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Print zines rule! Especially newsletters! This is the digital format of issue number 2 of T4 Newsletter for the March-April edition. Great interviews with ESKAPO and PRAYER OF ENDURANCE plus news, reviews, etc. Read this one and share!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here it is people. The long-awaited-cause-its very-much delayed T4 CD Sampler. We hope you enjoy this one. Here's the liner notes from the 'physical' copy of this CD:
"Welcome to the first ever sampler from the good (?) people at Take-4 Collective. After almost a decade of fucking shit up, we thought it was time to give something back to all the people who had been supporting T4 and the people involved with the Collective throughout this entire time. This sampler is meant to give you some kind of retrospective and at the same time a sneak peek on what’s coming from T4. We would like to sincerely thank every individual who has been apart of T4C and to those who continually support/talk shit about us. This is for you. Enjoy your trip down memory lane! – MIC
This was supposed to be the title of the first FEUD demo which was consequently the maiden release of Take-4 as a label. But before we get to that, let me share you the story of how these blokes came about and decided they wanted to take over our local hardcore punk community.
I guess it started some time around the latter part of 1997 or 1998 that I started hanging out with the guys who was then running GET IN TOUCH zine, who for your info were the now infamous Regala brothers. I was living in Cavite that time and spending most of my time forming this new straightedge band called FEUD and making copies of my zine called STEP FORWARD. Inevitably, our paths crossed and knew then that we all wanted the same things to happen, and so the need for a merger of these two zines followed suit, hence: THE GET IN TOUCH – STEP FORWARD CONSPIRACY, or The Conspiracy, for brevity. We managed to release a couple of issues which was then considered essential reading for any hardcore punk kid. We’re so proud of those issues and it’s a shame that we have stopped doing those zines in place of the more convenient Myspace/Blogging shit we have these days.
As for the label, the first release of T4 is of course T4:01 FEUD: NEVER SURRENDER TO THE ENEMY demo tape which was recorded live at some studio in Singalong, Manila with the Quiricada Youth Crew providing the back-up vocals. A friend from Malaysia (Rain City Fanzine) helped us release that demo tape. It contains covers of Vitamin X and Youth of Today and was a sign of things to come for our local scene.
The next two tape releases of T4 were reissues of bands that we all love at that time: T4:02 CATHARSIS ‘Passion’ and T4:03 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? ‘Collection’ tape. Both these bands were interviewed by The Conspiracy and were definitely a big influence on us and the rest of the local scene at that time…
CD-R – The New Breed (at that time…)

