit to dr. tam...

Vegie Menudo

Vegie Hamonado

About two weeks ago, we went to Dr. Tam's Resto @ Pasig since it is near Fun Ranch. Awesome rides. Too bad it was a wet Sunday because of the rain. The Vegie Hamonado of Dr. Tam is pretty good but at times tastes too sweet. The menudo is still the menudo of Dr. Tam. Classic.

Good stuff: 1 TB Hard Drive (Western Digital)...

Bystorm "Ninoy" shirt, red ink on yellow shirt

Up now is a 1/1 version of the Bystorm 'Ninoy' shirt. Red ink on yellow shirt gives it an OG feel from the 80's 'Justice for Aquino, Justice for All' movement which led to the booting out of then President Marcos.

By the way, Danj is collecting pics of people wearing Bystorm shirts and he will then put it up on the BS myspace. So if you happen to be wearing a BS shirt, take a pic and send it. Lucky senders will win a prize. Hehe...

Bad stuff: LA winning the NBA trophy. I actually lost interest in the Finals. Orlando came up short. It would be nice to see what they would do with Vince Carter now in their roster. What about Hedo? And Shaq with Cleveland?? Gonna be a tough 2010-11 season for the Celtics.

Good stuff: Red Sox on top of AL. Got a feeling that the WS trophy would be taken home again by the guys from Beantown.

More bad stuff: too much work...

Leftover Pizza...

June has been a terrible month for this blog. I just updated this for a couple of months. I've been way too busy doing personal shit (re: jobs), dealing with people and a bunch more of other crap which in no way is related to hardcore. I tried to do some interviews but I still have to send them the interviewee's way. Plus I've been spending a lot of time playing Mafia Wars and Mini-clip 9-ball for my own good. My wrists hurt already. Fck.

Up now is a leftover pizza from Shakey's. Garlic and cheese on thin crust. Nice...

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Friday, June 12, 2009

random food stuff...

Lumpiang Shanghai @ Likha Diwa

Embutido @ Greens

This...I don't really know what to call. It has micha (vegie meat), string beans, black beans, carrots all mixed up in an icky sauce...@ Bodhi

baggy shirts...

Magrudergrind Tour Tee

Verse 'Repeat Logo' shirt

greens combo meals.

vegie menudo plus creamy tofu with java rice
vegie "beef" teriyaki with afritada plus java rice

vegie burger and fries

Hey there. It's been a TERRIBLY BUSY two weeks for me on the job so I barely have time to do this thing and other activities as well. So if you're one of the few who expect to see posts regularly, I'm sorry.
Up now is a Greens Combo special. We al know Greens and how awesome their sisig is. But try to go there around lunchtime and you're in for a treat. They have a combo special, I think its Php 85 or Php 75 for two viands and rice so I guess its a fair deal. Try to check it out if you have time.
There's a bunch of upcoming shows in the metro and the nearby provinces this June. I don't think I have the time to go but I'll try and check it out also.
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PS. The current NBA finals suck. LA sucks. The UAAP season is not that far...Hehe..