Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Ten for 2010. Me.

I was thinking about what to write for my top 10 for a couple of days now but I just can't seem to really organize my thoughts in a top 10 of sorts so I'll just be writing some awesome stuff which happened this year:

1. Hanging out and playing with my kid who was nothing but AWESOME the entire year.
2. STILL ILL releasing three (3) important materials this year: the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION Compilation, the reissue of the BULLDOZED 'Demonyomurdergangcore' demo and BYSTORM's 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay'
3. NON-COMPLIANT ISSUE making waves by organizing big shows like the FIRST BLOOD show to start the year.
4. FEUD reunion at the PILIPINAS THRASH FEST (such a blast) which was subsequent to the FORGIVENESS DENIED/SAUNA/RICHARD COLLIER reunion show!
5. Crucial records like the new Bitter End and Rival Mob among others.
6. Hanging out/Road trip/Band practice/Coffee with the Bystorm and Rush IxDx crew which is always a great f'n time.
7. New TV and PC setup.
8. Movies and shows like Inception, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Sons of Anarchy.
9. Giants winning the World Series and the Red Sox beefing up their line-up for 2011.
10. Meeting new and interesting people along the way.

I know I'm forgetting a lot of stuff but this is what's on my mind right now. Some stuff to look out for 2010:

Bystorm 'Sumalangitnawa' CD
Rush IxDx Collection tape
Feud Live Set @ Pilipinas Fast Fest tape
Biofeedback Tribute double tape

Just something to whet your appetite. There are also big shows happening but more on that later. Thanks to everyone for reading this piece I've been doing for I think two (2) years now and keeping up with my banter. Here's to good things for next year! Cheers!

Top Ten for 2010. Odessa.

Taken from the DIY Pinoy Forum site. Here are the top things for Odessa of Rush IxDx, Kaktus Karuka, Forum Administrator...

Nagrereminisce lang. Etong list ay mga highlight ng taon 2010 sa akin...well, scene-wise. kaprichuhan-wise... nothing too personal, as always.

1. BANE - Kelangan pa bang ielaborate to? Dati nasa "things to do before I die" list lang to pero
ayun nga. Too bad i never get to play with them. Eka nga, if you cant join them, beat them. ang ginawa ko na lang, sinundan ko sila sa KL at SG shows nila. i get to see them live 3 times and nagfeeling close ako
sa byahe papuntang singapore. haha. kulitan with aaron dalbec of converge... mga ganon lang shit... haha!
WAIT THERE's MORE: tinawag ako ni Aaron Bedard na "my girl".. HAHAHA!

2. PISSCHRIST/FIRST BLOOD/BLOCKSHOT - Buena mano nung 2010. What a way to start a year. 3 foreign bands in one weekend. SOLID sa pagod!!! Dito ako pinahanga ng NCI crew.

3. ANAWANGIN BABY!!! - The scariest fucking boat ride of my life, add to that ang mga cool na cool na cast and crew sa anawangin. RID, BYSTORM, NCI at shmpre ang crew ng Northern Territory. haha. hindi ako nalasing dito kasi walang umiinom sa kanila, but whatever. HAHA

4. PILIPINAS FASTFEST/ARAH KIRI IN LUCENA - Finally, it happened. The turn out was ok. I expected more but its all goooood! With AK and their 10 other Sabahan friends, it was definitely not a picnic accommodating them. Good thing they're really cool and laid back fellahs, all i did was to make sure they have enough supply of lambanog.

5. BATAAN, BICOL, BURAWAN BEACHES - Mga malalayong beaches na biglaan lang. Mas natutuloy pag di planado, eka nga. Among the three, Burawan is the my favorite.

Top Ten for 2010. Joab.