The following years (around 2001-2005), T4 released a bunch of crucial stuff in CD-R format. We still didn’t have enough money at that time to make a ‘professional’ CD release and cassette tape pressing plants were all closing down at that time, so CD-Rs were the format of choice and by necessity. The local hardcore punk scene was booming again and T4 was at the center of it all.
T4:04 FEUD ‘For the Sake of Unity?!’ 3” CD-R – For our first CD-R release, we decided to be creative and release our new recording on a 3” CD-R. These songs were recorded with the help of Seb (We’re Gonna Fight, France) and some of these songs were released as part of the TAKE NO HEROES, International Compilation (see T4;15) and contains ten (10) tracks of new and older stuff from FEUD. The quality is very good, youth crew style and was recorded at Sound Creation Studios in Quezon City. A lot of bands followed suit and recorded at the same studio. Go!
T4:05 RICHARD COLLIER ‘Bid Time Return’ CD-R – Heavily inspired by the movie ‘Somewhere In Time’, this melodic punk rock band from Cavite released this CD around the same time that FEUD released the ‘For the Sake…” CD-R. Recorded at Sound Creation, this CD contains the classic RICHARD COLLIER stuff such as ‘Somewhere In Time’ and ‘Through the Years’. We all love this band and I know, you do to.
T4:06 BACKFIST ‘The Boys from Golden Harvest’ CD-R - Can you say powerviolence? Heavily influenced by Spazz and bands and of course, kung-fu movies, BACKFIST was way ahead of the local scene at that time. Fastcore at its finest: fast, hard and raw! Don’t forget the cheesy samplers. Kick high and dance hard!
T4:07 FORGIVENESS DENIED ‘Welcome to the Harsh Reality’ CD-R I still remember going down to Batangas City with Pao (FEUD) to witness the recording of this masterpiece and of course participating in the ‘gang’ vocals! Heavily influenced by the H8000 bands such as Congress and Liar, FORGIVENESS DENIED set the standard for metalcore when everyone seems to be playing only NYHC and crust punk to the hilt. Now, Forgiveness will be Denied!!!
T4:08 08 MINDRAPE ‘Through the Transitions’ CD-R First off, this was not intended to be a T4 release but I got to talk to Ronald of possibly distributing their newly-recorded CD, he was really cool with it, gave me some covers and we adapted this release as T4’s own. Great, DC (Revolution Summer) influenced hardcore with well-thought out lyrics. Oh yeah, this was Ronald’s pre-THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT’s band if you still don’t know.
T4:09 RICHARD COLLIER ‘Too Much Spring’ CD- R – This release was the first of acoustic releases from RICHARDCOLLIER. Bad lay-out covers but great songs, nonetheless plus a nice cover of ‘Butterfly’ from Weezer.
T4:10 FEUD ‘Battling Bastards of Freedom’ CD – The first ‘professional’ release of T4. Co-released with a bunch of international DIY hardcore punk labels such as 625 and Boisleve. The definitive hardcore punk record of T4. Totally fast straightedge hardcore with great personal/political lyrics.
T4:11 VA ‘This Is CAVITE Not LxAx’ CD-R – A compilation which served to document the then existing hard/thrash/fastcore scene in Cavite. Great bands such as FEUD, YxFxCx, AxOxDx, BACKFIST, TAKE ACTION and FRIENDSHIP 7 contributed to this ‘Boston Not L.A.’ rip-off. Play Fast or Die!!!
T4:12 RICHARD COLLIER ‘Back To Hell Where You Came From’ CD-R – The second acoustic release from this Cavite seminal punk rockers. Clearly influenced by Alkaline Trio, the lyrics are much darker and the music much slower in this CD. Features a bonus track from FEW MINUTE SMILE.
T4:13 HALF THE BATTLE - s/t demo CD-R The concept for this demo was done by their main man, Easy. Contained in an envelope with great artwork, this s/t demo CD-R contains six songs of American Nightmare influenced youth crew hardcore. Also features a cover from Umea’s Final Exit. One of the best bands to have graced our local scene. Rumor has it that they will soon be making their long-awaited comeback (Hint!).

After the HTB demo, the people at T4 finally decided to forego the CD-R format. Maybe we became too rich to finally release the CDs in a ‘professional’ way. Hehe. But our cheapskate asses were always out thereto maximize the costs of CD reproduction so most of the CD releases were splits. Anyway, whatever it is, check out the following releases:
T4:14 VA - BYSTORM/SAUNA split CD Two new and raging bands are featured on this CD. BYSTORM from Manila plays mid-90s metallic influenced hardcore with a lot of mosh parts thrown therein. Clear Integrity influence is present. Batangas’ SAUNA is the Philippines answer to Boston’s Converge. Aggressive metallic hardcore music with heartfelt lyrics which does not let down for a second.

T4:15 V/A - TAKE NO HEROES CD - An international compilation of positive hardcore bands all over the globe including FEUD, THE MUTINY,POINTING FINGER, RAZLOG ZA, NO VIOLENCE, ONLY WAY OUT, CRICKBAT, SINCERITY, CITA ATTIEKSME and SECOND COMBAT; Co-released with the best labels in the world: W.G.F, Boisleve, Heart on Fire, El Trasgo, Refuse, Kid For Life and In My Heart Empire. Crucial record for the international hardcore scene!

T4:16 VITAMIN X ‘Philippine Tour: Collection’ CD This CD coincided with the Vitamin X tour here in the Philippines. Co-released with Delusion of Terror, this CD features 36 songs from different VX releases all over the globe. Great introduction to a legendary hardcore punk band from the Netherlands.

