Sunday, May 29, 2011

Relentless @ Laguna this coming weekend.

Check out Relentless from Australia this coming Saturday @ Laguna. Haven't heard these guys yet but might check them out if I can make it to the show this Saturday. Laguna bands opening for them too. Check it. Heard they sound like Comeback Kid so it's got to be good.

Currently watching: Wrestlemania 17. Awesome weather. Cold, damp, but not too much rain.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Crispy mock chicken from Nomnomnom. That place is great for hanging out and telling late night stories. They also got good coffee but an improvement in the vegie selection wouldn't hurt either. This one's just right, not something that I would get on a daily basis.

Some upcoming shows and tours this June. Bystorm missed the show last night at QC because of the unavailability of members. Sorry. Ended up listening to some old Madball stuff while hanging in the house. Good stuff.

Currently watching: Red Sox @ Detroit. Boston's been on a tear lately and doing what's been expected of them. In the meantime Dallas will be facing the Heat for the NBA Finals; as Terror would say "All for Revenge!"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NCI No. 43: New Blood!

Venue change for the upcoming New Blood show. Venue changed from Hades to Ten02 along Timog Avenue. Lots of new materials available at this show. Sunday Matinee. Show is from 4 - 8 PM only. You know the drill. Spread the word.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Good.Burger.

Been a long time since I had one of these bad boys. Goodburger, Garlic BBQ Flavor. Really awesome sht here. Can't go wrong. Too bad their branch in Greenhills closed shop. That's why you need to support your local vegie store.

On another note, the New Blood series is finally happening with Non-Compliant Issue bringing you their 42nd show (though it feels like the 84th show already) with the theme of getting new releases out to the kids. This NB show will be split in two (2) parts with the first show happening on June 12, 2011 (Independent's Day!) at Hades Bar, Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Here's the official line-up for that show:

STANDOUT (San Pablo City)
STRONGWILL (Malolos City)
DISPUTE (Las Pinas City)
GINSENG (Manila)
ARMAS NG LIAS (Marilao, Bulacan)
99 ASSAULTS (Pagbilao, Quezon)
EAT ALL YOU CAN (Malolos City)

All of these bands will have their latest materials available for this show. Please come to this gig and show some love for some of the best new acts to hit our local scene!

Flyer will be up very, very soon!

Currently watching: Wrestlemania 15

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chocolate covered world.

It's very rare that I eat ice cream and in on those few occasions, I only eat plain chocolate - no other. Check out these freebie from Hershey's Selecta flavored ice cream which you get when you watch a movie. Cool.

Good stuff: Pirates of the Carribean Part 4. Red Sox on a tear.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Where were you in 1997? I got this shirt when me and my neighborhood buddies went to SM Southmall to catch the showing of the "new edition" of the Star Wars series. This shirt even has the 1997 copyright to it. Awesome times. 17 years old and the whole world ahead of you. How much has changed? Ha. That will be another topic all together. Shirt has stood the test of time. Just like the movie.

Back to 2011, Lipslide was a no-show in Saturday's show. Bummer. A lot of people were expecting them too. Rush IxDx closed the show because we recorded our new songs at POSITIVITY Studios and had a great time.

Currently watching: Beastie Boys clips on Youtube. Great stuff especially the Conan show and their speeches at MTV awards. Audience stunned while AdRock talks about how the USA sucks for bombing the Middle East.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lipslide @ Kalye Art Gallery later!

As you may have known, the LIPSLIDE show in Malolos City did not push thru but instead, they will be playing at Kalye Art Gallery at Estrada St., Malate, Manila (near St. Benilde, between Taft Ave. and SLEX). Heard this is their only Manila show so go get your groove on. Sister Bastard and Rush IxDx will be playing too. I don't know the rest of the line-up but for sure it's gonna be a great time.

There is also an event happening later at Kalye, check it out:

Disconnect is an annual event showcasing Sticker Art in its 1st & 2nd year.
Now on its 3rd edition, we are expanding out our call for artists participation worldwide to send us your stickers and posters to be pasted up on walls.

The exhibition opens on May 21, 2011 and will be held at Kalye Art Gallery in Manila Philippines. You can send us large scale posters and as many stickers as you want to be given away along the event.

Deadline for Submission is on May 15, 2011

Send Your Stickers & Posters to:

Kalye Art Gallery
1220 Estrada St.
Singalong Malate
Manila Philippines

(taken from

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 27, 2011.

Sorry for the terrible lack of posts lately. Work has been terrible the past few days. No chance to breathe. After the DEAD tour last weekend, I think the LIPSLIDE show will still be on this Saturday at Kalye Art Gallery. I'll try to get more on that later.

What we have here is a flyer for the 'Positive Noize' show happening on the 27th so go check out the availability of your scheds. It will also be done at the new Hades Bar in Timog, Quezon City.

Good stuff: Red Sox on a 4 game winning streak including a weekend sweep of the Yanks.

Currently watching: The American Revolution DVD (Discovery Series)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Over and out.

Fck. Bad day for Beantown. Red Sox lost to the Blue Jays and the worst thing is the C's were kicked in the nuts by those ***holes from Miami. It's time for Jason Kidd and the rest of the Mavs to get back at the guys who beat them in 2006. Vengeance time.

