Monday, June 30, 2008

Crux Tonight @ Dayo Bar, QC!

hey everyone! tonight's the first part of the philippine leg of the crux southeast asian tour! make sure you go to dayo bar, quezon city. of course you know the venue. it's just below the betty-go belmonte station of the lrt 2. sister bastard will open the show 'round 8 pm. we'll see ya in a couple of hours!! circle pits!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

O, the Magrudergrind tour officially ended on Saturday morning when they left for Bangkok. We had so much fun with them as they did in our country. 4 gigs in 5 days is not bad, esepcially when all the shows were awesome. We played with them in their last show in Malolos, Bulacan and it was awesome. The crowd went absolutely nuts. I know a guy who has a video of the show and I'll defnitely get a copy of that.

It's now time to start the CRUX tour which will begin with their first show tomorrow night @ Dayo Bar, Quezon City. SISTER BASTARD will open the show. I saw these guys in the bulacan shwo last week and they were awesome. Infest-styled fastcore which will leave you begging for more! I got the show flyer somewhere down here. Just click on older posts. I got some shirt and food pics up today so enjoy...

Great stuff: the recently concluded MAGRUDERGRIND tour and the upcoming CRUX tour! Stoked!

Bad stuff: hyperacidity

Currently listening to: Crucial Unit/Municipal Waste split, Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold, Product X - everything

Magrudergrind's last night before they headed to Bangkok. We're gonna miss these guys. Take care and see you soon!

The official MAGRUDERGRIND Southeast Asia Tour shirt!

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce from Fazoli's! They got free unending supply of garlic bread and orange juice. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon before watching WANTED. That's abad ass meal for a bad-ass movie. You should definitely check it out. Bullet-time? Yeah...Now curve that bullet. I love the fight scene with the slaughter house dude. Fuckin' bad...

NORTH "Positive" shirt

Check out what's left of the Commission on Human Rights Seal. It now reads "Omisyon ng Karapatang Pantao" or "Omission of Human Rights". See how one letter makes a difference?

Crisanto's MY PRECIOUS (Singapore) shirt

CHOKECOCOI "Malaysia/Singapore Tour" shirt

Take-4 Dance Squad? Pidol and Jeboi of Play and Bystorm's Cris representin'!

Big? Bad? Louie of OMERTA wearing a Requiem shirt while Bystorm's Dangleregs wearing a Killing the Dream shirt!

New Shipwreck shirt. Sweet!

Led's SLUMLORDS "Euro Tour" shirt

Dane's COMPLETED EXPOSITION "Fixed Future Unitled Present" shirt

Sweet pic from the UP Vegie Store I ate last week. They got this one on the wall of the store plus they have a carpet looming over your head while you eat. Hehe.

Ziti with tomato sauce and ground vegie meat. Not that nice though. Full of pepper so it tastes as such.

An old Hatebreed shirt from Dangleregs. I love that skull design.

Led's TO THE LIONS shirt he picked up in Canada.

Now that the NBA season is over, it's time for Red Sox fever to start again. The Red Sox are definitely going to win the World Series again this year. Wanna bet?

KILL RATIO "Manila Destructocore Unit" shirt. I couldn't find someone to take the back pic. Great shirt nonetheless. Design by Dangleregs (free plug...)

Scenic view of Taal Volcano. Volcano within a volcano? Only in the Philippines. I got this shot around the first week of June when we had lunch with my parents to celbrate Father's Day. I was supposed to upload some food pics from the trip but it just couldn't be loaded. Don't know why.

I got to eat in one of UP's vegie restaurants. I forgot the name of this small 'carinderia-type' vegie resto that we ate in. Cheap price. Reasonable Food. This Menudo looks like it came straight out of your grandma's fiesta recipe.

I don't know what they call this viand but it has okraand some michay (veige meat), stir-fried I think. Iy actually tastes better than their Menudo.

UST "Tiger Within" 2006 Championship Shirt. The UAAP Season starts next week. Got to watch UST demolish the opposition.