T4:17 V/A IT’S ALL IN OUR HANDS FEUD/PLAY/HALF THE BATTLE 3-WAY SPLIT CD - Quite possibly, one of the greatest releases in our local hardcore punk history. This split gathers together three of the best hardcore bands that existed in the Philippines: PLAY, a then upcoming thrash/hardcore band from Bulacan with great positive lyrics and lots of sing-alongs, HALF THE BATTLE, fresh off their demo release,fast American Nightmare-styled hardcore and FEUD featuring their new songs after their ‘Battling Bastards…’ CD. All with excellent and well thought out lyrics.

T4:18 URBANOS/CHOKECOCOI split CD - Part of the split series from T4, all female hardcore punk rippers from Quezon, Chokecoci teams up with Argentina's URBANOS - and they both destroy on this CD. Co-released with Delusion of Terror.

T4:19 V/A ‘NEW NAMES FOR OLD DESIRES’ 4 WAY SPLIT: NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT; ISVARAH; PRAYER OF ENDURANCE; FORGIVENESS DENIED – Co-released with Major Malfunction and Delusion of Terror, this four-way split features the best new bands of our hardcore punk community. Four bands hailing from Baguio, Cavite, Batangas and Manila strut their wares and their own take of hardcore punk! Great lay-out with raging bands!!!

T4:20 BYSTORM/PULLING TEETH split CD – Bridging the oceans has always been a major goal of T4, as shown in this split CD between Baltimore heavyweights’ PULLING TEETH and Manila’s Mosh Machine: BYSTORM. Eleven tracks from BYSTORM (including a cover of ‘Money’ by Earthmover) while the PULLING TEETH side features their entire sessions with the FRIGHTENES split and a full live set from WERS Radio! Yeah!!

T4:20 SAUNA – DEEPER IT GOES CD – Quite arguably, the most anticipated release of last year has been finally released. These new songs show the evolution of Sauna from their early days to the monster they have grown today. The Converge comparison cannot be denied but Sauna is Sauna. Check it out.

Thanks for reading and watch out for these shit very soon!!!





You've read about it, now download this shit:

Share this one to everyone you know, make copies, hell, you can even ask us for covers if you want to! Thanks for the support through all these years!

Good Stuff: Chokehold - Final Show 3-23-96, Ignite - Our Darkest Day, Underoath - Discography

Bad Stuff: Boston Celtics - Atlanta Hawks, 2-2 while Los Angeles Lakers - Denver Nuggets 4-0, what the?!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ve-G Food : 01

Ok, this is something new for this blog. We went to Green's Veggie Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Sunday for lunch. This is easily my favorite food these days - Green's classic BBQ, Sisig and the other one, which I don't really like is Sweet and Sour Faux Fish. All of which are vegan so you don't need to worry, you vegan warrior!

Served with spicy vinegar and soy sauce and ice-cold soda and you're all set. The place itself is in a nice family/garden setting.

Good Stuff: NBA Playoffs, Converge DW Live Series, Pulling Teeth videos in MyspaceTV

Bad Stuff: ---

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Magrudergrind : Southeast Asian Tour!

This is it! MAGRUDERGRIND from DC touring Southeast Asia!! Be prepared!
A Manila show has not yet been added to this poster. It will be on June 23, 2008 upon MG's arrival from Tokyo, Japan. It will definitely be a Monday Night Madness for sure! Tentative venue is at Dayo Bar, Quezon City. A collaboration of Sampcore and Take-4 Collective.
Thrash hard!!!

IxRxHx issue no. 2 out now!

Check the new issue of I Remember Halloween now! Recommended reading!

2nd issue OUT NOW! Featuring in-depth interviews with Extortion, Fall Of Efrafa and Bloody Phoenix. Also includes Bystorm SE Asia tour diary plus reviews, photos and articles.

