Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AAW: Manila and Laguna leg flyers...

Up now are two flyers for the upcoming AAW tour next week. Make sure to catch them at least once. It''s going to be awesome.

Good stuff: The Shining book, Juice Magazine, V/A Mercy for None, Insect Warfare 'World Extermination'

Bad stuff: slumping Red Sox, the weather. flood...

Monday, July 27, 2009

As A Whole Tour Poster...

Up now is the flier for Davao City's As A Whole Tour happening next week. The Manila leg will be held at Cuerdas Bar in Pasig City c/o the NCI crew. Line-ups and flier up within the week.

The flood yesterday was terrible. I hate flood. Fck.

Good stuff: Public Enemies movie/book, Rot in Hell 'Hallways of the Always'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outbreak 'Zombie' shirt

Outbreak 'Zombie' on red shirt

Coming soon: As A Whole interview, Half the Battle interview, Public Enemies review, couple of demo reviews and upcoming shows...

tofu sisig @ the pit, near UST

It's always fun to find some nice food at a place near you which serves vegie treats. This tofu sisig was found at The Pit, near UST. At 65 php with rice and iced tea, it's a bargain. Tastes awesome too. Tofu sisigs are on a roll, thanks to Greens for inspiring a lot of restos...

Good stuff: upcoming shows this August

Bad stuff: dead breaks on WAX. fck that shit...

two days at green halo, cubao x...

vegie burger steak (with choice of rice or mashed potatoes...)

tofu sisig

spicy curry with tomato sauce

after eating, check out their batangas coffee. serves up to four (4) cups.

Two days of checking out food at Green Halo. Didn't take other pics but this would suffice. Perfect for hanging out. Nice cozy place with awesome food and coffee. bring a friend and support this place. They had a photography exhibit when we were there. Artsy.

As A Whole (Davao City) Luzon Tour!

This one was just put up a couple of days ago and in just a matter of days also. Davao City's As A Whole will be coming to Luzon this August even before the Take-4 Takeover of Davao City and Cebu City on August 21-23, 2009. Here are the tour dates for As A Whole. Make sure you catch 'em!

August 7 (Friday) @ Cuerdas Bar, c/o Non-Compliant Issue crew (flyer up later!)

August 8 (Saturday) @ Laguna (I think Saltwater Bar)

August 9 (Sunday) @ Cavite c/o Flowergrave Collective and a couple of good dudes from Cavite

I'll be posting of the AAW demo later for you to get an idea how they sound like.

Good stuff: Tear it Up 'everything', inter-island tours, Red Sox coming bck to win 2 games over Baltimore, UST winning over UE, recording the Rush IxDx demo, hanging out...

Lugaw @ Likha Diwa

Up now are pics of a rare find : Lugaw (Congee) a@ Likha Diwa. This is the package deal with one pot of congee, 3 pcs. vegie lumpiang togue, tofu, garlic, onion leeks and even eggs which are optional.

KOTM 'Royal Town HC', Another Breath 'Not Now, Not Ever' shirts...

Kids on the Move (from Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia) 'Royal Town Hardcore' shirt. Heard they got a new record out. Need to check it.

Another Breath 'Not Now, Not Ever' shirt. This one's got a nice back print but I can't seem to get a good pic of it. Hehe.

"I Heard You Paint Houses"

Great book on one of the greatest "missing person" stories of our time: Jimmy Hoffa - gangster who profited from "organized" labor unions and rubbed elbows with the President of the United States. Stories told by his friend Frank Sheeran.

Yesterday, RUSH IxDx went to POSITIVITY RECORDING STUDIOS and did about 75% of our demo. Just need to add a second guitar and vocals. The experience was good but tiring. Drained almost al my energy. Good thing we ate a lot at Green Halo at Cubao X (check out for some pics later).

Sountrack : Magrudergrind new LP, Mind Eraser 'everything', Trapped Under Ice 'Secrets of the World'

Friday, July 17, 2009

rainy week...

Yellow Cab 14" Cheese Pizaa with additional mushrooms.

Rick Pitino 'Full Court Pressure - A Year in Kentucky Basketball'

It's been a rainy week and the bulk of it came down yesterday which forced most of us to stay in our homes and just relax. Too bad we couldn't play last night's show at QC. Too much flood, especially since it's located at G. Araneta Ave. where floods are rampant during such a bad weather. Next time though.

Up now is a classic cheese pizza from Yellow Cb while the other one is the cover of Rick Pitino's 'Full Court Pressure' which I got for a very cheap price at Booksale. Coach Rick talks about the politics of recruting players, triumphs and heartbreaks. Good easy reading.

Currently listening to: Reign Supreme 'Testing the limits of the infinite', Trapped Under Ice 'Secrets of the World', Vision of Disorder 's/t'

Good stuff: UST up 2-0, Boston up in AL East, Game 7 of Ginebra-SMB (good game, sorry to Ginebra fans, expect Burger King to win it all next conference)...

Thursday, July 16, 2009 forum one year anniversary show!

Up now is the flyer for the one year anniversary show of the DIY Pinoy HC punk forum to be held on August 29, 2009 at Ten02 at Quezon City. The line-up looks good. The Rush ID demo will be available at the same show. This is the week after the Take-4 Conquest of Davao and Cebu on August 21-22, 2009. Awesome...

Currently listening to: Reign Supreme 'Testing the Limits of the Infinite', Cold World 'Ice Grillz'

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ground Zero 'Hardcore In My Blood' shirt

Up now is a cool shirt from Laguna-based Ground Zero. Nice back print too. Classic hardcore tee.

classic greens combo...

greens bbq with java rice

tofu sisig

Up now are two classic meals from greens that you should definitely check out. There's been too much rain the past few days. I love rain but sometimes you can't do things you want to because of rain, especially if you have to travel around the metro.