Joab of Real Tight Crew zine and Deathwish Kids brings us his top 10 in no particular order:

1. Pilipinas Thrash Detonation tape
2. I Remember Halloween #5/Incidental Afterthought #13 split zine
3. Breakfast Insomnia #2
4. Bulldozed tape
5. Dispatches #2
7. Believe #1
8. Aspire #1
9. Sister Bastard (Great Band)
10. Vex - Capitalism Is Cannibalism CD

Top Ten for 2010: Dangle Regs.

As promised, I'll be posting your top 10's for 2010 starting with Dangle Regs of Bystorm and graphic designer extraordinaire of Still Ill, NCI, T4 among others.

Miles Away - Endless Roads
The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
Integrity - Blackest curse
The Weakerthans - Live at the Burton Cummings
Alpha and Omega - Life Swallower
Bitter End- Guilty as charged
Ruiner - Hell is Empty
Dead End Path
The Rival Mob
VA America's Hardcore Compilation

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dangleregs sporting a classic Bane shirt. Black ink on light blue shirt. Great combo.

I just came back from a three (3) day retreat in Baguio City with the family so there has been no update here. Gonna upload some stuff and the top ten (10) lists soon so if you haven't send it already, make sure to send it right away!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Off the Chain.

Off The Chain shirt from Northern Territory. Skulls, tommy guns and sht. One of the good new bands to come out in 2010. I recently talked to them and hopefully their demo should be out soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

It's Christmas eve and wherever you are, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from STILL ILL, NON-COMPLIANT ISSUE and LA COSA NUESTRO! Have a good one!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some pizza joint in Subic.

There is a great pizza joint inside SBMA (or just Subic) which until now I could not remember which is unfortunate because they really had good pizza and pasta. These were actually taken a long time ago but for the same reason that I could not remember the name of that pizza joint.

Good stuff: listening to practice tapes of Bystorm and Rush IxDx and planning for next year. Should be a great year for Still Ill/NCI.

PS. Check out this new blog:
Just started and it has interviews with the Rev. Paul Bearer and Dom Romeo of Pulling Teeth. The Dom interview was crazy!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Some pics of the Rush IxDx 'Tear it Up' rip-odd shirts. Instead of only two (2) colors (green and light maroon), a third color (red) was printed so you have 3 choices, or better yet, get em all! Still have some of these bad boys left so you better order before they're gone. Not sure if reprints will be done. Black ink on these winner shirts. These are sold for Php 220 each because of the higher prices for winner shirts and other production costs so please bear with us. Send a message if you're interested. You can pick it up directly or have it sent via JRS Express.

In true capitalistic nature, we have the BULLDOZED 'Demonyomurdergangcore' tapes available right now. Php 130.00 each or wholesale rate Php 110.00 each for a minimum of five (5) copies.

Also, there are still a few copies of the Pilipinas Thrash Detonation tape available. So pick em up while it lasts.

Maybe I should make an e-store for Still Ill so I don't have to bother you with this crap, what do you think? Haha.

PS. I'm still calling on all of you to send out your TOP TEN FOR 2010, I'll start posting them during the Christmas break. HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

The way the year ended.

Bystorm, Play,Dha and that little guy from Staid hanging out after the show at the Play Volksmobile.

Thanks to everyone who came out and partied on a rainy afternoon at Ten02 last Sunday. Although some bands were not able to make it due to one reason or another, they still came and had fun at the show. Good stuff all around. Sister Bastard (minus the guitarist) showed em what PV is. And these guys always come at the show on time and have no "issues" about starting the show. I'm talking to these guys about releasing something on Still Ill so we'll see.

Another fun set from PLAY where an iced tea drinking contest was held and Bebe won two (2) shirts and a CD just by drinking fast! Beat that! A lot of good bands played but my shtty memory just isn't clicking right now so bear with me. Check out facebook or other sites for pics.

Currently watching: Have Heart '10.17.09' DVD (Great stuff but no interviews? Sheeshhh...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rush IxDx "Tear It Up Rip" shirt.