Hit him up @

NCI No. 8 - In Review

The show last Friday at Dayo Bar was uhm--ok, according to my standards, but that's me definitely being too positive. Quite frankly, I think it sucked. Same problems (mostly attitude) fucked up the show mostly, but actions are defnitely going to be taken:

- Bands who asked to be put in the line-up who did not show up (including the previous NCI shows) will not be included in future shows anymore (Come on, there are plenty of bands out there who would love to be in your position. We'll definitely be focusing more on these bands. You're not even that big and you already have an attittude problem. So fucked up, dude.)

- Timeslot : It seems that some bands do not have any respect to the organizers by not coming to their slated timeslot and even have the nerve to complain on why they were put at the last slot. Hey, if you don't come on time, you better play last, or not at all, capisce?

- Entrance fee : I think it's about time that gate prices are raised. Door prices are the same as if we were in the late 80's or mid90's. The gate price does not cover the gig costs (venue, equipment, etc.) anymore and the organizers are in danger of quitting organizing shows than losing all of their hard-earned money. And there are those who have the balls to complain that the gate price is too high but they have enough money to get wasted outside the venue and cause trouble at the show. If you won't pay the gate price at the show, maybe it's best if you don't come at all. If you don't want to support the bands playing, then just stay at home and complain on your fucking myspace account or create your complaint blog. Fuck you. We don't need you anyway. Fucking scum.

I still got a lot of gripe about last Friday's show but here are some positives:

- Istukas Over Disneyland playing first even though there are very few people at the venue just to get the ball rolling. These guys are one of the best right now, especially when they started playing faster, harder hardcore punk. Watch out for their upcoming 4-way split with ESKAPO, KILL RATIO and LA GRITA.

- KILL RATIO's set ruled. D-beat MADNESS or as they say : Manila Destructocore!!! Where's the shirt?!?

- TAKE-4 SAMPLER was released at this show! More on this on the next blog!

- BYSTORM playing a surprise set to the delight of the crowd. Denver telling us the next song was 'Banal' and then playing 'Kampo Santo'. Funny shit. And then coming to eat and drink coffee at Dunkin Donuts Aurora Blvd. (the only 24-hour Donut shop we know!) but did not do so, because apparently, he wanted to eat rice. Drove Crisanto crazy. Hehe.

- Had my digicam on this show but did not shoot any photos because the batteries had no charge, so if you're reading this and have some photos from the show, please, do tell.

That's it. Go to the CAVITE show this Saturday cause it will defnitely be a party!!! C-ya!


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Bad stuff: The stuff I talked about earlier...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FEUD 'No Surrender to the Enemy' Demo Tape- DOWNLOAD!

As promised, here is the latest edition of our "rare" stuff which you can now download and share with everyone you know for free. This is the first-ever demo tape from FEUD. If the schedule permits, I'll have the original lyric sheet and covers scanned for you to have a copy. Here's a desription from the upcoming TAKE-4 Sampler CD:

"As for the label, the first release of T4 is of course T4:01 FEUD: NEVER SURRENDER TO THE ENEMY demo tape which was recorded live at some studio in Singalong, Manila with the Quiricada Youth Crew providing the back-up vocals. A friend from Malaysia (Rain City Fanzine) helped us release that demo tape. It contains covers of Vitamin X and Youth of Today and was a sign of things to come for our local scene. "



Good Stuff: The Smiths 'The World Won't Listen'

Bad Stuff: Latino.Myspace.Com


Hey, Lion City and Kuala Lumpur kids, don't forget to check out our local heavy hitters, CHOKE COCOI when they visit your respective hometowns. Mark your calendar and bring your dancing shoes! Plus check out the stuff they brought with them and show your support!
Currently rocking out to: SECRET SEVEN "Take It Back", FIRST BASE "Reach Out!"

Monday, April 21, 2008

MP3 Blog?!?

Watch out for some MP3 links to be posted on this blog. Most of the stuff will be older and unavailable releases from Take-4 that you might want to check out. Plus some other stuff that we like that you might not find anywhere else. We started it off with the Dance of Decline demo. If you still haven't got it, download it now. Keep checking for updates!


