Sunday, February 27, 2011

The value of recording your songs.

I was having a late night conversation with a buddy of mine and we got into talking about the local hardcore punk community and how there’s a ton of new bands coming up but how come there are no reviews of them posted in this blog. I got into thinking about the reasons for it since I’m present at about 70% of shows (or higher if I hadn’t been too damn busy) so there was definitely no chance of missing out on some of the recorded materials available at shows and I guess I’m pretty updated on new stuff thru local networks and sht.

The only answer we came up with is that bands DON’T seem to be interested in recording and releasing their songs anymore. The usual lifetime of a local band would be to: practice (by practice, it usually means doing covers and probably one or two original songs), invite yourself to a show (easier if you know a show organizer), play some more shows (once every three months usually with the same set list), get lazy (usually for more than a year or so), “reunite” (perhaps make one new song) and then die (or repeat the process for two to three times).

I’ve seen this happen to a lot of good bands (and a lot more crappy ones) and they complete this cycle without even recording anything which to me is just PLAIN DUMB. Remember how you got into punk rock? Usually it’s thru mixed tapes (or CD-Rs), zines, thanks list, then you listen to their RECORDED output, read the lyrics and probably changed your life for the better. Do you also remember when we always thought of hardcore punk as MORE THAN MUSIC?

How can you reach out to your “crowd” when you do not even bother to record your songs, print the lyrics and sell or give it away at shows or thru mailorder? Do you expect the crowd to pick up the words to your songs through your incessant growls or whining (depends on what genre you play)? How do we know if we agree on what we’re moshing and stage-diving for if you don’t give us an opportunity to read and learn whatever the fck it is you are singing about? That phrase MORE THAN MUSIC is slowly but surely losing its value.

When a band records a demo, you instantly give a chance to everybody to check you out and this recorded material will live forever. Never mind this digital age of ipods, mediafire, rapidshare, etc. Nothing beats buying or being handed out a demo of a new band after a show or thru mail, learning the words to their songs, identifying about your anger to the world, then let it all out the next time you watch them!

There is no shortage of amazing local hardcore punk bands. In fact, there’s too many that we immediately lose count. What we need are for these amazing bands to get their sht together and record and release (physically!) these materials and to not just post them on the f’n web. Sure it’s a great way to check out a band but ask yourself how many files have you downloaded but for one reason or another forgot to listen to again.

Are the newer bands today just lazy? When asked about their recorded output, they usually say “yeah, we got a couple of songs ready. We just don’t have enough money yet”. Give me a break. If you’re really that poor, borrow a digital camera or video camera to record your practice. Use your high-end phones to do so. In this day and age of digital recording, there is NO MORE EXCUSE for you not to record your sht. For sure it beats hanging out a day in Singalong to record a live ten-song demo with all of your friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon (though I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything) or hanging out on a Holy Saturday in the empty streets of Manila to record your new songs in a better studio.

Another lame-ass excuse is “yeah, we’re about to record. We just need to write six more songs to release a full-length”. Yeah, it’s never gonna happen. Don’t wait too long or else you will just be drawn into the abyss of bands who never get to record their songs. If you have four or five songs (depending on the length), go out and record these if you’re ready! And please, don’t call it a “CDEP” or something, just call it a DEMO if such is the quality and you’re not ready to “professionally” duplicate your materials.

Recording your songs is in itself a rewarding experience and a great way to get your message across. You’ll definitely make a lot of people happy, even those in the far-flung places who never get to see you play. And who knows? Maybe you can change the outlook of a “regular” kid and make him love this thing of ours forever.

Here’s an interesting thought on how would you want your band to be remembered: a. because of a print on a shirt, b. because it is awesome to floorpunch to your show or c. because some kid read your lyrics, fell in love with your music and changed his life forever?

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PS. In response to this article, the NCI crew will be having another edition of the 'New Blood' series. The catch would be the participating bands should have materials for sale, trade, distribution, or to give away in that show. So far, the response has been really positive! If your band or your friend's band would like to play, send us a message or something! Check out:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosario, Batangas.

One of the hardest things in being a vegetarian is going to an unknown and far-flung place and having to spend lunch there. This is the case when I went for a hearing at Rosario, Batangas (about 40 minutes from Lipa, Batangas) which is actually not that far but unknown to me.

Outside the courtroom is a pizza house whose name unexplicably escapes me right now. They serve average - good pizza but definitely good enough when faced in such a situation. I ordered carbonara pasta and cheese pizza. Good enough. I'll be there tomorrow and I'll probably hit this again.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Prom night?

