Sunday, August 29, 2010

NCI No. 39: anniversary show, Sept. 18, 2010 @ Ten02!

Here's the flyer for the upcoming 2nd anniversary show of to be held on September 18, 2010 @ Ten02 at Timog Ave. Quezon City. Great line-up and a lot of stuff will be available at this show. Still Ill 02 and 03, a bunch of shirts, etc. Should be a lot of fun.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Ill 03: Bystorm 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay'

Just because Dan "Sweet" Lapuz asked it, I'm gonna give you the lowdown on Still Ill 03. It will be a Bystorm live CD-R entitled 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay' which features 13 songs on 11 tracks of live material recorded within the past 2 or 3 years by Sannee of Crapsalad videos. The sound quality is really surprisingly good. It also contains three (3) previously unrecorded and unreleased Bystorm songs.

This release is hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies it's FREE as Bystorm's way of returning some appreciation for the support you have given the band.

The only catch, however, is that you can only get this is if you buy a copy of Still Ill 02: Bulldozed which will be available at the Forum show on September 18 at Ten02.

A new shirt will also be available soon from Bystorm. There.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010


The rainy season has gone from bad to worse and the traffic in the metro is good proof.Damn it. I just came home from a very brief stay at Baguio City and a lot of stuff needs to be done. SI 02 and 03 to be more specific.

This is another food entry from a recent visit at Quan Yin Chay. Squash and other vegies in an "okoy"-like concoction. Throw in some QYC chili and you're set.

I'll bring more news in the coming days. August has not been a very good month for this blog.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


The title pertains to both that muthaf'n hostage taker and to the cops who handled the situation. The demands of the hostage taker was meant to perpetuate him into his position of being a cop ('s all about power) and his former colleagues who handled the situation letting it drag for almost twelve (12) hours and failing to secure the hostages, getting them killed before actually doing something.

So sorry to the victims and their families for this STUPID thing.

Listen to MDC now. And that's MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS in case you don't know yet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet and Sour.

Another goodie from Quan Yin Chay. This is their vegie version of sweet and sour pork. Great stuff that only QYC can deliver. Got to hit this joint more often.

Had a good time hanging out and making new songs with the Rush IxDx crew yesterday and playing the first show of the Andy Deported tour. Had a blast in finally knowing who the "OUTSOURCED" were. Good show thought the attendance was pretty thin.

Thanks to everyone who bought records last night. There's still a bunch left. Check out the merch section of for details. Thanks also to Selo for the Eyes of Fire/Tsimpayne split and Rommel for the tapes.

Currently hating the heat of the morning time and then the rain during the evening. Will definitely make you catch a cold or something. I hate this kind of weather.

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Friday, August 20, 2010


Not everyday that one encounters vegie siomai so when you hit up Quan Yin Chay at Binondo, you should definitely hit this. I still prefer the fried dumplings though but you gotta take what you can, right? I should definitely hit QYC more often.

See you all tomorrow at the Andy Deported show at Ten02. To everyone who ordered vinyls, I'll be bringing them tomorrow.

Good stuff: coffee and TMZ in the morning. That show is just f'n hilarious. upcoming Still Ill releases (taxing but rewarding). Current pennant race. And oh yeah, those AWESOME videos in hate5six especially the Pulling Teeth set.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coffee Experience.

Work coffee. Pretty good at a reasonable price. And endless wi-fi too. Ironic because today is Quezon City day which means there's no work at QC. Just have the whole day to relax and catch up on other works/projects. Gloomy day. Coffee. And I just put 'Memento' on the player. Should be a good day.

Thanks to everyone who bought records from my list. Keep 'em coming. Gotta clear space.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Play Hoodie.

Rainy season. One should avoid getting drenched in those nasty afternoon and night rain showers. Play hoodie. Maroon ink on gray pullover hoodie.

Still Ill news: The Bulldozed tape is still being mastered and hopefully it would be done by the weekend. Still need to get it to Malaysia and pressed. Covers should also be done this week.

Still Ill 03 is still under construction and more news will come later this week. This sht's gonna be available also at the forum show so there's a lot of things to look forward to.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Demolition of False Progression 'Breaking the Barriers'


DFP is a band with members from all around the metro and have been around for some time now. I’m not sure if this is their first recorded output but I’m guessing they have an earlier demo released. This CD (not sure if its pro-pressed or not but the layout is a tri-gatefold thing with the CD inside, nice layout too) contains seven songs of full on Hatebreed influenced metallic hardcore with enough breakdowns to punch your bedroom wall. Perfect for two-steppin, floorpunchin, and circle pittin mayhem. These guys are pretty hardworking too. They hosted a couple of shows already and I think they’re about to bring more. Lyrics focus more on personal struggles and generally taking revenge on the evils of this world. The band also released it on their own. Good choice. (Bastardo Media. Contact:

Andy Deported and the Outsourced,August 22, 2010 @ Ten02.