Dangleregs wearing a KIDS ON THE MOVE "Indonesia Tour" shirt

a TURN THE TIDE shirt I got from Toni P. of Positive and Focused Records.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, i got some cool Magrudergrind stories for you but you need this info now because Crux from Australia is coming in a couple of days. Here's the tour itinerary:

July 1 - Dayo Bar @ Quezon City
July 2 - Big 8 Resto Bar, Malolos, Bulacan
July 3 - Freedom Bar, Quezon City

If you can go to all these shows, do so because these guys are awesome. Buy some stuff from them and support the tour.

Oh by the way, pay the gates, respect the venue and thrash hard! I'll post some more later. I need to get some sleep...

Good Stuff: Imported Vegie Hotdog in the morning, Last night's obligatory "eat-before-you-sleep" session with Magrudergrind

Bad stuff: flood

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crux @ Dayo Bar, QC, July 1!

Up now is the flyer for the July 1 (kick-off show) for Crux from Australia. This will be held @ Dayo Bar in Quezon City. Same venue as Magrudergrind last Monday.

We kept the line-up short this time in order for the show to not finish too late. Check out the return of THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT at this show. I know you missed them and this is the first time you can catch up and sing-along again for a long time!

Cesorshit (Cavite) and All Affected (Pagbilao, Quezon) will also be playing so thrash it up!

Killratio, Bystorm and Sauna round up the line-up. Hope everyone could come!


Hey everyone. I know I haven't been updating this thing as much as I need to. But hey, things sometimes just doesn't go your way. I still don't have internet connection at home so I'm just doing this thing at work. I always forget my data cable in order for me to retrieve my files from my phone (where the pics are at) to my computer and on to this blog. I'll definitely do that tomorrow. If not, then, oh well...

Lots of things have happened in the past week. The Celtics are 17-time World Champions (Lakers? - hehehe) with a masterful thrashing of that other team from the West Coast; Typhoon Frank ravaged the Metro and some provinces in the weekend leaving many to doubt whether the Magrudergrind show will push through on Monday. Not leaving the fact that there were earlier confusions on whether it will be on the 23rd or 24th. So we just kept our hopes up...

Monday morning. My car was soaking wet from the terrible Sampaloc flood but I need to be in the office early as I have some deadlines to comply with. Good thing the sun is starting to shine and people involved with the show are showing some enthusiasm. After leaving the office at 5:30 PM, I headed to Green's Resto for an early dinner knowing full well the very long night that lies ahead.

The venue started to pack around 8:00 PM. Bystorm played first that night since me, Led and Danj will still have to go to the airport to pick up Magrudergrind. We played a tight and short set. Some bands were still not in the venue. Good thing T4 people were already in the venue so Isvarah played next. Two songs in their set we decided to leave for the airport.

We got a cab with a schizophrenic driver who keeps talking to himself. Yes, he was shouting at himself. Funny shit all over. We got to the airport on time and Magrudergrind got a little bit delayed because of some problems with the unloading of the luggage. After fixing some shit up, we got a van and headed to the venue. At this time, some people were having doubts on whether MG will still be able to play. No problem. After 30 minutes from the airport. Magrudergrind was here!!! We were able to catch a little bit of YxFxCx delighting the crowd with their insance Cavite thrash. A surprise act is always good. Can you say What Happens Next?

Magrudergrind came up next to close the show and these guys were fuckin awesome. They were in three countries in a couple of hours, clearly lacking in sleep but proceeded to deliver some of the most insane sets I have seen in my life. The crowd went nuts. Circle pits, crazy dancing, stage diving without the stage. It was awesome. One of the best nights I've had. Thanks to everyone who went to the show and gave their support. The scene needs more people like you. Especially to those who patiently waited for Magrudergrind to arrive. To thos who were not patient tnough, thanks also but try to watch them this week!

After saying our goodbyes, we went home, happy of course but looking forward to their upcoming shows in the week: the 25th in Lucena City, the 26th at Batangas City and the 27th at Bulacan, if you missed them last Monday, you still have three chances to watch MG! More circle pits!!!

Great stuff: MAGRUDERGRIND! That 70's show Season 7, Boston legal Season 3, Blacklisted - everything

Bad stuff; headaches

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Magrudergrind show Tonight (June 23-Monday!)

