Friday, March 30, 2012

Bystorm 'Sampler 2012'.

We made 50 CD-Rs of this last week and was given to everyone who wanted one at the Batangas show last week. This sampler features four (4) tracks, three of which will come from the upcoming 'Sumalangitnawa' full-length and an unreleased cover of Biofeedback's 'Barney's Revenge'. Here's the download link. Go nuts:

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Pesto Best-o?

Taken during our recent visit to Batangas. Penne pesto from Pizza hut. Just ask the crew to remove the chicken. Surprisingly good and a big serving. Bystorm will be playing at BKB along West Avenue to support the launching of the new record of Manila's WEST. See y'all there.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Sunday show.

Wash off your sins this Holy Week and start sinning anew this Easter Sunday, April 8 at Ten02, QC courtesy of Northern Territory. Featuring a who's who of the present hardcore scene as well as some reunions/one-offs happening at this show. There are also promises of giveaways at the show as NT's way of saying thanks for the support. See you at this show!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ignite @ KL.

Don't think I've posted this shirt before. Got this via trade from some kid in Kuala Lumpur when me, led and ronald tbod headed over there to watchIgnite. Really good times.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 31, 2012, West release party.

WEST will be releasing their debut full-length on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at BKB along West Ave. in Quezon City. Pretty good line-up. Should be one hell of a hardcore show. Make sure to pick up the West CD. Show some f'n support for your local scene for a change. It's not all about shirt you know.

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Cafe de Lipa.

When you're in Batangas, you don't look for coffee in the chain coffee stores, you look for something authentic and local. We managed to check out this shop somewhere off the main road of Lipa, Batangas and we were not disappointed. Good coffee blend, good price and people too. Definitely worth checking out for the 'Barako Joe'.

They also have a branch located in the Petron station at the STAR Tollway. Good call.

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Guest: SDB, Outbreak.

SDB representin' with a mean Outbreak shirt. Outbreak was definitely one of the better bands of the mid'00s and their legacy can still be felt on the advent of hard, fast bands playing that style.

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Lipa City.

Had a very long day and a very awesome time last night at Lipa City. The BS crew met early in Manila to copy some covers for the four-track BS sampler to be given away at this show. The weather was f'n hot but after an hour or so in the Saturday Manila traffic, the rain poured down essentially bringing the heat to another level.

When we reached Lipa City, we were looking for a place referred by Mr. Firr called 'Shop Around The Corner' but for some reason we couldn't find it so we settled for this place called Cafe De Lipa in order to get some authentic kapeng barako, but more on this later. We went to the venue, grabbed some food and watched as the San Pablo City crew started the show. I think it was Forfeit, Standout and Chilidogs who started the show in order before we played. Had an awesome time playing too, the crowd was well-receptive of the new songs. Very cool crowd. No fights whatsoever. West played after us and they opened with OLC's 'Murdario Stomp'. They have a full-length to be released next week and we'll be playing that show too. Thanks to Larry for lending me his bass guitar for this show. Also caught some cool bands from Batangas playing but everything's a blur to me already. We also hanged out with Mr. Arje and he rode with us to Manila.

Thanks to Peter, Terry and the rest of the Lipa crew for this great show. We'll see you soon.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Summer time in Manila. Weird.

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Shirley Steinberg.

I totally forgot to post this shirt since I acquired it during the Shirley Steinberg one off show at Kalye Art Gallery. SS was a short-lived band which released a pretty good demo cd-r before calling it quits. At least they managed to release something. Pretty cool band and bunch of guys too. This is likewise a cool looking shirt. I like the matching colors. Too bad the pic doesn't do it justice.

We'll be bringing cool surprise stuff for the upcoming Batangas show this Saturday. So come out and hang with us at Lipa City.

Too bad I won't be able to check out Aunt Audrey at IDB also this Saturday. I was really looking forward to seeing them play again.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pop-punk night, March 24.

If you're not going to the Batangas HC show on Saturday, make sure to hit this spot at IDB, Paranaque City. Aunt Audrey will be making a rare appearance along with some other bands from the metro and the nearby provinces. Wish I could go to this show. Support IDB by checking this show out.

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Lipa gig next Saurday.

Bystorm has not played Batangas for some time now and we'll be hitting Lipa City this coming Saturday. We'll be playing with a bunch of Batangas bands and some from the nearby provinces. This show promises to be wild. Hope to see everyone there.

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Just when you thought Domino's has finally shut down, we discovered this Domino's joint somewhere behind Tiendesita's. Perfect for a late night treat. We hit this spot after a Bystorm recording session at Positivity Studios. Domino's really have good tasting pizza and this time they had a vegie alfredo pasta. The pasta's not really that good since it was just heated in a microwave oven. Eh.

Speaking of the Bystorm recording, we're finally done with the final mix. We encountered some glitches in the recording but overall we're pretty happy with it. Expect this to drop very soon. In the meantime, check out a couple of tracks at the new Bystorm bandcamp site:

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The root of evil.

F'n summer heat. Need to hit the beach very soon and this BACKTRACK 'Root of Evil' tank will be just right for the season. Show those douchebags in the sand who's the toughest
SOB when you were this tank.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

DNC show tonight.

Check out this show tonight happenin at Laguna. Ground Zero's last show and Dreadnought Clothing year anniversary. Good line-up too.

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I hate this shirt.

True story. See that pic right there. Terrible idea on putting such a goofy face on a shirt. Good thing this was pretty limited and probably all gone by now. Richard Collier shirt with that awful "band pic". Couldn't have just made it a live shot.

Going later to Positivity Studios to finally finish the BS 'Sumalangitnawa' record. If all goes well, we'll be posting a couple songs here and the rest of the web.

Good stuff: Celtics finally starting to get it on after the All-Star Break, Red Sox looking good in spring training.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

FC Five.

FC Five is breaking up and they have one last SEA tour to do. And there's not even a Philippine show. Not cool man. Really wish they could have played at least one show here. If you don't know FC Five, you're really missing out.

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Tofu teriyaki, Iceberg's.

Recently found out that they serve this dish at Iceberg's, which is more known for its different blends of desserts. This one's a little bland thought and their hot sauce sucks. Good for an emergency eat but nothing really great to look forward to.

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Cool down.

As the first of March hit, so did the temperature which went bonkers. So to beat the summer heat and avoid falling to sleep while driving, you should try hitting this iced coffee from Mickey D's. Pretty cheap too.

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