Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Vegies! Coffee!

Recently ate at Latazzia Fusion last week. Took some pics another food review. Up first is Lumpiang Shanghai. Wrapped ground gluten and then deep fried. Nice. Perfect with the right amount of catsup. Up next is fried tapa (beef to you foreigners). Moderately good. But tastes good when you put some vinegar with chili. Needs to be fried more. I recently learned that the people behind Latazia Fusion make their own gluten. How cool is that? Can you spell DIY? Last but no the least is their BBQ. I must say that this is the vegie BBQ with the most 'Pinoy' flavor in it. Really cool if you miss your friendly neighborhood BBQ.

Now some coffee review. Me and some buddies recently went to Gonuts Donuts to try some coffee. They had a promo with one Cafe Americano and one donut for about Php 57.00. Pretty reasonable. But I think the guy who made the coffee put way too much water in my cup so it tastes kinda bland. But with the right amount of sugar and creamer, the tastes kinda creeps back. Will try again for future reference.
Who says vegetarians/vegans can't eat street food? I was recently at the Atrium Building in Makati and they had this small bazaar/food stores at the ground floor. I was starving so I went to check it out. I found out that they serve plain fried noodles for Php 20.00 a cup wherein you can put your choice of sauce (chili, sweet, spicy, teriyaki, etc.). I put way too much chili in mine. I think it's called noodle place or something. Beside that stall is another one called 'Pupung' I think or some character based on that comic strip. Anyway, I found out they had this nice Indian Vegie Samosa made from potatoes and curry. And anything with curry is pretty nice in my book. Awesome quick meal to say the least.

If you have any recommendations on where to find good vegie/vegan food/coffee, hit this blog up.

Currently listening: Bad Brains 'ROIR', Soul Control 'Involution'

RICHARD COLLIER 'For the Love of Death' CD out now!

It's been a couple of weeks since we received the finished product of Richard Collier. And thank you. It's finally out. This full-length contains 11 new recordings by the band including a cover of 'In Another Time' by the legendary Biofeedback. As a bonus, we also included numerous outtakes, demo recordings and a bunch of other you will not hear anywhere else. If you're into melodic punk rock music without using the allergic 'E' word, this is definitely for you. Available from me and the rest of the band and Take-4 for only Php 200 direct and Php 250 via registered mail. Bulk orders, send me an e-mail, I'm very reasonable.

Good stuff: Red Sox' coming back from 7-0 down to beat the Rays 8-7 via Drew's walk-off hit. Nice. Definitely going to watch Game 6 tomorrow. I hope ESPN doesn't fuck upt omorrow.

I recently discovered that I could read and browse e-books and comics via Sony PSP. Very nice. Currently reading 'Arkham Asylum'.

I'm also in the middle of reading 'Porno' by Irvine Welsh, Sick Boy's got a lot of adventures. I got my copy through a used book sale in UP for only more than a hundred bucks. If you're in the University check that bookstore out. It's nnot Bookay-ukay by the way.

Currently listening to: Verse 'Agression' (definitely one of the best LP's of the year), Into Another 'Ignaurus' (recently 'Rediscovered' this band..haha), FxPxOx Discography, Bitter End Live DW Series, Monster X 'Indoctrination' Discography...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Zine Con Tomorrow!

Hey. So I'm at a lull again on updating this site. Been busy the past week or so. Job stuff. Gotta work you know. Need to have some cash for upcoming shit. Tomorrow Bystorm will be playing with a bunch of Sampcore bands at Cuerdas. But this is not an ordinary gig. Gore (Disabuse) and company initiated a zine convention just like we used to have maybe 8 years ago, you know when the internet is such a thing of the future. Stoked to see that a lot of zines are still kicking ass. Drop by Cuerdas and hang out.
Up here is the flyer for the upcoming Conquest For Death Tour - Manila Leg which will be held in nearby Cainta, Rizal. The show line-up and the new venue is awesome. Make sure to save enough dough for CFD stuff like CDs, shirts, etc.