Even though Typhoon 'Frank' hit us hard in the weekend, there's no stopping the Magrudergrind (DC) onslaught starting tonight (June 23, Monday) @ Dayo Bar, Quezon City. The venue is just below the Betty-Go Belmonte Station of the LRT 2. It's very easy to go to the venue. if you choose the LRT, just take off at the Betty-Go Belmonte Station. if you're from Cubao, take a jeepney going to Divisoria and ask the driver to drop you off at Betty-Go. If you're from the Sta. mesa area, take a jeepney/FX going to Cubao along Aurora Blvd.

Shirts, tapes and records will be available from Magrudergrind, you need to purchase ahead because the stocks are very limited.

Show starts around 7PM. Pay the gate. Respect the venue. See you later dudes.


PS. Please repost for the information of your friends. Circle Pits!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey everyone! Check out these recent ESKAPO videos I found on their myspace account. One of the hardest working bands I know. If you're in the US and want to check out some hardcore punk from the Philippines, drop these guys a line. They're running a small distro right now, affordable prices, great stuff!

By the way, they have an upcoming four-way split with KILL RATIO, ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND and LA GRITA. Raging hardcore punk! Available soon from Take-4 Collective.

By the way, the CHOKECOCOI Malaysia/Singapore Tour Diary is now up. Check it out:

The Celtics lost Game 5 yeterday. Not really an exact bummer as the Green and White will definitely beat LA for the crown in Game 6. Go Celtics!

Currently listening to: Mental ' Get an oxygen Tank', Mongoloids 'Time Trials', On 'Demo'

Great Stuff: Pamilia Dimagiba (anyone knows if they have any other stuff recorded?)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CRUX - Southeast Asian Tour Flyer!

Just got this from Lachie of Crux. Tour flyer for their upcoming Southeast Asian tour. Show flyers will be updated soon. Plus I'm working on getting them a June 30 show. Probably in Olongapo City. So keep your ears to the ground.

Currently listening to: His Hero Is Gone 'Monuments to Thieves', Catharsis 'Samsara

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Magrudergrind on June 23 nothe 24th of June!

Clarificatory news this time!

There has been some confusion on whether the first show of Magrudergrind will be on the 23rd (Monday) or the 24th (Tuesday) of June. To clarify matters, the Dayo Bar show will be held at the 23rd. The show will start at 7:00 PM. There will be eight (8) opening bands so you know you will get your money's worth.

This is a joint venture of Take-4 Collective, Non-Compliant Issue, Sampcore Collective and Major Malfunction.

There will also be some Magrudergrind tapes (tape version of the "Rehashed" LP) available at the show plus tour shirts and a bunch of other neat stuff. Save your money and support them.

Dust off your dancing shoes casue the next couple of months gonna be a blast!

Good Stuff: V/A New Names For Old Desires, Discarga 'Sem Remoso', Rambo 'Bring It'

Bad Stuff: Celtics losing Game 3 in L.A.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Here are the final show flyers for the Magrudergrind tour which starts in two weeks. This tour is gonna be dope, I tell ya. So stop sitting around and support these shows.

By the way, if you will just come to these shows to hang out and ask the organizers to let you in for free, don't bother. The show organizers and the touring band need all the support they can get. If you will be just a bother at these shows, stay at home and whine. We don't need you anyway. I know it's a little harsh but c'mon, a hardcore show with a touring band for P60-120 Php (around $1.5 to 3)?! that's a fucking bargain, especially when you can cough up P16000 for your new iPod.

Go to the show and show some love. Buy their records and merch. And oh yeah, pay the entrance. That is the only way we can coninue inviting touring bands in the Philippines and organizing shows for them. All the individuals involved in this project are really cool to help out this tour.

Next week, I'll post the show flyers for CRUX who will be touring the Philippines from July 1-3.

Good stuff: Reign Supreme 'American Violence' Pulling Teeth 'Vicious Skin' Burn 'Cleanse'

Bad stuff: terrible headache from staring at case folders

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shirts and Food = Hardcore?