Finally got this going. Should be available at tomorrow's show at Ten02. Available in green and maroon shirts with black ink. Simple, classic design ripped off from one of the best bands from the early 00's. Giving credit where credit is due. Both colors are out of 47 shirts. Get em while it lasts.

Currently reading: Bob Ong 'Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan'

K. Karuka.

Not sure if I've posted this before but I'll do it anyway. Kaktus Karuka shirt. Yellow ink on red shirt. Design looks like a Motorhead rip or something. Awesome sht. These guys were pretty active when they started but I think personnel movement have forced them to lay low for a while. Good thing is they have this ripping demo that you can check out.

Go and check out the Cavite Metal and Hardcore Festival later at Bacoor, Cavite. Should be a lot of fun.

Currently watching: Miami at New York with the hopes of NY beating the hell out of that team from South Beach.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Ill 02: Bulldozed 'Demonyomurdergangcore' Tape.

The first look at the long-awaited reissue of the classic BULLDOZED 'Demonyomurdergangcore' released more than a decade ago. Still Ill is proud to announce that this bad boy will be released this weekend at the NON-COMPLIANT ISSUE/DIY PINOY HC PUNK FORUM year end party to be held at Ten02 this Sunday. Numbered and limited to 200 copies. This might be your last chance to get a copy of this local hardcore classic.

This tape reissue contains the 4-song demo plus 3 live tracks recorded somewhere in Laguna. Full colored cover on pro-pressed tape.

We encountered a lot of trouble in bringing these tapes here: customs charges, mailing charges, overcharging printers so we will have to increase our price a little from Php 120.00 to Php 130.00 just to cover some expenses and to fund some upcoming projects. We hope you understand.

Great way to end 2010. Still mf'n ill.

Currently watching: Damages Season 3.

Updated flyer for this Sunday' show.

Just a slight change. Mihara from Laguna will be playing this Sunday. IxOxDx from Pamapanga will not be able to make it.

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Back to PhiLEE.

Just when the Yanks thought they could get the mighty Cliff Lee from the also-expecting Rangers, Philadelphia swooped in to form one of the best starting rotations in baseball - Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. Holy sht. Good thing Boston was able to grab A-Gonz from the Padres and Crawford from Tampa Bay. With good health, the Sox rotation of Lester, Beckett, Lackey and Buchholz will be able to match them pitch for pitch come the World Series. Good stuff happening on MLB lately.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Not really sure if I have posted this shirt here but to be sure, I'm posting it now. Awesome BSF shirt on blue which I believe came out right before their Victory Records album came out. A good simple design beats an "over-designed" shirt any day.

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Skychurch/Loads of Motherhood.

Skychurch (former Electric Sky Church) was a big metal band during the 90s composed of three brothers who were very proficient technically that they took the existing club scene then by storm. Loads of Motherhood were influenced by NYHC bands but they incorporated their own flava to it. SC released an album or two under major labels while I don't think LOM officially released anything. They now have a split CD released by Tower of Doom and the release party is on the 17th at Guerilla Bar in Pasig City. Check it out.

BTW, any news on the Asiancore show this weekend?

Currently listening to: Madball "RAHC", VA "America's Hardcore (AHC)".

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Year Ender.

Still hot off the grill. Here is the line-up and the flyer for NCI's 41st show happening on Sunday, December 19th. It should be a SUNDAY MATINEE of course! That line-up is sick. See you all!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Not doing anything this weekend? Go out and hang with two shows happening for Japan's ASIANCORE who will be playing one show in Laguna and another one this Sunday at Center for the Arts. I was looking for a flyer for the Laguna show but I couldn't find one.

Good stuff: Tear It Up 'Nothing to Nothing', Red Sox acquiring Gonz from the Padres, the Celtics on an 8-game winning streak, upcoming Bulldozed tape!

Volante, Baguio City.

Took this in during the recent Baguio City trip when the Awakened Hope anniversary show happened. We were walking at Session Road at first to get some grub at Don Henrico's but the latter was closed so we were forced to look somewhere else and found this resto across the street.