The defunct Rock N' Rhythm Magazine crew brings you a prom-themed night somewhere in Cubao X tonight. So if you're into that sorta thing, you just might get your groove on at this prom night. Definitely expecting to see a lot of older people there. Haha.

Failed to make it to last night's show at Cubao X. Just too damn tired to get out of the house.

Going out today to post some posters for the Terror show. Plus going to make some copies too. BS and RID practice tomorrow. Hangout session. So I better finish some of work due for Monday.

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Monday, February 14, 2011


richard collier - monday 2/14/00 from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

I can't believe this song has been written more than a decade ago somewhere in the outskirts of Bacoor, Cavite. It was originally released in the 'Somewhere in Time' CD under Take-4. Holy sht. I can;t believe it was that long. Definitely one of the best times I had playing in a band and it's safe to say that I do MISS Richard Collier in a big way.

This video was taken during the reunion show held last May at Ten02. Great show as can be seen from this video from Crapsalad.

Happy Valentine's Day my darling...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Terror posters!

We went to the print/copy shop yesterday and had some of these bad boys printed. 11 x 17 inches. If you can help posting these in clubs, studios, venues, drop me a line and I'll hook you up. Help promote the Terror show on March 16!

Tofu sisig @ La Mesa Grille.

Different kind of tofu sisig available at La Mesa Grille. A little dryer than most but still good. Not expensive too. And they also have a nice selection of vegetables. Pretty rare for a resto with grille in its name.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Old schoolin it at Timog.

Some sort of reunion shows happening tonight at that new venue called HADES which I think is the old Ozone disco. Betrayed and the Singapore-based TSA will be playing so we'll try and catch this one after practice.

All-time 3's made.

Ray-ray made history yesterday by breaking Reggie Miller's all time three-pointers made against LA. The man deserved it.

Probably be printing posters for the Terror show on March and posting it in unscrupulous places in the metro. The summer heat is beginning to sip in and heat = headache. Fck that sht. Don't know if there are shows happening tonight. I'll check and probably post them here today.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest: Crisanto BS.

Rare guest appearance from the infamous Crisanto of Bystorm/AOD/Dance of Decline/Rush IxDx/Backfist (that's a lot of core) wearing a WITHDRAWAL shirt. I have the same shirt courtesy of Mr. Carpet himself from one of his sojourns in the Great White North. Withdrawal is an awesome band and you should definitely check em out.

The Terror flyer is out now and we got some good feedback and it looks like the show will be a big hit. Already booked their flights. And to those asking, David Wood will be playing bass for them, so get stoked.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

TERROR flyer.

As promised yesterday, here is the official flyer for the TERROR show happening on March 16, 2011 (that's a Wednesday night folks!) at Center for the Arts at Timog Avenue located in Quezon City.

We know the entrance is a little higher than usual for a foreign act (Php 250-350) but we have a lot to cover in terms of costs such as plane tickets, guarantee, logistics, etc. Php 400 gets you in and catch one of the best bands of the last decade together with two (2) bands from Cebu and your dose of Manila based hardcore bands.

File your leaves from work and inform all of your friends. Post this in all forums you can find. We need as much people to know about this show which is shaping up to be the show of the year.

Sorry to bands who relayed to us your desire to play this show but timeslots are limited and as much as we wanted to, we cannot accommodate everyone.

Thanks and share the info!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 C's in All-Star Game.

Garnett. Pierce. Allen. The Big Three. Rondo. Best point guard and this year's assist leader. Rivers. Boston will be well-represented in the All-Star weekend.

On other news, the line-up for the Terror show on March will drop tomorrow along with the details for the show. Keep checking.

Good stuff: NBA 2K11, Stick Together (Live in Toronto), Lemuria 'Pebble'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloodshed Remains tonight @ CFA.

I forgot to post this last week so for whatever its worth, here is the flyer for the BLOODSHED REMAINS (Austria) show tonight at Center for the Arts. The show starts early and here is the line-up according to Johnerr of Manage This:

5:00 PM ANL
5:30 PM Strong Will
6:00 PM Double Barrel
6:30 PM Hampaslupa
7:00 PM NFS
7:30 PM DFP
8:00 PM West
8:30 PM 8oz
9:00 PM Unheard
9:30 PM OTC
10:00 PM TCC
10:30 PM Isvarah
11:00 PM Tame
11:30 PM Short Story Music
12:00 AM BloodShed Remains

Too bad ARMAS NG LIAS (hip-hop group from Marilao, Bulacan. Scroll down for a review of their record) will be playing first and TOO EARLY! Still have work and need to come home before I can go to this show (hopefully...). Good line-up too. Go out tonight and hang at this show.

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