Saturday, January 31, 2009

bystorm wears...

Isvarah 'Cleansing'

Crisanto's Eskapo 'Pilipinas Tour' printed by Northern Territory

Denver's Black My Heart 'Boston Straightedge'

food entries and an iced coffee...

Breaded Shitake Mushrooms @ Likha Diwa. They sliced the shitake mushrooms into thin concotions and put some nice breading in there. Should have made it more spicy but it tastes awesome. The bits of cucumber definitely adds to the presentation.

Afritada @ Likha Diwa. Shit. I don't like purple or "mountain" rice. Too heavy for my taste. The Afritada is pretty fair. I can do better. Hehe.

Iced Coffee @ Mini-Stop. Perfect after 2 hours of practice with the air-con busted. I love that motto, "Perk Up. Chill Out."

BBQ @ Likha Diwa. Don't like this one. Tastes like f'n charcoal. Ugh.

Kebab @ Greens. Instead of the usual BBQ, I tried ordering a vegie kebab. Thick tofu blocks, mushrooms, zuchini and pieces of BBQ abound. Nice, but I'll stick with the BBQ next time.
No stories this time. Nothing interesting has been happening lately.
Good stuff: Bitter End "Mind in Chains", "Climate of Fear", Deathwish Live Series, Boston's 10-0 run, cooking vegie caldereta yesterday

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday Matinee @ Ten02, Quezon City

Been a slow week for posting and hardcore (for me, at least..hehe). Up right now is the flyer for the February 22, 2009 show at Ten02, Quezon City. We decided to make it a Sunday Matinee of sorts. Doors will open at 3:00 PM and after a little soundcheck by the bands, the party will start exactly at 4:00 PM. It will be the first Manila show for new Pagbilao thrash outifr KATUS KARUKA. They came from the ashes of Chokecocoi and Catalepsis so it will be a treat watching and playing with these guys for the first time. This show will also feature a new straightedge band called STAID. I saw these guys practice and know everyone in this band by heart, so definitely watch out for them. Members came from Feud, Chokecocoi, Half the Battle, and I forgot the drummer's other bands. Hehe.
And by the way, if you still don't know, this show will feature three (3) touring bands from three (3) different countries:
MOTIVATION - Hungary positive straightedge hardcore!
SECOND COMBAT - Malaysia sxe youth crew!
DEAD PITS - Jakarta positive hardcore!
So make sure to come to the venue early. This shit's gonna be tight. Plsu, the Second Combat/Motivation split CD will be available for this tour!
Nothing more to say but I've been a little busy lately but I'll try to update his blog regularly so keep checkin'.
Good stuff: Celtics recent 8-0 run, Bobcats beating the Lakers in 2OT, Frank Sinatra "My Way: The Best of...", Groundwork "Today we will not be invisible nor silent", Indecision 'Release the Cure', Trapped Under ice 'Stay Cold', Sopranos Season 2

Saturday, January 24, 2009

"karate kid"

Red Iced Tea @ Karate Kid

"Sneaky" Chili Powder

Yasai Itame

Tofu Furai

Nothing special today. No big updates. Just a Saturday afternoon with nowhere to go. What we have today is some food from Karate Kid. I know you've seen them in the malls or something. So whenever you're out and looking for some vegies, and tired of Chowking Tofu, check this store out.
They got some tofu furai which is actually breaded tofu. They use really good tofu there. Firm and not soft and soggy under the breading. Plus you get 'yasai itame' which is a concotion of stir fried vegies. I love that shit. They also have this chili powder which is a bity deceiving (hence, the caption"Sneaky"), because doesn't taste chili aty first but then it creeps up and bam! And that is why you get to check out their bottomless "Red" Iced Tea. Only problem is tastes a little like Bisolvon cough syrup to me. Prety good, nonetheless.
I'm reading this awesome interview right now with Norm Arenas, done by George of Blacklisted. One of the best inreviews I've read in a while and I'm also currently listening to Texas is the Reason's 'Do you know who you are?'. Check it out:
It also has a great interview with Cold World, so hit that up as well.
We met Rupert of Eskapo last night and hanged out with him for his last night in the Philippines before he flies back to New York. The Eskapo tour was one of the best tours we had and I feel proud to have helped them set up all those shows. And I really hope they can come back. Good luck to you brothers...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"thrashcore and circle pits"