Flyer for the Lucena show. Here's the show line-up for y'all:
Mindfuckingboy (Noise attack from Singapore)
All Affected (pagbilao)
Sauna (batangas)
Vex (manila)
Another Mortal Sin (bulacan)
Kaktus Karuka (pagbilao)
Killratio (manila)
But before that, make sure to come to the My Disco! shows on the 29th and 30th of October @ Ten02 Bar and Nine Mile Bar!
Good stuff: Red Sox will destroy Tampa Bay tomorrow for a 2-1 ALCS lead; Mario Puzo 'Omerta'; Burn 'Cleanse'; Orange 9mm 'Tragic'; Conquest for Death - everything

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lazy Saturday...

Went to the Defiled/Hydrophobia show last night. Big turn-out. Metal kids all over. Wrong night to wear a black shirt for a hardcore kid. Hehe. Decent show. The guitar amp kept fucking up. It was cool to see Center for the Arts set up like that. Also saw Ressurected, Olongapo's Down from the Wound and a bunch of other bands. Good night to hang out.

ELEVEN 'Royal Town Hardcore' Shirt. Eleven is a cool band from Kuala Lumpur. Great guys. Great music. Their CD should be out next month from UnitedxFront. Make sure to pick it up. I'll probably havbe a bunch of copies of that CD so I'll keep you posted.

BLACKLISTED 'We're Unstoppable' Shirt. Classic Design from Blacklisted. Their 'Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier than God' LP has been one of my favorite releases of 2008. Awesome lyrics.

If you got a little extra time and money, make sure to check out this Vegie Burger (I think they call it Garden Burger) from Mexicali. A little pricey but its worth it. I honestly couldn't finish this becuase its too big. Plus the bun is wheat bread. Pretty heavy. Also has nachos on the side. Awesome meal. I think there are branches of Mexicali in Trinoma and Greenbelt. By the way their menu has an insert containing all their vegie food selection. Nice.

Good Stuff: Red Sox beating the Angels earlier in the day for a 2-0 lead, Abhinanda 'Senseless', Soul Control 'Involution', Conquest For Death 'Beyond the Hidden Valley', Integrity 'Systems Overloaded'

Bad stuff: haven't been doing any reviews and interviews for this blog...zzzz...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Manila Destructo Holocaust!

What we have here is a Kill Ratio "Manila Destructo Holocaust" shirt. I got this from Z when it was delivered to him somewhere in Manila. If you haven't heard, Kill Ratio is one of the finest d-beat bands we have right now. They're part of an upcoming 4-way split with Eskapo, Istukas Over Disneyland and La Grita entitled 'Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line. Check them out at some shows this October including the Oct. 29 leg of the My Disco Tour.

Fine meal we got here. At the lower center portion is a tomato-based dish with some tofu, ground vegie meat, lentils, shitake mushrooms, etc., Kind of like a Vegie "Sarsiado", you know the one your mom used to make. At the top right is Vegie Chicharon, made of Tau Pau or tofu skin. Very crunchy and chicharon-like. At the top left is Vegie Pochero, complete with the bananas and stuff. Power meal on very rainy Wednesday afternoon.

I'll be at the DEFILED/HYDROPHOBIA show tomorrow with some friends. See you there!

Good Stuff: Red Sox beating LA in Game 1 of the ALDS; Snapcase 'Steps'; Second Age 'The Tides Have Turned'; Battery 'Discography'; Burn 'Cleanse'; Ceremony 'Still Nothing Moves You'; Michael Moore 'Dude Where's My Country?' (book version); Prisonbreak Season 4 (I thought this fourth season would suck but I was wrong! Dead wrong!) CSI:NY Season 4.

Bad Stuff: Wipers not working; Dirty Streets; very wet weather (I've always loved the rainy season but the FLOOD ruins it for me).