Right now, we got the flyer for next week's show at Ten02. Sunday Matinee. Should be fun. Varied line-up.

Thanks to everyone who ordered records. A lot of them are gone so e-mail me for inquiries. I'll be at the Sunday show so if you're going I can bring your records there.

Good stuff; Bystorm practice at 10:00 AM yesterday, the upcoming Still Ill 03 (more on this later), Terror 'Keepers of the Faith', Fire & Ice 'Grim'

Friday, August 13, 2010

Records for sale!

"Times are tough. Don't wanna sell this but I gotta". Lame excuse I know but I need to get rid of these records because I need to find space and I know you're going to enjoy these a lot. Most of these records were never played and in really great condition. Set prices. PM me if you're interested:

1. YOUTH UNIT ‘s/t’ 7” orange (Canadian youth crew) (True) P 150.00
2. BIRDS OF A FEATHER/IN DEFENCE split 7” (Netherlands youth crew meets Minnesota hardcore!) (Give Praise) P 150.00
3. EXTORTION ‘Control’ 7” orange (Aussie Infest styled thrash!) (Deep Six) P 400.00
4. SEEIN’ RED/MAMMER split 7” (Euro legends!) (Armageddon) P 150.00
5. PROTESTANT ‘s/t’ 7” grey marble (epic hardcore crust ala His Hero is Gone) (Halo of Flies) P 150.00
6. ASSEMBLY OF GOD ‘s/t’ 7” (Havoc) P 150.00
7. RIISTEYT ‘Kahleet’ 7” white (Havoc) P 150.00
8. RIISTEYT ‘Tervetuloa Kuolema’ 7” (Finnish thrash legends!) (Havoc) P 150.00
9. OUTLIVE ‘s/t’ 7” light blue (more Euro youth crew!) (Positive and Focused) P 150.00
10. OUTLIVE ‘More than meets the eye’ 7” clear (Positive and Focused) P 150.00
11. OUTLIVE ‘Promo’ 7” P 100.00
12. HENCEFORTH ‘An ambush among friends’ 7” red (release party version #20/20) (Positive and Focused) P 150.00
13. LORDS OF LIGHT/IRON LUNG split 7” (Boredom Noise) P 200.00
14. THE TANGLED LINES ‘Wash the Shit off’ 7” (Punks Before Profits) P 200.00
15. STOP AT NOTHING ‘Legends never die’7” green (Positive and Focused) P 150.00
16. V/A THE BLACK AND WHITE double 7” black and white (Positive and Focused) P 300.00
17. TURN THE TIDE ‘What’s behind these eyes’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
18. RESOLVE ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 200.00
19. UP RIGHTS ‘Old School Revenge’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
20. THREATENER ‘And the Bending of Throats’ 7” (625) P 150.00
21. ANY LAST WORDS ‘s/t’ 7” (Havoc) P 150.00
22. TERRORISM/WORLD DOWNFALL split 7” Tour Edition grey (Agromosh) P 150.00
23. TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM ‘Where You Goin’ Cowboy?’ (Sir Punkly) P 150.00
24. BAMBINI FULMATI ‘s/t’ (Sick of Talk) P 150.00
25. DAMAGE DEPOSIT ‘s/t’ 7” (Havoc) P 250.00
26. TEAR IT UP ‘s/t’ 7” (Havoc) P 250.00
27. SPAZZ ‘The Jeb EP’ 7” blue P 500.00
28. AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED ‘Total Fucking Destruction’ 7” P 150.00
29. SICK TERROR/MIGRA VIOLENTIA split 7” red P 150.00
30. SPITTING TEETH ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ 7” red (Havoc) P 150.00
31. VITAMIN X ‘People that Bleed’ 7” (Havoc) P 150.00
32. KILLED IN ACTION ‘Self Abuse EP’ 7” red (Give Praise) P 150.00
33. DAMAGE DEPOSIT ‘Straight to the Bottom’ 7” (Havoc) P 200.00
34. V/A FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS 7” compilation with thick booklet (Commitment) P 250.00
35. AMDI PETERSENS ARME ‘Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film’ 7” (Havoc) P 200.00
36. THE AGE ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
37. THE CONTROL ‘Sidearm’ 7” (Reflections) P 200.00
38. BLOODPACT/TIME X split 7” (Still Holding On) P 300.00
39. V/A TIMES STILL HERE Portuguese sxe comp! 7” white (Best Times) P 200.00
40. TIME X ‘Good Moves Not Good Players’ 7” (Refuse) P 200.00
41. THE SILVER SHINE ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
42. ON A SOLID ROCK ‘Where Kids Don’t Play’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
43. NORTH ‘Perfect Body, Perfect Soul’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
44. NO TURNING BACK ‘Rise from the Ashes’ 7” (Not Just Words) P 350.00
45. V/A THRASH REVENGE ON SKULL ISLAND 7” (thrash comp with What Happens Next? Conquest for Death among others) P 150.00
46. CLUSTER BOMB UNIT ‘…And the Dirty Little Weapons’ 7” grey marble (Havoc) P 150.00
47. GOLDUST ‘The Tempest’ 7” (Life and Death) P 150.00