Currently reading: Diokno on Trial (best book on trial technique, written by the son of the late Senator Jose Wright Diokno, compiling the latter's lectures on trials, tips, etc.)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hap Chan.

Have you noticed how many versions of "Hap Chan" are out there? I think it's safe to say that there are almost the same number as the versions of "Savory". Weird. We have a vegetarian spring roll and broccoli from an anonymous Hap Chan. The spring roll was good. The broccoli? Ugh.

Coming up tomorrow: Boston trying to climb from a 1-3 deficit against Miami. We'll see what happens. I have faith! (ala YOT!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to Mexicali.

Haven't been to Mexicali for a while now so it's a treat to finally land another Garden Burger along with vegie tacos. The bun of the burger is no longer made of wheat which made it softer and lighter. Awesome stuff. Pricey but good. Dare I say the garden burger is better than the vegie burger of Good Burger? Yes, I will.

Currently watching: Game 4 of Heat-Celtics. Oh, by the way, the boys from LA got SWEPT. Haha.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

And we have a ballgame.

The C's finally broke thru against the Heat with The Big Ticket leading the way and an inspirational performance from R. Rondo. It's been a perfect Sunday so far: Red Sox shut out the Twins, good brunch (pechay baguio cooked picadillo style, breaded tofu and chocolate ice cream for dessert), Celtics beating Miami. It's all up to M. Pacquiao to KO Mosley to end the perfect Sunday morning.

PS. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. Enjoy your day!:D

Review: Lipslide 'XXIV LIV' CD.

Lipslide is an Filipino hardcore punk band based in Dubai, UAE. From what I heard they had a pretty strong scene there but I think the members are back in the Philippines. This is their debut record (they have contributed a couple of songs in the Pilipinas Thrash tape)and it has nine (9) tracks including the infamous 'Bro Hymn' by Pennywise dedicated to an awesome friend, Peter of Davao. The quality of the recording is good and the lyrics has an all around positive vibe to it and one about skateboarding. Nice. This is packaged in a nice digipack format and got it at the recent zine convention.

Lipslide will be doing a one-off show somewhere in Malolos City in two weeks time. Watch out for details for that one and make sure to be there as it will be the only time you'll be able to do so.

Sports Sunday: Choose what to watch - Pacquiao vs. Mosley, Celtics vs. Heat (Beat LBJ and the rest of those ***holes, baseball (Buccholz and the pen shut down the Twins earlier) and Memphis topped OKC. Big day.

PS. Fck the rain last night. Almost ruined practice night. Got to finish the last two songs for the upcoming BS full-length though, so I'm psyched.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Morning what?

Blurreed. Wasn't supposed to post this but I love this shirt. Just the band and album name (which rules to this day) to the ill-printed Rev logo at the back. One of the best albums from the 90's. "Love is never wrong..."

Currently listening to: Morning Again - everything. This is how you start the weekend.

Review: Staid 's/t' tape.

This was supposed to have been reviewed a LOOONNNGG time ago but I just checked and found out that I haven't reviewed it here in LCN. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past two or three years, chances are you've heard Staid. This cassette collects their two previously released demos into one awesome package. Their sound has often been compared to Verse to which I voice no opposition. Fast, intelligent hardcore with crunching breakdowns. Raymond's lyrics will get you thinking to say the least. They haven't been visible for the last year but they're shifting gears and we'll be seeing more of them soon! Includes a Chain of Strength cover to boot!

Released on Whatever it Takes Records (Arwith from Second Combat's tape label). Contact:

Guest: Z, Chokecocoi 'Gun?' shirt

I really don't know the actual design of the shirt, with a gun and a quote in the back. The front design looks a little too 'affliction' for me though. Chokecocoi was a great band and it's too bad they broke up in their primes. Yo O! Where's that Uom demo you're supposed to upload?

It's a nice Saturday morning and nothing much to do.Probably just rest the whole day and BS practice later. Awesome.

Currently listening to: Killing Time 'Brightside' the whole week. Hell yes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Friday the 13th.

Recently got a hold of this flyer for the MAIM show happening on the 13th of May at Freedom Bar in Anonas, QC. MAIM regulars will be playing along with some other bands I've just heard of. Plus Jahannam will be there. Check out the rebirth of Omerta.

Currently listening to: Biofeedback 'Hardtimes' (expect some BFK related news soon!)

Down 0-2. WTF?

Down. But not out. Although the Heat are up 2-0 in their series with the C's, they should know better than to underestimate this team. Watch and learn. The C's will rack up four straight wins. Good thing the Red Sox are on a tear against who else? The Angels. Ha! 3-0 in May.

By the way, I set up a new e-mail for Still Ill. So for all your orders, inquiries, trades, what-have-you's, just send an email at:

Currently listening to: practice sessions of Rush IxDx. Can't wait to get this on the studio.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DEAD (Australia) tour next week.

DEAD, a sludge duo from The Land Down Under will be playing two (2) shows next week. The first will be at Hades Bar in Quezon City and the other one will be at Yadu Dynasty in Makati City. Come and check them out at these dates.

Currently watching: Star Wars Episode III 'Revenge of the Sith'