Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RUINER show line-up! Spread the word!

7:00 PM - Gates Open
7:21 - 7:40 - HAMPASLUPA
7:46 - 8:05 - TALK SICK
8:11 - 8:30 - ISVARAH
8:36 - 8:50 - STAID
8:56 - 9:15 - BYSTORM
9:21 - 9:40 - THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT
9:46 - 10:05 - TAME THE TIKBALANG
10:11 - 10:30 - RUSH IxDx
10:36 - 10:55 - MOUTHFUL OF AIR
11:00 - 11:20 - PRAYER OF ENDURANCE

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Air Force One.

Something different for today. Black Air Force One series. Yellow sole and stitching on black. Awesome combination.

Playlist for the "Holy Week" : Integrity 'Seasons in the Size of the Days', Catharsis 'Samsara', Gehenna 'War of the Sons...', Rot in Hell 'Hallways...', Abraxis 's/t', Ringworm 'The Promise'...hell yeah...

Anawangin Cove.

The only thing good about summer time is the beach. Definitely. Last week, I got to check out Anawangin Cove in Zambales. Definitely one of the best places to visit during the summer. Go on a weekday and the place is just so serene. But the waves were f'n killer though. Going back this weekend.

Upcoming shows: Mossuraya this Sunday at Ten02. Ruiner show this Monday at Center for the Arts. Fck yeah. I'm gonna post the timeslots for the bands later.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mossuraya on Eater Sunday.

Kicking off the jams this April will be MOSSURAYA from Switzerland. They will be playing at Ten02 this Easter Sunday to kick off a nationwide tour which include stops at Bacolod, Cebu, Iligan and Davao. So if you're not doing anything this Sunday, make sure to go out and hang at Ten02.

Good stuff: practice/hang-out with Bystorm/Rush ID last night, setlists, new songs, Baylor vs. Duke, Blind to Faith, Earthmover 'Death Carved...'

Bad stuff: motherf'n migraine and cough is a nasty combination...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palm Sunday.

Sunday morning. Or to put it more correctly, PALM SUNDAY. Catholics celebrate it by going to church with their 'palaspas' or palm leaves to reenact the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem. It officially marks the start of Holy Week. Got ten days off from work so who am I to complain. You can wave all your palm leaves all you want while I totally picture Integrity playing on the background. Yes.

Good stuff: coffee. Sunday radio playing on the background.


This is a Gardo "Cebu City Breakdown Club" shirt. Looks pretty sweet since its an MLB rip design. It also has crossed baseball bats at the back. Integ-inspired? Gardo's demo has been one of the best to surface from the Queen City in recent years. Better check it out if you have time. Thanks to Jan Sunday for bringing this shirt.

Just came back from a 2-day trip from Zambales. Managed to check out the beach one again but more on that later. My head hurts but coffee should make it feel better.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Non-Compliant Issue No. 5: New Names for Old Desires Release Party!

Now this show I remember well. This ushered in the "modern" era of Non-Compliant shows. It has been around nine months since we last organized a show and to put it lightly, we are all psyched for several reasons.

First is, we had a terrible time looking for venues and when Maru Bar presented itself, we were all relieved. Second is that this is the release show of the four-way split featuring Nuclear Punishment, Isvarah, Prayer of Endurance and the already defunct at that time Forgiveness Denied. Third is that there has not been a show for a long time and so everybody was pumped up for the show.

The line-up itself represents the best of what the metro has to offer alongside the best of the surrounding areas such as Survival of the Fittest, Chokecocoi (who were at the top of their game back then, shit got wild when they played Karamihan ng Tao ay Pu by BFK), Omerta and Magnum from Bulacan, Towards the End (San Pablo) among others.

And of course the 'stars of the night' did not disappoint. From Cavite to Baguio, these guys played hard as hell and did not let up. The New Names release party was indeed a success.

Maru was moving top to bottom and people just doesn't seem to get tired whoever is playing. This show was clearly a good gathering of hardcore bands from all over and it was awesome to see friends you haven't seen for a long time to be at this show.

There was also a release party shirt available at the show. I don't have one though. It should grace these pages one of these days.

BTW, do you guys know where did the title of his 4-way split came from?

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Non-Compliant Issue No. 4: Thieving The Cavalry

Another visit to the past, NCI No. 4. If my aging memory serves me right, this gig was held at Cainta because it coincided with the christening of Denver's (Bystorm) son, Dimas, and he provided the logistics for this show.