48. SARJAN HASSAN/PEOPLE AGAIN split 7” (transpacific thrash!) P 150.00
49. BREAK THE CHAIN ‘A Time We’ll Remember’ (Rebellious) P 150.00
50. ALARME ‘Walk Together, Thrash Together’ 7” (Give Praise) P 150.00
51. CRUX ‘s/t’ 7” (Aussie crust!) P 150.00
52. KIDS LIKE US ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’ 7” (Commitment)P 200.00
53. V/A FEEDING THE FIRE/SPAWN split 7” (classic Euro sxe!) P 300.00
54. REDEMPTION ‘s/t’ 7” (Italian Vegan SxE) (Surrounded) P 300.00
55. PROUD YOUTH ‘Nothing’s Changed’ 7” clear (Keep it Alive) (German youth crew!) P 200.00
56. DS-13/BLOOD OF OTHERS split 7” P 200.00
57. UP FRONT/BUILDING split 7” (Sobermind) P 350.00
58. CROSS ME ‘Drug Free Zone’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
59. PRODUCT X ‘Who Makes the Heroes’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
60. REIGN SUPREME ‘American Violence’ 7” transparent red (Malfunction)P 300.00
61. TOTAL FURY/PANDAMONIUM Tour 2007 split 7” P 250.00
62. BLANK STARE ‘s/t’ 7” (Refuse) P 250.00
63. SEEIN RED ‘Marinus’ 7” (Ebullition) P 200.00
64. GET DESTROYED ‘s/t’ 7” (625) P 150.00
65. HIS HERO IS GONE ‘The Dead of Night in Eight Movements’ 7” clear (Prank) P 350.00
67. BUSH/DICK CHENEY split 7” (Coughing Up) P 150.00
69. NAMES FOR GRAVES ‘Version 2.1’ 7” (Refuse) P 300.00
70. THE MIRACLE ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
71. THE EFFORT ‘Wear Your Heart’ 7” gold (Words of War) P 150.00
72. THE CARRIER ‘s/t’ 7” green (Words of War) P 250.00
73. REINFORCE ‘Youth Shall Sing’ 7” (Third Party) P 250.00
74. THE RATS ‘s/t’ 7” (Thrashbastard) P 150.00
75. VITAMIN X ‘Once Upon A Time’ 7” (Commitment) P 200.00
76. INTENSITY ‘Virtue of Progress’ 7” (Six Weeks) P 150.00
77. FAIRFIGHT ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
78. BUILDING ‘In Time We’ll Grow’ 7” P 150.00
79. PURIFICATION ‘Legion’ 7” (promo, without sleeve) (Surrounded) P 300.00
80. ONExMORE ‘They say that you sold out’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
81. X-MEN ‘We Won’t Take Part’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
82. SOBERESPONSE ‘Different Path’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
83. V/A A POSITIVE YOUTH COMPILATION sxe comp! (Seven) P 150.00
84. HALF MY TIME ‘No More Lies’ 7” (Youth Crew) P 150.00
85. SPORTSWEAR ‘It Runs Deep’ 7” (Crucial Response) P 200.00
86. LEBENSREFORM ‘Licht + Luft + Leben’ 7” P200.00
87. SWALLOWING SHIT ‘Let my struggling spirit in itself be free’ 7” P 200.00
88. X-ACTO ‘The New Child’ 7” blue (Portuguese positive hardcore! Very rare!) P 300.00
89. WALLS OF JERICHO ‘A Day and a Thousand Years’ 7” P 350.00
90. SOUL CONTROL ‘s/t’ green (Rivalry) P 200.00
91. GO IT ALONE ‘Histories’ single 7” (rare!) P 350.00
92. THE INVADERS ‘G-Man’ 7” P 150.00
93. COSTA’S CAKE HOUSE “The Heartside’ 7” (Chaotic German Metalcore) P200.00
94. FAIRFIGHT ‘Neverending Road’ 7” (Comitment) P 150.00
95. HIGHSCORE ‘s/t’ 7” (La Familia) P 200.00
96. OIL ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
97. TRIAL ‘Through The Darkest Days’ 7” (Crimethinc) P 500.00
98. VITAMIN X ‘Straightedge Crew’ 7” blue (Commitment) P 250.00
99. ON A SOLID ROCK ‘Where Kids Don’t Play’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
100. POINTING FINGER ‘Transcend’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
101. PAZAHORA/KAH ROE SHI split 7” light purple P 150.00
102. ABNEGATION/CHAPTER split 7” (Plus Minus) P250.00
103. VITAMIN X ‘People That Bleed’ (Havoc) P 150.00
104. LEPER/ELEUTHERIOS split 7” P 150.00
105. FxIxDx/INSECT WARFARE split 7” P 150.00
106. V/A THE RETURN OF THE X-MEN (Commitment) P 200.00
107. RECTIFY ‘By Your Side’ 7” (Crucial Response) P 200.00
108. V/A x THE SISTERHOOD x (all girl and female fronted sxe band comp! plus thick booklet!) (Refuse) P 300.00
109. HOLDING ON/THE REAL ENEMY split 7” (clear) (Havoc) P 200.00
110. BLANK STARE ‘s/t’ (awesome Boston sxe!) P 250.00
111. DAY OF THE DEAD (classic Portuguese sxe) (Best Times) P 150.00
112. A SOMETIMES PROMISE ’30 Seconds in the Police Station’ 7” P 100.00
113. ONExMORE ‘s/t’ 7” (Commitment) P 150.00
114. TIMEBOMB ‘Fury’ 7” red (brutal metal sxe from Italy) (SOA) P 300.00
115. HOLDSTRONG ‘Pursuit in the face of Misfortune’ 7” white (Pin Drop) P 200.00
116. GROUND ROUND ‘Lake Port Another Day’ 7” maroon (Hyperactive Kids) P 100.00