Domino's X-Large Cheese Pizza "Before"

After 7 minutes and 20 seconds

Bad Brains "Capitol" Yellow shirt. Can't wait for the 2008 UAAP Season to represent in my yellow shirts and my yellow dunks. Word!

Feelin' like a cop today? Krispy Kreme Donut with iced Cappucino. The coffee gives a lasting aftertaste though. Breakfast before watching Kung Fu Panda. That was some funny shit. just fitting for a Sunday afternoon. don't watch heavy shit on a Sunday. Too bad, there's no more Tabing-Ilog on Channel 2. i love that shit.

Magrudergrind "East Coast Fastcore" Shirt. Better get ready for the tour. I'll post the tour shirt tomorrow. Check back.

Feud 'Battling Bastards of Freedom' classic tee. Many famous persons wear this shirt. You're lucky to have one if you do. I gave my last Feud shirt to Denver and here he is representin'.

Dangie's killer leg tats. Can you say holy terror?

Exortion shirt. Purple ink on white shirt. Nice. I know two people who has the same design and they're both in Kill Ratio. Hehe.

More relevant stuff tomorrow. I'm working on something tonight. No work today. Advance "Independence Day" celebration. Whatever the fuck that means.

Good stuff: Celtics 2-0 against the Lakers, Bitter End live Series, Bad Brains 'Sailin On', Living Asia Channel

Bad stuff: hyperactive people

Celtics 2-0!

Hey everyone. I got some updates for the Magrudergrind tour. I just got an e-mail from Cris of MG that they will be arriving late on the 23rd of June so in all probability, the June 23 show will be moved on the 24th on the same venue. I'll just have to confirm with the venue that they will be available on the 24th. So keep posted.

In the pics in this post is spaghetti with tomatoes (above) and Pesto Alfredo (below) from Chef d' Angelo. Perfect for you mallrats. Served with a big chunk of garlic bread. Better than Sbarros? Yep...

This is an ANOTHER BREATH 'Not Now, Not Ever' Shirt I got from Toni P. of Positive and Focused Records. Nice guy. This shirt has a big print on the back but no one took the pic so maybe later.

New Balance 1982 shoes. Got this on sale. Initially pegged at 12000 Php, I got this one for 1600 Php. Talk about a bargain. Nice shoes and goes well with pants or shorts.

Here's a recent posting from odessa of Chokecocoi and who organized the Lucena show for Magrudergrind:

ONE: If you're fom Manila, Batangas, Laguna, you have to come early. Way early than usual coz there's a bridge under construction in Sariaya and it will take you 2 hours just to get through the town.

So plan your trip wisely, bring food on the bus!

TWO: there has been a change in venue. It is giong to be in HighTemp Bar. It is located beside CAP Building. I forgot what street it is but I doubt anyone from here knows so... Just get on a jeepney with BAYAN sign then tell the driver to drop you off at NOVO store or BDO along Quezon Avenue. The bar is just behind NOVO store.

THREE: Slippers are not allowed inside the bar. Not my rules but we have to respect the venue if we want shows here more often.

Havaianas are not exempted! Haha!

FOUR: The gate fee is 80php with a 1 free beer or iced tea. Don't come and beg for a free entrance just to support the show. That's not supporting.. that's annoying!

FIVE: Bands please bring your own guitars, chord, gadgets, etc.

SIX: Party!!!!!

If you have questions, you know what to do.

Spread the love!


So be in the know and check out Magrudergrind with some locals in the town nearest you.

Great game earlier this morning. The Lakers thought they could stage a great comeback against the Celtics but Kobe and company were dead wrong. Now, they're down 2-0 with Game 3 In LA this Wednesday morning. Stay tuned!

Good Stuff: Gehenna - everything, Judge - Discography, My Name is Earl Season 3, That 70's show Season 3 DVD

Bad stuff: Summer in June? c'mon!!

Coffee makes the world go round...

A cup of Capuccino from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company. Very foamy. Nice big cup that even I couldn't finish. They got free wi-fi on their shop in Morato in Quezon City. Makes for an interesting hang-out/workplace.

Chain of Strenght shirt. I love green print on white shirts, especially on hot days. I hate the sun.