It looks like a new place with an "old" Baguio feel to it. Lots of locals enjoying coffee, beer, pizza and pasta. We chose to get some pesto, tomato pasta and a margherita pizza with some really cold soda. Awesome stuff.

Pics by Dangleregs.

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NCI No. 41: 2010 Yearender Show!

Time to play that Embrace classic "It's the end of a fckd up year...and another one coming!". 2010 has its ups and downs and right now NCI will be having its 41st show with the 2010 year ender show for NCI, Still Ill and forum. This might also be the last show at Ten02 because I think the "hard" shows will be transferred to Hades. Not yet sure but if it is indeed the last Ten02 show, make sure to be there. The lineup is swelling to be a good, diverse one, so make sure you're available on the 19th.

Still can't get regular programming on this blog for the past two (2) weeks or so. My bad. Got some upcoming materials for you soon.

Currently watching: the season finale for Sons of Anarchy. That ending was awesome. Retaliation from O.P. and our favorite Irish friend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December = Lazy.

The first two (2) days of December has been pretty lazy. I was digging up some pics and I saw this one with me singing along at the Bane show in Santa Rosa City. Fck yeah. Such a great time. I'm currently listening to the latest Bane record as I type this and seeing them this year was really awesome.

Only the covers need to be printed for the Bulldozed tape and it was suppose to drop October this year but it didn't happen because of some logistical difficulties which entailed a higher cost. Make sure to come out to shows happening this December as we'll be selling this long awaited tape at those shows!

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's the Cavite Metal and Hardcore Festival again.

It's time once again for the annual Metal and Hardcore Festival happening in Cavite brought to us by the fine lads from Pag-asa. Really awesome sht going here. Great line-up, good venue and it's free! Mark your calendars.

It's the end of November and once again I'll be waiting and posting for your top ten (10) list for the year 2010. E-mail your list or whatever plus your fave pic to: Let's end the year right. :D

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Blood 'Silence is Betrayal long sleeves.

First Blood is perhaps the one band that has sold the most merch in the current local scene. Go to any show (except maybe a ska show) and I'm willing to bet that you'll see at least one FB shirt, ls or hoodie.

I got this directly from the band when they almost sold out their merch at the FB show. I forgot to buy any merch from them because I was too busy handling show matters and then when I asked Carl how much for these LS, he just handed it to me without any cost and said 'Thanks for everything man. We had a blast!'.

This is the first time I wore this LS and noticed that the sleeve says 'Silence is Betrayal' which, incidentally, is the name of their new full-length. Check it out.

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Danj wearing a 'The Day The Country Died'. Subhumans is of course a classic punk band but I'll always prefer Citizen Fish over them. We need more bands influenced by these bands. Just sayin.


The Crimson Cartel rippin it at Baguio City during the Awakened Hope Anniversary show.

So...i've been slacking at posting some entries here again. I'm just getting thru some personal and professional sht which I hope will work out soon.

Anyway, Bystorm played the AH show in Baguio City last week and we had a blast. Saw TCC, Unforce as well as Baguio locals tearin sht up the stage. Always a good time hangin out at Baguio City. The weather's great. The food is awesome and the Bystorm crew had a good session. Ha.

Some shows happenin in the first week of December with a touring band from Japan - ASIAN CORE. I'll post the details soon.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Awakened Hope Anniv Show this Saturday @ Baguio City.

Almost forgot to post this show happening on Saturday. It is the first year anniversary show of the Awakened Hope Collective. Bystorm will be playing this show so I hope to see everyone there. Thanks to Keeyo and crew for organizing this show!