Random pic taken from the recent Conquest for Death tour. I love this pic since it captured the band at the peak of their set when they railroaded three covers from What Happens Next? (one of my favorite bands ever!). I grabbed the mic from Craigums and sang-along to this great band. Awesome shit. You don't know me. Check out the guy with the Exortion shirt. You see kids singing-along, fist pumping, Zepol sticking out his tongue for whatever reason (hehe), Butch just making a nasty dive and Ryan (KD Sistema) about to take off. Fck yeah. Oneof the best gigs last year.

I just learned from that Bad Omen and The Beauty of Doubt will be playing in Singapore along with Bulacan's finest, now Singapore-based T.S.A. About f'n time, I tell ya. The kids will have a blast seeing these two bands play. More local bands should tour Southeast Asia. Conquer the world!

BYSTORM news: We will be recording two (2) songs for an international Holy Terror compilation to be released by who else, Holy Terror Records. It's going to be a 2xLP with a huge insert kinda like the P.E.A.C.E. compilation back in 1984. This shit's gonna be awesome.

Plus we will also be recording a cover of "You're the Friend I Don't Need" for a BOLD tribute to be released by Embrace Records from Malaysia. Gonna hit the studio on February.

Perhaps a Borneo or Indonesian tour this summer? hopefully...

Currently listening to: Bulldozed 'Demonyomurdergangcore' demo, Left for Dead 'Splitting Heads', DirtyMoney/Trapped Under Ice split, Unbroken 'Live Reunion 1998'

Sunday, January 18, 2009

how's your sunday?

PLAY "It's all in our Hands" Tee. Got a bunch of this in small size. I'm selling it only for Php 150.00. Check for more info and other stuff as well.

Goodfellas 'Homeboys' shirt

Dangie's Sauna 'Deeper it Goes' shirt

Sunday Morning Coffee, 10:00 A.M. @ Mr. Donut, San Sebastian, Recto Ave.
How did you spend your Sunday morning? I spent mine writing 2 new songs with Bystorm along with a cover of 'You're the Friend I Don't Need' for a BOLD tribute being put out by Embrace Records from Malaysia. The 2 new Bystorm songs will be part of an international Holy Terror compilation being put out by Holy Terror Records with the help orf Major Malfunction. Keep checkin.
Currently listening to: Bloodpact/Reaching Forward split, Bloodpact/Time X split, Bold 'Looking Back', Reversal of Man Discography, Unbroken 'Life, Love, Regret'

Second Combat/xMotivationx Southeast Asian Tour!

After the soon to be legendary ESKAPO tour, we have two straightedge bands visiting the Philippines this February. The first is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SxE legends SECOND COMBAT and then Huingary's xMotivationx which was formed by HoldxTrue members. We have been friends with the SxC guys for a while now and they are truly one of the best people around. Make sure to catch them at these shows:

Feb. 20, Friday: Second Combat (Malaysia) arrival from Clark: Pulilan, Bulacan, kick-off
Feb. 21, Saturday: Second Combat @ Laguna c/o jay Mihara, et. al. (Saltwater Bar and Grill?)Feb. 22, Sunday Matinee: Second Combat, MOTIVATION (Hungary), DEAD PITS (INDONESIA) fast positive hardcore! Bystorm played with them in Kuala Lumpur and they were the best guys!), most probably @ Ten02 Bar
Feb. 23, Monday (Zepol and Albert? - PM me to confirm, i think both SC and Motivation are still available on this date)
Feb. 24, Tuesday, SC leaves for Malaysia but Motivation stays to play, anyone interested to set up a show, PM me now...

I still need some help for the other shows so if you're willing and able, send me a message...

"Show us your proficiency, try putting me to shame like I really give a fuck if you can beat me at your game..."

This pic was taken by Dane during Half the Battle's set during the Ten02, Quezon City leg of the Eskapo Tour. I went nuts when Easy gave me the mic to sing their cover of Final Exit's 'Proficiency'. Hell yeah. Nice pic too Dane. Hehe.