Some LP's...

BETRAYED ‘Substance’ LP white (Rivalry) P 1,000.00
DIE YOUNG ‘Graven Images’ LP blue splatter on white vinyl P 800.00
DIE YOUNG ‘The Message’ LP grey (Samob) P 800.00
DOWN TO NOTHING ‘The Most’ LP purple (Rev) P 800.00
GUNS UP! ‘Outlive’ purple (1917) P 1,000.00
RAMBO ‘Bring It’ LP red (Havoc) P 1,000.00
HIT ME BACK ‘Life’ LP clear (625) P 800.00
FxPxOx/SEEIN RED split LP (625) P 800.00
VITAMIN X ‘Bad Trip’ LP (Havoc) P 800.00
VITAMIN X ‘Down the Drain’ LP (Havoc) P 800.00
IRON LUNG ‘Sexless/No Sex’ LP (sealed! Prank) P 1,200.00
BLINDFOLD ‘Live at the Vort N Vis’ (Sobermind) P 800.00
INSECT WARFARE ‘World Extermination’ LP purple (625) P 1,000.00
BUSH ‘New American Century’ LP (625) P 600.00
V/A CLASH OF THE TITANS LP (2000’s thrash comp!) (Know Records) P 600.00
EXTORTION ‘Sick’ LP violet (Deep Six) P 1,500.00
THE WARRIORS ‘Hell is Redux’ LP blue splatter on grey vinyl (Eulogy) P 600.00
BLACKLISTED ‘Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God’ gatefold blue splatter on white vinyl (Deathwish) P 1,200.00
ALLEGIANCE ‘Overlooked’ LP Red splatter on yellow (Rivalry) P 800.00
MAGRUDERGRIND ‘Rehashed’ LP P 800.00
SOUL CONTROL ‘Involution’ LP red P 800.00

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crispy California Vegie Maki.

I don't really like maki or anything related to it but truth be told I enjoyed this. With a healthy dose of Kikoman Soy Sauce and chili, you'll be set this vegetarian version of this famous Jap meal at Red Kimono at the Technohub. Good stuff and definitely no the ones you can try everyday.