The weather has been pretty off this week, strong rains, hot sun, strong rains again. Weird.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Shirley Steinberg ‘Demo’ CD-R

This is the first recorded material of Malolos-based Shirley Steinberg. They got a cool name which according to an interview was taken from a list of dead women. This demo contains four tracks of Ebullition-styled hardcore. If you’re into bands like Orchid or Reversal of Man, you’ll definitely dig this. They have the long titles, gut screaming, complex riffs but the recording doesn’t do them justice. It’s decent but if you’re going to record this style, it’s better if you have really good recording in order for the sound to really come out. No cover provided but there is a lyric sheet insert. Vague lyrics too ‘I’ve spent a night smoking this shit. Oh you’re so ugly before. And now everything is beautiful’. I’m seeing good things for this band. No contact info provided.I can't upload the pic of the demo in my phone so I got this from their site instead.

Review: Nuclear Punishment ‘The Iron Mongoloid EP No. 1’ CD-R.

I got this at a recent show where the NP boys were selling these for the measly amount of Twenty Pesos. How good is that? This CD-R contains new recordings done by NP. This record starts out blasting with the title track. The drums on the first track is wild (waddup Timothy?). Good breakdown part too before going to the full blast beats. The rest of the tracks are just as solid and NP has really done a good job with this recording. NP has created the perfect hybrid of crushing metal and a tinge of hardcore. Dirty. Filthy. No holds-barred. No lyrics provided but with song titles like ‘Anak Ng Diablo’ and ‘Chilicon Carnage’, you know you’re in for a treat. The tracklist states that this record has 4 tracks but in listening to it I think they redid a song from their debut record as a bonus track.No other info provided but I’m assuming they recorded this at Positivity Studios. If you don’t kow how NP sounds like, then get out of your f’n cave and contact these guys:

Have Heart 'Pilipinas Tour' shirt.

Have Heart. Manila. Really, really good show. Awesome line-up. Everyone at the top of their game. Good crowd in a good venue. After a couple of months, Have Heart called it quits. From the start of their set until the end and the stage gave up because of the volume of the crowd, HH delivered one of the best shows in recent history. One of the best ways to remember a show is a one-off shirt. This shirt was done by Northern Territory but was not sold during the HH show but was printed much later. Good job. Large classic print. Black ink on grey shirt.

Currently: waiting for Pacquiao vs. Margarito, coffee after a slight running session. The new episode of SOA was awesome. Liam and McGee both dead, Belfast is burning and the priest slammed Jax on the table (after finding out that he was making out with his half-sister!). More SOA next week.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chocolate Kiss.

Ever heard about this coffee shop/resto in UP? Never really cared for it until a friend and I had lunch over there and they had this Eggplant Lasagna thing going. Really good, cheesy, but its missing something but I can't figure it out. Maybe if you can try it, you can help me. And by the way that resto name is pretty ridiculous too. Hippy sht.

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Part of a package to be sent to a friend. Here is a shirt from Laguna's undying AGGRESSIVE DOG ATTACK. These guys have been around for more or less two (2) decades already and they're still active playing shows! That's really something! Someone should put out an ADA discography CD or something.

Currently listening to: Operation Ivy 'Energy' (waddup Z?)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skrewheds Reunion Show.

I was looking for a show happening this weekend to post but saw none so I'll go ahead and promote this show - the SKREWHEDS reunion show happening on the 19th at their hometown of Binan, Laguna.

I first heard SH in the classic 'Never Forget The Cause' tape put out by Middle Finger Productions with their infamous 'Salot Sa Lipunan' song and got to see them a couple of times in Laguna and other places in the metro. They also contributed two songs (I think) in the much maligned Alpha Numeric Sampler.

This show promises to be a great one with SH probably tearing sht up. I'll try and make it to this show...