Good stuff: new Bystorm songs, Celtics recent 4-0 run, V/A Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line, Dropout no. 4, Final Exit Discography

Thursday, January 15, 2009

punishable act (germany), meaning (japan), tonight @ sta. rosa city

terror 'life and death' zip up hoodie

Tonight's the kick-off leg for the PUNISHABLE ACT (Germany) and MEANING (Japan) PILIPINAS leg of their Southeast Asian Tour. If you're in the area (or even not), go support these shows. Check out for more info. Click on the shows section. Tonight's show will be at Sta. Rosa City, then off to Cebu tomorrow and the last leg will be at Davao City. Thanks to the One Voice guys for setting this up.

I hope I can drop by this show. Too much work kills. No work kills more.

Currently listening: V/A Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line

"viva pit senyor"

I just came back from Cebu last night. Would have loved to hang out with some cool hardcore punk kids but the schedule just didn't fit. Ddin't even see the world-renowned "Sinulog Festival". Work sucks. Anyway...

Cool wall art from the streets of Cebu. Proudly done by the "Ubec Crew". Go figure.

Penne Arrabiata. Awesome shit. A little more spice wouldn't hurt but this here's the real deal.

Fettucinne Arrabiata. I tried to order pizza for dinner at the same place but turns out they were out of pizza. So I ate the same sauce but this time with different noodles. Weird, huh?

Vegetable Curry @ Sunburst. To my surprise, this tastes good. Their rice sucks though. I was never the one to like cold rice. But hard, cold, rice? I mean c'mon. If you take 20 minutes to cook the food, you at least expect it to be hot, but noooo... I hate that place. F'n hungry as hell and that's what you get.
Good stuff: Henry Rollins 'Get in the van' audiobook, Celtics 3-0 run, Cro-Mags 'Age of the Quarrel', Eskapo 'Wind of Hell'
Bad stuff: tired...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"salamat, kaibigan"

short post for today...i'll be leaving for cebu in a couple of hours..gotta finish some pleadings and then pack some stuff, then head to the airport. too bad we couldn't play the farewell show of eskapo tonight.. sorry miyong and the rest of flowergrave collective!... hate work, but what cha gonna do, right?

just want to give a quick shout out to everyone who went out of theri way to play the shows with eskapo, to everyone who attended the shows, went up front to dive, sing-along, creepy-crawl, floorpunch or what have you's. special thanks to the people who organized shows to make this "EVENT" meaningful.

albert TBOD and boyet TAME and the rest of the MAIM COLLECTIVE
ritchie, roman and everyone of SAMPCORE
Marben ng BAD BURN
Francis ISTUKAS and the whole Pampanga/Angeles crew
Dyey, Louie, AJ and the No Peace In Silence crew
Odessa and Zepol
Jep Peligro and his Laguna Posse
Miyong and the rest of the FLOWERGRAVE CollectiveMaraming.

maraming salamat sa pagorganize nyo ng shows for ESKAPO..without you, it wouldn't have been this everyone in ESKAPO, maraming, maraming salamat sa lahat ng sinakripisyo nyo para lang makatugtog sa hometown crowd..AWESOME, AWESOME..sana hindi ito yung huli!

"staying true to the DIY spirit, and keepin it alive..."

shout-out also goes to TOXIC ORGASM from cebu for playing a couple of shows with eskapo...

good stuff: john joseph 'evolution of a cro-magnon', young widows 'everything', celtics beating the raptors twice in two nights

bad stuff: missing the chance to play with eskapo in their farewell show...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

lazy sunday mornings...

Penne Pomodoro @ The Old Spaghetti House

Garlic Mushrooms at TOSH

Marble Potatoes @ TOSH

Vegie Pakbet with Saluyot leaves @ Latazia Fusion

Vegie Tapa and Ground Gluten wrapped in Nori @ Latazia Fusion
Some food entries that were eaten last week. I heard the Eskapo show in Bulacan last night was awesome and plenty of kids attended the show. Thanks to the No Peace in Silence guys and the Malolos crew for putting up the show. Catch Eskapo tonight @ Lucena City. Fck shit up.
Good stuff: John Joseph 'Evolution of a Cro-Magnon', Underdog 'Demo', Chuck Pahlahniuk 'Diary', V/A Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line, I Remember Halloween No. 3 (reviews up later)
Bad Stuff: Celtics losing to LeBron yesterday.