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Monday, August 9, 2010


Sorry for the slow postings this week. Between work and the hard rain, it's hard to get some materials for posting in this blog. Still working on some reviews and interviews so keep posted. Got some shows in the coming weeks so things are bound to heat up.

This is a Catharsis 'Eponymous' shirt printed by some guys from Flowergrave Collective. Awesome print and it would be impossible for you to get this anywhere else. Awesome stuff not only because Catharsis has not only been my favorite bands ever but this design is my first (major) ink. Go figure.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Ground Zero 'Streets and Struggles' CD-R

Ground Zero has been at the helm of Laguna Hardcore for a very long time now, think maybe 10 years? give or take. But I think this is actually their first official release. They had their off moments when they have broken up only to resurrect once again. This is a testament to the durability of this band.

GZ play straight up hardcore with that 'Clevo' crunch that we all love minus the metal influences. The recording quality's pretty good and lots of "gang" vocals to boot. If you love OLC, you'll definitely dig this one. Unfortunately, they did not provide the lyrics and I have asked around for a copy but to no avail. But based on the song titles, I think you'll have a pretty good idea. Check it out: 'Stand (United We Stand)', 'As We Unite', 'Dominate (Hardcore in my Blood)'.

For a copy, get a hold of Dencio at shows or United One Blood Recs, Blk 43 Lot 18, Soldiers Hills Village, Muntinlupa City

Currently watching: Red Sox at NY looking to gain ground on the Yanks and the Rays. Buccholz looking good right now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Leprechaun.

Shaq moves to Beantown. We'll see how this pans out as Perkins is injured and the C's have Jermaine O' Neal as another big man.

The American League race is up with Boston going to NY for a four-game set. We'll see.

Good sht: I've been rocking the new Rival Mob for a week straight now and it's just great stuff. Check out these lyrics:

"The world fckng owes you. Nobody loves you. You got the HIV... I DON'T CARE!"

Great stuff, huh? Hopefully I can post some reviews here soon. I got old ones and some newer reviews to be posted and since there aren't a lot of shows happening, I might get as well to posting these soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Haven't eaten spaghetti noodles for a long time so I tried a spaghetti variant of the classic eggplant parmigiana at Via A Venetto. Can't beat that.

Got all the Bulldozed files and it should be mastered within the week. Artwork is also being processed. The whole shebang should be finished in two (2) weeks.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Andy Deported.

Monday morning. Got some energy to do some long overdue work? On the second cup of coffee already...

Here's the Andy Deported and the Outsourced teaser flyer for their Philippine tour this month. No updates yet as of press time so I'm sticking with this at the moment. Hopefully the flyers will come up soon.

I have announced it on Facebook but to those who don't follow FB, my phone recently got busted and all my contacts got lost but I still have the same number so if you can, please send me your contact info or just mention your name when you send a message or something.

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VA PTD: Censorshit

I got to shoot a few questions with Russell of Censorshit. The band's been going on for some time now and they gladly participated in the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION compilation.

1. yo russ, how are you and the rest of the censorshit guys doing?

Hey Mic, I'd speak for everyone and say
the Team is all well and good.

2. censorshit has been around for some time now. what have you guys released so far?

we started around 2002-03 , almost the
same time as SA17, Drop and YFC back when
NU Metal was the Enemy and Emo was just
starting to get gay. our last release was
entitled "Lantarang Paglapastangan sa Batas
at Simbahan" it had around 10 songs mostly

3. has the line-up changed over the years?

yeah there was some changes. fortunately we
never ran out of friends willing to
substitute for those members who can no longer
commit the band.still, we maintain a close a
relationship with everyone.

4. i know this has been discussed for some time now but what exactly happened during the 'infamous' fete de la musique incident?

that's old news. I've been in a lot more
trouble after that haha.seriously, it was
just a drunk dare. I never thought it'd
hit him but when it did, funny shit. there's
a video of that event somewhere too bad
no one was able to get video of me running
like hell from them roid up bouncers.
nasobrahan sa saya kung baga.

5. can you tell us about the song you contributed in the pilipinas thrash detonation comp? what's it about?

the lyrics for the song
Zealot was based on a Bill Hicks quote about
religion's true message which says "eternal
suffering awaits anyone who questions god's
infinite love" it's the only English song on
our set list.

6. what can we expect from censorshit in the near future?

we're still working on our upcoming release.
we already have 8 new songs on record and a
couple more yet to be mix. shirts
by splatter clothing no updates on the release yet but it's
gonna be done abang lang. what else?? that's all I guess.
I'll just give you an update if something
comes up. thank you for this and again sorry
for the delay - Russel CensorFuckingShit

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