Hell yeah! Cavite Thrash is definitely back! Dust your decks and thrash it up one more time at Pag-Asa, Imus, Cavite! See ya in da pit!
But this Friday, we'll see you @ Dayo Bar, Quezon City. Located just below the Betty-Go Belmonte Station of LRT-2. Make sure you're there! Check out older postings of this blog for the show flyer and more info.
Good Stuff: Second Combat "What Has Inspired Us?" Kids on the Move/Backsight split CD
Bad stuff: I'm bored at work

Friday, April 18, 2008

DANCE OF DECLINE (download demo!)

How you doin? Right now, I'm going to do something new with this blog. I'm gonna make a sort of tribute page to one of the bands that I really love (even though I was part of it which makes it kinda biased in a way, but what the fuck do you know anyway? hehe..just joking).

Dance of Decline was formed around 2001-2004. I can't exactly remember. It was more of a network of friends than anything else. Although the line-up constantly revolved, the personnel who took part in this project included: Beng, Mic, Timothy John, Binay, Crisanto (original line-up) plus some sessions/fill-in personnel like Easy (HTB) and Sauna's Nixon among others. It was always a great and fun time to hang out with those guys. The only regret that I had with this band was that we didn't had the opportunity to do a decent record. The only existing record as far as I know of Dance was a live demo recorded somewhere (can't remember either) which is now posted here in this blog for you to download if you want. I'm sure it wil be worth your while.

If you had the opportunity to watch Dance during those days, then make sure you DL this demo and share it. Hopefully, if our paths crossed again, we can make a decent record. But for now enjoy this demo. I know I did.

Download the file, send some comments. Much appreciated.

Good stuff: Boston Celtics, Morning coffee, Damage Deposit, Tattoo Wars, Samurai X (Season), Soul Control - Involution
Bad stuff: Lakers, blistering summer heat

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beach 01: San Antonio, Zambales

Start of the Beach Series in this blog. Check out the nice sunset and beach pics in San Antonio, Zambales. Would have been perfect if not for the rough ride near the resort/hotel to stay in. Nice people and nice food too. Forgot to take some pics of the food though. They have some nice veggie curry (available upon request of course!). They have a pool too in case you're too weird to hate the sea water.

Good stuff: Eskapo 'Wind of Hell', FC Five - everything!

Bad stuff: High gas prices! Crime In Stereo (don't know why)


Check out this upcoming skate/gig at Bahayang Pag-asa/Cavite this coming May 3. Make sure you're there. This gig reminds of that one gig we held there which was so f'n awesome. Bands tha played then were YFC,TAKE ACTION,FEUD, AUNT AUDREY, VALLEY OF CHROME among others. So make sure to put on your dancing shoes as this gig promises to be rad. Gig Poster to be posted soon.


with obstacles and with bands playingbeautiful musick featuring:


MAY 3, 2008

CAO: 0916-217-6107.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SAUNA 'Deeper It Goes' CD

Have you heard of SAUNA? Of course you have. They've been at the forefront of the local hardcore punk community for some years now. And now, their full-length CD is ow available from Take-4 Collective. This piece of plastic is a brilliant masterpiece. Awesome Converge influenced hardcore for you to smash your head into. Excellent lyrics to boot.
This is the cover artwork done by Felix (Sauna) and the infamous Dangleregs (Bystorm). You can get it for only P200 (direct) or P250 (registered airmail) from Take-4. check it out:
There will be a Release Party Part II of this CD and the Bystorm/Pulling Teeth split CD somewhere in the outskirts of Batangas City this May so watch out. I'll definitely post some updates about that show in this site.
Good stuff: Pulling Teeth DW Live Series 3, Sound and Fury Mixtape
Bad Stuff: Sunburn


Check out some pics of the latest pressing of one of the seminal thrash compilation from the Cavite area circa 2003. This compilation represents the hardcore/thrash/fastcore bands at that time. Most of the bands here have long since broken up but this is one of the best ways to remeber them. Produced and printed on CD-R (silkscreened with the infamous Nardong Putik- fuckin A Cavite icon!), this comp. is available for only 50 bucks a pop! How cheap can you get?!
If you still don't know, bands included are YxFxCx, Feud, Friendship 7, AxOxDx, Take Action and Backfist. Get it? Thrash Hard!!!
Limited to 100 copies.