Bystorm already booked the tickets for their Davao-Cebu 'Take-4 Takeover' tour with Staid and Half the Battle which will be really awesome. Plus I got a message from one of the Pulling Teeth guys that they should be coming in Southeast Asia next year. Bystorm will definitely try to be a part of that tour. Can't wait to see these guys as well as the rest of our Southeast Asian brothers and sisters again.

Currently listening to: Merauder 'Master Killer' (all f'n day!), Pulling Teeth 'Martyr Immortal'

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chuck and coffee...

Two things I enjoy most: reading an coffee. I'm currently reading 'Diary' by C. Palahniuk (which I got as a gift for Christmas last year) and it's a great read. Put coffee in and it's way better.

Blacklisted 'Stations'

Blacklisted 'Stations' shirt. One of my fave bands from one of my recent fave records. Check out the lyrics.



Penne Classico. The noodles was supposed to be Angel Hair but I never liked those so I hd it changed to penne. Good bread too. Plenty of olives and mushrooms. This one's pretty average compared to the pizza.

Make-you-own Pizza. Just had the basic crust and then added a layer of mozarella cheese. Awesome. The crust itself is yummy.

Good stuff: currently waiting for UFC 100, Bystorm practice later after more than a month of inactivity, Wakefield making it to the All-Star Game for the first time...

Currently listening to: Catharsis 'Samsara', Congress 'Angry with the Sun', 'Blackened Persistence', Morser 'everything'

Carpathian : Southeast Asian Tour

Fck. I hate seeing this flyer. Makes me sad that Carpathian missed the Philippines.That sucks. Hopefully, we have more touring bands this second half of the year.

Currently listening to: Pulling Teeth 'Vicious Skin', Ruination 's/t', Sauna 'Deeper it Goes'

August 2 : Dreamworlds 3

I just read this one from the DIY Pinoy Forum. A discussion/film showing event with some musical acts. Happens on a Sunday. Make sure to go here. The bands playing are pretty awesome too.

July 17 : 2 shows in QC!

Yellfest @ Floydrose

Unmerry Melodies @ the Leprechaun Bar

Up now are flyers for two (2) shows happening at Quezon City on July 17. Bystorm will be playing at the G. Araneta show and we'll probably hang out at the other show after playing. Should make for a fun night. Hope to see you there.

Today is the opening of the UAAP Season and UST barely beat Adamson in the opening game. Mirza and Camus (who made one of those Lebron type blocks) played one hell of a game while Fortuna as usual SUCKED big time. Good thing AdU missed all those open threes. Maybe they played lousy but a win's a win in my book.

Currently listening to: Reign Supreme 'Testing the Limits of the Infinite', Terror 'Rhythm amongst the Chaos', Jedi Mind Tricks 'everything'

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Finally saw the movie everyone was lining up to see and was talking about. Not really that special. The "Fallen" himself was pretty boring. I like the old guy though, who I think was taken from an Aerobot character.

Aside from the great view of Devastator forming, the rest of his act was pretty weak. Beaten by a small Autobot and was afterwards shot by an energy cannon. Sheesshhh.

Megatron and Starscream should have had a bigger part in kicking Prime's ass. Plus, very, very few Autobots. Should have put Hound in there. Or the Dinobots. Or even the Insecticons.

Megan Fox is awesome. The parents were funny. Bumblebee crying = cheesy.

I fell asleep in one of the fight scenes. Could have done better. Just sayin.

The soundtrack sucks except for the Green Day song. But everything Linkin Park did and will do sucks. Ha.

Currently listening: Burning Love 'demo', Cursed I-III

Fish & Co...

Fried Tofu in Oriental Sauce

"Simple" Pasta

Up now are two concoctions from Fish & Co. Not really recommended.Too pricey and the taste and volume is not commensurate with the price. Tastes average, price too steep. I could've prepared better pasta and tofu. Hehe.

Some news: I'm pretty psyched about the upcoming Bystorm/Half the Battle/Staid "Take-4 Takeover of the South" this coming August and to record the upcoming demo of Rush IxDx. Finally, some good things are happening.

It's a bummer I was not able to attend the Secret Handshakes Tour @ Cuerdas last year because of the f'n flu (not swine flu, just to be clear...). Even though the touring bands were not able to make it, it would have still been fun to watch Richard Collier and Aunt Audrey...

DIY Pinoy HC Punk Forum; Anniversary Show, this August, watch out!

Bodhi Spaghetti...

Up now is a Bodhi Spaghetti which is different from their usual mix which includes vegie tuna. Instead, they used ground gluten which gave it a more 'authentic' feel. Nice...

Good stuff: Boston still leading the American League, cool NBA trades, Ginebra vs. San Miguel in the PBA Finals, upcoming UAAP season...

Play 'Live Shot' shirt...

After an exhausting June month, July cam and was not exactly what I had planned. I spent the first four days of the month at the hospital tending to a loved one. I hate hospitals, the smell, the aura, everything about it. Anyway, we just got out today and I'm really looking forward to publishing more thoughts and stuff on this blog so I hope you didn't give up yet on this thing...

Up now is the classic PLAY 'Live Shot' shirt with green ink on white shirt plus a T4 logo at the back. Awesome shirt. Hopefully I can do that elusive Play interview I've been planning on doing for so long...

The weather this week has been terrible. F'n hot during the mornings and a thunderstorm in the afternoons. What the hell?! No wonder people get sick...

Currentlylistening to : Magrudergrind s/t, Reign Supreme 'Testing the limits of the infinite'