Artwork done by England of Eskapo fame. Really good sht!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Coffeemug zine Issue no. 9

I can't believe that this zine has reached issue no. 9 already and it's been almost a decade. Kudos for having the energy to do so. This issue has the classic CM layout and features interviews with Legarda (2nd time the editor interviewed Keith Dador - the last issue had him talking about photography), Standout (local San Pablo heroes - didn't know they have a demo, if the band is reading this, I'll be glad to review it here), Jade Tree Records (nothing interesting really), Half the Battle (always a pleasure reading Easy's interviews - you can just feel the energy and positivity in the way he answers the questions) and Gerry Alanguilan (legendary local comic book writer - awesome stuff!). It also features some articles, show reports (always good reading show reports, gives you another perspective of a show you were also present) and a bunch of reviews. Best issue so far. Contact Jade at:

Review: Believe zine Issue no. 1

Here is the debut issue of San Pablo based BELIEVE zine. This issue comes with a free CD-R demo of SHIRLEY STEINBERG (I have a demo of them already but somehow I failed to review it). This issue's got interesting interviews with Walk Me Home (San Pablo), One Voice Asia (Singapore - with little chime-ins by Charles of Queen City Crew), Tiger Pussy (We're in UBEC and Lechon is LECHON! High Blood Crew!) which is the most interesting interview of this zine by the way. Last interview is with Our Lady of Sorrow Photography who's a Filipina photographer staying in Italy. Good cut and paste layout with colored paper cover which reminds me of a lot of zines from the 90s. It also features a couple of reviews but one thing that's lacking is more content from the editor. Really looking forward to hear from her in the next issue. Contact:

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Went to the HATEBREED show last night which was a surreal experience to say the least. Haven’t been to a “rock” show in a while. Last one I think was either Rage Against The Machine or the “Alternative Nation” tour back in the 90’s with Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth and Foo Fighters. It was really f’n weird to say the least. Good thing there were a lot of familiar faces in the crowd though I got to say that the Pulp crowd unfortunately overshadowed the hardcore crowd contingent.

The Hatebreed set was sonically great. It was like watching straight out of the DVD or something. They played a long set to make your 1000 bucks worthwhile. Materials from Satisfaction to the newest materials. Crowd went apeshit to every song. Too many assholes in the crowd for me. I enjoyed the sets of the opening acts greatly (except Intolerant) but was disappointed when each band just played 3 – 4 songs. What the fck is wrong with that you ask me? These bands traveled from as far as Baguio City and Cebu just to play this show and they can’t even play a full set? Fck that sht. Good job done by Bison, Piledriver and Queen City Crew!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tiring night.

Off The Chain at Center for the Arts, Quezon City.

As promised, last night was a blast even with the continuous rain. The Pints from Australia were pretty god-damned punk rock band in the vein of Operation ivy and some other Bay Area bands. Really good stuff. The Rush ID set went well despite playing after the main act. Bystorm also played a short and tight set at Center for the Arts for the Queen City Crew show. Too bad we missed QCC's set but we're gonna see them play tonight at the Hatebreed show. Had a very lengthy pizza session afterwards. Very good night.

Yeah, I've made up my mind to go see Hatebreed. Nothing to lose except money anyway.

Currently watching: Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy new episodes!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants finally win WS.

The Giants have finally won it all. The Freak outdueled the Cliffhanger in a classic matchup until Renteria hit a 3-run homer. Good stuff.

Currently listening to: Damad 'Rise and Fall'.

Bystorm @ Earth Decay.

Another great video posted by Sannee of Crapsalad. Enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bystorm 'Lungsod Ng Mga Patay Na Buhay' Free Download.

Last month, BYSTORM released 'Lungsod Ng Mga Patay Na Buhay' - a collection of selected live material recorded for the past couple of years thru Sannee of Crapsalad Videos fame. The release was limited to 100 hand-numbered copies given away at the Forum show as a way of thanking those who have supported the band throughout. In order to make it more accessible to those who weren't able to make it at the show, here is the download link for the record. Enjoy and share to your friends. Spooky Halloween!

Good stuff: Giants win this morning. Listening to Aunt Audrey's 'Radio Friendly Teenage Diary' on a rainy November 1. Sign of things to come as we cruise on the last two months of the year.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home from Earth Decay.