New PLAY Shirts!!!

Here's some pics of the new PLAY shirt. Kinda looks like the old BATTERY shirts. This one's on white Winner shirts with Green Ink. The other color is Black Ink on Gray Winner shirts. Price is P200 direct/P250 registered airmail. Perfect for thrashin' shit up and going round in endless circle pits.
I'll bring some of these shirts on the 25th of April at the Non-Compliant Show at Dayo Bar, Quezon City. Also have a few BYSTORM and FEUD shirts remaining.
PLAY will be participating in the SOUTHEAST ASIAN THRASH DETONATION to be released by 625 Productions (hell yes, it's Max Ward!) and will also contribute some new songs for the upcoming PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION CD. More on that later.
Listening right now via earphones : LACK OF INTEREST CD (Six Weeks)

Monday, April 14, 2008

CHOKECOCOI: Malaysia/Singapore Tour 08!

After BYSTORM's succesful tour of Malaysia and Singapore last March, Lucena/Pagbilao's finest CHOKECOCOI will tour Singapore and Malaysia for a weekend of thrashin' and mayhem on SG and KL! Plus they also get to watch SICK OF IT ALL! Damn! Wish I could come..

Don't forget to pick up a copy of the CHOKECOCOI/URBANOS split CD. Still available under Take-4 Collective and Delusion of Terror Records.

I wish you all the luck girls! Kick ass!

Check out some pics of the recent BYSTORM tour:

Currently rocking out to: Chokecocoi 'Karamihan ng Tao ay Pu (Biofeedback Cover)'

Non-Compliant Issue No. 8: SUMMER SLAUGHTER

Check out this upcoming show on April 25. Part 8 of the Non-Compliant Series. Chokecocoi and Kill Ratio will be playing among other rocking bands so you know this show will kick ass.
New shirts from KILL RATIO and Bulacan's PLAY will also be available at the show. I'll post the designs later.
By the way, don't know why the quality of the poster is like that. Don't blame me.
We're still looking for May dates for upcoming NCI shows so keep your ears on the ground (just a figure of speech dude. Get up. Hehe..)
Currently listening to: Extortion 'Degenerate', Soul Control 'Involution', Conquest For Death everything!
What sucks: Waiting

Bystorm/Pulling Teeth split CD

Check out the cover from the Bystorm/Pulling Teeth Split CD released by Major Malfunction, Take-4 Collective and Delusion of Terror Records. The Bystorm (Manila) side contains 11 tracks of unrelenting Clevo-inspired hardcore plus a cover of Detroit legends' Earthmover's classic song 'Money' while Pulling Teeth (Baltimore, MD) throws in five songs from the Frightener sessions plus an entire live set from WERS radio! Do yourself a favor and get it now! Only P200 (direct) or P250 (registered airmail) local. Send me a message for international and wholesale orders. We can work something out, I'm sure.

Test Run. Intro.

Hey guys and gals. This is MIC of BYSTORM, TAKE-FOUR COLLECTIVE, former FEUD, RICHARD COLLIER, DANCE OF DECLINE and a whole lot of other uninteresting stuff. I'm sitting on my office right now and contemplating on things and found out that I have an existing account with this blog site so I thought it would be fun (re: not a complete waste of time) for me to finally get this blog going.

In this site you'll read about me and the stuff I do and like, upcoming shows and tour, I'll also try to post some pics I've taken, shirt photos, food photos, some commentary. Just general interests that you may want to read about.

That's about it. This is only a test run. I'll post some pics of new shirts available and upcoming designs plus some info for the upcoming CHOKECOCOI Malaysia/Singapore Tour. Thanks for reading and check this blog often. Add me up in your myspace: or BYSTORM:


Good Stuff: Reign Supreme 'American Violence', Blacklisted 'Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God', Chokecocoi's upcoming tour, Magrudergrind '62 Trax of Thrash', passing the bar exams recently, new PLAY shirts

Bad Stuff: Looking for a new job