Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was trying to upload some pics from the recently concluded Conquest for Death tour but there seems to be a problem with I'll try to post them later.

Anyway, the CFD show last Friday was awesome. One of the best I've been to this year. Their first set was swesome but when they did an encore of three What Happens Next? songs the shit just hit the proverbial fan and everything just went nuts. Must get a video of this show. If anyone has a copy, hit me up. Also some nice quality pics...

So there's going to be a lull of shows for the next couple of weeks which is fine by me since I need to do a lot of stuff myself. I'll definitely be at the War All the Time show on November 28.

Something to watch out for is the upcoming Southeast Asian Tour of A BETTER HOPE FOUNDATION. They got a free downloadable dmeo on their site. I'll try to post it later. The show will be on December 12, 2008, Friday, most probably somewhere in the metro.

Also, I Remember Halloween Issue No. 3 is out now. Has a Bystorm interview and Chokecocoi tour diary among others. Hit the link on the right side of your screen to check it out. Definitely one of the best zines around these days.

Good stuff: Short, Fast and Loud Issue # 19, Eskapo 'Wind of Hell', Monster X 'Indoctrination (Discography)', Propagandhi 'Live from Occupied Territory', Side by Side 'Live on WNYU', My Name is Earl Season 2 (Again!), Conquest For Death 'Beyond Armaggedon'

Saturday, November 1, 2008

CFD @ Cainta, update flyer and directions!

Here's the updated flyer for the Cainta leg of the Conquest for Death Tour here in the Philippines. Hopefully everyone can come. It's a Friday night and the venue is pretty accessible either by car or public transport. CFD will be hitting a bunch of What Happens Next? songs to make up for their supposed Asian tour last 2004. So this maybe our last chance!
The Time is Now! Circle pits!!!

Pizza? Coffee?

Yellow Cab 18(!)" Cheese Pizza. 5 guys without dinner. On1 18" cheese pizza. Amazingly this piece of work won. We only managed to eat two slices each. Great group pizza. Amazing pizza crust.

Double-shot espresso from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This little monster gave me pulpitations in no time. Perfect for late night work. Too strong for my tastes though.

Had this one after a Bystorm practice. Feeling like a cop so we grabbed some donuts and coffee. I don't eat any other donut or cake or ice cream if its not plain chocolate. These are made of 3 layers of chocolate. Even the coffee is surprisingly good. They also got Iced Coffee but this is the way to go. More to come...

My Disco Tour Just Ended! Conquest for Death Up in a couple of days

Dangleregs classic Have Heart shirt witht the greaty live pica t the back. Live pics are awesome on hardcore shirts. good color scheme too. Dark Blue ink on light blue shirt.

KIds on the Move/Channel X Indonesian Tour 2008. Got this when Bystorm toured Malaysia and Singapore last summer. Nice shirt. Cool bands. When is KOTM coming to the Philippines?

Led's ELEVEN shirt. Eleven is another upcoming SxE band from Kuala Lumpur. They have a CD coming out from UnitedxFront Records so we gotta watch out for that one.
By the way, the Pilipinas leg of the MY DISCO tour ended last night. They played two awesome shows with some of the finest bands we have. CAITLYN BAILEY from Davao also played in the two shows and did not disappoint. If anyone is interested in their 'Fuego' CD, drop me a message, I got a bunch of copies thru trade. RICHARD COLLIER also played an awesome set on Wednesday. They had a bonus 'B-sides' CD-R that they gave away to those who purchased their 'For the Love of Death'CD that night. They played new songs and it sounded terrific.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the two shows. My Disco had a lot of fun playing in front of us. But there's no time to relax kids, CONQUEST FOR DEATH will be hitting the Philippine shores starting on Thursday! We got two shows lined-up for them. The Thursday show will be held at Lucena City and the Friday show will be held at Cainta, Rizal. I'll post the updated flyers later.
Good stuff: the recent My Disco shows, Wait in Vain 'Seasons', Anchor 'The Quiet Dance', Verse - everything, The Big Bang Theory Season 1 and 2 (one of the funniest series ever made), Prisonbreak 'Season 4', Tropic Thunder (definitely one of Ben Stiller's funniest movies, seond to There's Something About Mary, exceptionally funny was Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as a black guy), Unbroken 'Life, Love, Regret', Celtics 2-0, the upcoming Conquest for Death tour!
Bad stuff: nothing really, except Nawasa and MWSS digging on the streets of Sampaloc. They piss me off...