Milton of Empty shredding! (Pic by Mel of Towards The End)

My neck still hurts from the severe beating given by the bus ride from Manila to San Pablo City and vice versa last night but I'll try and sum up yesterday's events. The show started late because most of the bands came later than expected because of the f'n traffic. Even the local San Pablo bands came late because they have some members who came from Manila.

The show started around 6 PM with a band from San Pablo called FORFEIT. These are young kids who know their Hatebreed riffs. They remind me of Chainblock from the late 90s. Another San Pablo act named HOLD played after them and I just couldn't point out their sound but their vox has this squeaky Shutdown/Brother's Keeper thing going. There was also a film showing done by the guys from GREENPEACE about saving the environment. There would have been a nice question and answer portion but it did not materialize.

We (BYSTORM) played next and we did songs from the upcoming full-length. Cameras were blinding at the time so I couldn't really comment on any reaction made. After us came WALK ME HOME. They play melodic stuff if you haven't heard them yet. One of their songs reminded Danj of Title Fight. Not a bad comparison.

We went out to get some grub (chami time!) and when we came back it was some band that I think sounded like Typecast (I think my band chronology is a little messed already) and another band from Batangas City who also sounded like them. We also caught the start of the set of IDENTIKIT and the guy who did a Billy Bragg cover. Also caught the set of LEGARDA minus Ebong and with Sharen playing guitar.

Too bad we missed the sets of STANDOUT, TOWARDS THE END and the EMPTY reunion because we have to go already. ISVARAH was also not able to play and I just talked to Mot that his wife just delivered a healthy baby boy! Congrats brother!

All in all it was a good show despite the lack of participation (i.e. interest) on the part of the crowd. Managed to get a couple of zines which i'll try and review here.

Bad stuff: stiff neck, Giants losing to Texas in Game 3 of the World Series.

Currently listening to: Pulling Teeth 'Paranoid Delusions...', Integrity 'Sytems...'

Friday, October 29, 2010


Got a bunch of shirts via trade from Mr. Fishbone who's currently in Indonesia right now touring with Bad Omen (great job!) which will be sent to the US for another trade and I decided to post the shirts here before they ship out. First shirt is the classic RDA 's/t' cover art on white shirt. Who doesn't like RDA? They're a great band with a lot of interesting stuff to say. Check out their album under TRC if you don't believe me. Too bad they didn't bother releasing anything after more than twenty (20) years even if they do play the occasional reunion shows.


Recently discovered this "new" series and I have to say it's really intriguing with Tarantino-styled 'chapters' which go back and forth, it makes you not to want to miss a beat. Lawyers. Manipulation. Murder. What's not to love?

Giants are up 2-0 against the Rangers. That's a severe beating they gave Cliff Lee on Game 1 and an excellent pitching performance put forth by M. Cain and the bullpen on Game 2 to shut Texas out.

Heading out to 'Earth Decay' later and I'll be bringing some merch for you. I got the new colorway of the Bystorm 'Kingdom' shirts and a couple of blue Feud 'Reunion' shirts. See you all later!

Currently listening to: Snapcase 'Steps' (they have an awesome video of Snapcase paying 'Incarnation/Steps' at TTD right now. Check it out.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pints @ Ten02.

Finally, we have the flyer for The Pints at Ten02. Brought to you by those guys from Non-Compliant Issue. Istukas Over Disneyland from Pampanga and Nevertheless from Paranaque will also be playing at this show. Should be a lot of fun!

Good stuff: Celtics beating the much OVERRATED Heat in the NBA opener. Those guys would suck for years to come. Bosh and Wade's production will definitely dwindle as James will be the ballhog that he is. Wade creates his own shots and is not a "kick and shoot" kind of guy and he cannot do it if the ball is in "Choke" James' hands. Go Green!

Tomorrow will be the first game of the World Series between the Giants and the Rangers. Cliff Lee has been my favorite pitcher this postseason but I do hope the Giants win the series. It's been a long time coming.