Friday, January 9, 2009

some shirts...

Danj's Gorilla Biscuits 'Aussie Tour' shirt

Led's For All It's Worth shirt

Bad Brains 'Capitol' shirt

Eskapo 'Wind of Hell' shirt

The Eskapo tour is still on going. Yesterday, they played in Angeles City. Tonight they'll be in Pulilan, BUlacan; tomorrow in Lucena City, at Pacita Complex in Laguna and then their farewell show at Pasig City on Tuesday. Make sure to catch them. More stuff to be posted later. Got to get out and buys ome stuff plus Bystorm practice. Cavs suck. Lebron is a f'n monster.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Vegie Food!

It's been a while since I posted some vegie food entries in this site so to make up, here's a little taste of what I've been having lately. I recently went to Likha Diwa located around the University of the Philippines - Diliman, Quezon City. I haven't eaten there in a while and I saw they had expanded their menu. They have vegie/vegan food available but at the same timew they also serve some fish in the menu. I guess it's a good way to encourage pesco-vegetarians to leave out the fish in their diet.

The image above is called 'Vegie-Bopis', an adaptation of a local cuisine. Consists of some ground gluten, tofu and a lot of spices, onion, ginger and stuff. Comes with purple rice, too, for the health buffs out there.

'Turong Hubad' - Banana and Wrapper laced with Chocolate, definitely for the sweet tooth

'Bistek Talong and Tofu' - tofu and eggplant cooked in steak sauce

Breaded Shitake Mushrooms @ Greens, QC

Something new. This one's called 'Mapo Tofu' but it's more like tofu with sweet and sour sauce. I ate this one at a small food house called 'Kombi' along Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, U.P. There's also a nearby coffee house nearby which houses a rehearsal studio. Brewed coffee. Awesome. It's also a stone's throw from Bookay-Ukay. Drop by if you're tired of eating @ Tomato Kick.

On other news, Bystorm will be playing tomorrow with Half the Battle, Isvarah, Eskapo and a couple of metal bands at Ten02 Bar at Timog, Quezon City. Represent the core y'all.
Good stuff: the ongoing Eskapo tour, the upcoming Second Combat/Motivation Tour, 'Get in the Van' by Henry Rollins audiobook, NBA Live 09 for PSP
Bad stuff: the recent slump of the Celtics, ugh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eskapo Tour Updates

Some updates about the ongoing Eskapo Pilipinas Tour:

1. There has been a venue change in the Laguna leg for Monday. Instead of Binan, the show will be held somewhere in the Pacita Complex. Check out the updated flyer above. Just go to Pacita Complex and hook up with some hardcore kids you see walking by. The venue will not be hard to find.

2. Rumors about the Lucena leg being cancelled because of the equipment is over. Mr. Z and O managed to dip into their magic bag and pulled off the seemingly impossible. Same venue. Same line-up. Make sure to go to this show and give your support. Plus, Eskapo will definitely blow your brains out along with some locals.

3. Party at the Farewell Show of Eskapo @ Black 8 Bar in Cainta next Tuesday. This is their last show, so don't miss out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

ESKAPO kick-off show @ cuerdas bar review...

Last night was the kick-off party for Eskapo's Pilipinas Tour. Everyone was psyched especially Rupert of Eskapo who was getting sweaty palms all over while we were on the way to the venue. A nice thick crowd was already forming in front of the venue when we arrived. No parking slots available near the venue so we had to parking somewhere else.

A little problem was facing the organizers that night because the bass drum had a hole in it so they had to look for a quick replacement to start the show. Fortunately, eveyrthing worked out and at around 9:45, the show started with the debut of SDK. They are a three-piece band playing melodic punk rock. The crowd was elated when they did a cover of 'Bikeage' from Descendents.

To really kick off the show, HALF THE BATTLE went on stage and proceeded to start the hostilities. The crowd was a bit stagnant at first but a stage-dive from the amps provided the catalyst for the crowd to finally sweat it out. People kept hitting the ceiling fan that afterwards they had to stop the fan from getting utterly destroyed. Great set once again from HTB. S who's on our guest list? EVERYBODY!

Up next was The Beauty of Doubt minus Ronald. Crowd went nuts singing along. Ray from Feud sang 'Ampanonarchist' to the delight of the crowd. The crowd helped the band do vocal chores that night and it was great having the entire room singing along to TBOD songs.

After TBOD, ESKAPO began setting up their equipment. You could say this is the culmination of all their hard work in Vallejo, California. What delight it is to have them playing in front of their 'hometown' crowd. I had goosebumps before they started their set and a busted lip and bruised thigh afterwards. Holy mother. These guys absolutely destroyed that night. They played songs from their two-full lengths. The crowd was flying around, singing-along. Highlight material: Tagalog, Manila Sunrise with Rupert and Loi charging to the crowd. Shit.

THROW was next and were their usual selves. The crowd enjoyed all the Dead Ends songs. Al D never fails to deliver. BETRAYED was up next and after more than 25 years, they still got it. They played some anthems from the 80's and some new songs i believe.

Last, but definitely not the least to play was TAME THE TIKBALANG. I swear, these guys get better as they age. They played songs off their 'Forever Shall Be' CD. We egged them on playing one last song and holy shit, did they ever did. 'Sailin On' by Bad Brains was the definitive closer of the night and the crowd just went ape-shit. Fuck yeah.

Definitely another night to remember. Great job from the MAIM guys. I hope to see more shows from these guys.

Catch Eskapo tonight @ Freedom Bar and then @ Green Papaya tomorrow night. Bystorm will be playing with them on Thursday @ Ten02 Bar, Quezon City. Make sure you're there and wear your dancingshoes. Should make a hell of a night.

Currently listening: Eskapo 'Wind of Hell', Ignite 'Live at Winnipeg bootleg', Gehenna 'Upon the Gravehill'

ps. sorry for not posting any pics. will do later when i get home.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food Not Bombs Tomorrow, January 6, 2009 @ Lawton Grounds

FNB's first salvo for the New Year. thought it will be held this Sunday but it was moved tomorrow. so if you're not doing anything tomorrow, help out. this post was done by ray (feud):




P.S.: Check out this video clip taken with a mobile camera immediately after a terrorist Israeli air strike hit a busy market where kids with their mothers and fathers were searching for food to eat from one of the local markets early on Saturday 03, Jan 2009, Gaza.

hangin out is what we do best...

these pics were taken while we here hangin out in led's (major malfunction) place some time ago but never put it here. so here it is, a near-perfect dinner with friends. marble potatoes and spaghetti laced in tomato, garlic, mushroom and basil. awesome shit. good friends. good food. hardcore. what's not to love, eh?

some shirts unposted last year...

golden harvest varsity jacket?? spazz mixed youth crew?? haha. i took this one during the lakefest and ws surprised that jep peligro did the same and posted it in, check it out if you haven't already.

verse 'aggression' pre-order shirt

ignite 'saturday bloody sunday' malaysia tour shirt. i got this newhen we went to see ignite last year in KL. definitely one of the best and surreal shows i've been. ignite rules if you still don't know dipshit.

judge 'bringin it down' shirt. best part of this shirt is the backprint where a "haired" porcell rocks out. too bad no one took the back pic though.

good stuff: restarting this blog to start 2009, eskapo's kick-off show tomorrow @ cuerdas bar, be there!, vegie tocino from country vege (san juan) - i actually bought this one in malvar's supermarket along molino road in bacoor, cavite, near my parent's house. tastes awesome if you put a little more sugar and spice to seal the deal, so cavite kids, check out and support that store for it might not be there for long.
currently listening to: thrash talk 'walking disease', ceremony 'violence, violence' (check out their set at gilman st. on youtube, will f'n blow you away!) , extortion 'sick'
bad stuff: going back to work tomorrow...fck...