This gig actually represented a changing of the guard for the local scene as old bands have already died and new bands are starting to shine like Kill Ratio and Nuclear Punishment. I thought the venue was too big for this show and it looked like a strip bar along the highway. I think this was also one of the last few shows that Feud played because we were living far from each other at the time and broke up later. Not really sure if our last show was at Mayric's though. Would have to check.

This was also one of the only three shows we organized in 2007 because I was about to graduate from law school at the time and was about to take the bar exams the same year, so a lot of preparation was clearly needed.

Share your thoughts on this show if you were present!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Minority Blocks et. al. at Sazi's, Manila.

Minority Blocks and crew to play at Sazi's (formerly Mayric's) located along Espana Blvd., Manila, in front of UST brought to you by the MAIM Collective!

Minority Blocks, et. al. @ Ten02, QC

Here's the flyer for the upcoming Quezon City leg of the Minority Blocks tour. They brought with them other bands from the Queen City of the South to terrorize Luzon.

The last time I saw MB was during the first SRA tour of Luzon in the early 2000's or late 90's I think. I was fascinated by some of the stories with this band and was floored when I saw them play live I think at the rooftop of John's Place at Marikina (ah, memories...).

So if you wanna see one of the pioneers of the Cebu City hardcore punk scene, don't miss out on this show. They'll be doing a couple of more shows that week so there's no excuse for you to miss out.

Good stuff: Celtics winning 4 in a row, Eskapo 'Wind of Hell', Blank Stare 's/t'

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is a Gather 'Beyond the Remains' pullover hoodie given by my buddy Rupert from Eskapo (what up bro?!). Nice color too. You don't see too may olive colored hoodies. Perfect fit for a Saturday morning jog.

After a relatively quiet March, the month of April will be raging with a bunch of touring bands.

RUINER from Baltimore, MD will kick off the hostilities with a Monday Night Mayhem show at Center for the Arts on Monday, April 5, 2010.

After which, a bunch of Cebu City hardcore punk veterans, led by the MINORITY BLOCKS will visit Luzon for a couple of shows.

It will be followed up by DAMOKIS and MOSSURAYA. I'll post the complete show listings later.

Persian style!

Vegetable Mushaka (?) from Persian Grille at SM Megamall. Just right though. Needs to be a little more spicy and stingy, just like the Persians do it.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Positive Youth.

Here is a Youth of Today long sleeve I traded for a couple of years ago. YOT is one of the best bands ever. But I'm sure you already know that. Best YOT album? Mine's 'We're not in this Alone'. No filler on that album.

Long sleeves are great for running and hardcore shows. Fact.

I'm pretty beat from work and quarreling with a judge the past few days so I'm gonna keep this short.

Good stuff: The Smiths 'Singles' while driving on a terribly humid day in EDSA traffic no less. Floorpunch 'everything' while on the way home. Don't come to me looking for redemption.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Frozen coffee...

The only drink I would buy at Starbucks. Mocha Frapuccino minus the whip. Summer sucks.

Soundtrack: Mind Eraser 'The Prodigal Son Brings Death', Naysayer 'No Remorse', Negative FX 's/t'


Oh yeah. Guyabano shake in a nipa hut during the blistering heat of the sun. It's alos f'n tall. Bought it at some food shop at Robinson's in Fairview.

A lot of touring bands passing through this April. March is reserved for the beach.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ruiner @ Center for the Arta, April 5, 2010

Finally, the Ruiner flyer is up for all of you to see and share with your friends. Invite everyone you know as this promises to be one hell of a hardcore show. Share this on forums, chatrooms or post this on your local store. Thanks for the help.

Instead of the usual Sunday Matinee, we have a Monday Night show for all of you to check out. What a way to start the week. The line-up is pretty wicked.

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Brooklyn Hardcore.

Indecision 'Most Precious Blood' shirt. Definitely one of my favorite bands of the 90's and early 00's. I remember interviewing Justin for my zine Step Forward and him sending me a VHS tape of their shows (yeah, VCDs and DVDs were non-existent then). Real nice guy and Indecision is definitely one of the best bands to come out of New York.

Currently watching: season finale of Chuck Season 2 rerun. "Guys...I think I know kung-fu." and Jeffster doing their rendition of "Mr. Roboto" is the shitznitz.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Non-Compliant Issue No. 3: Southern Discomfort

Continuing with the "throwback" thing we have for NCI shows, I asked Z to do a write-up for the third edition of NCI which I was not able to go to. Here's what he has to say:

2 months after Forgiveness Denied's last hurrah at Kublai's Katipunan (NCI #2), Non-Compliant Issue took the series south... the far south of Luzon that is!
Lucena city, Quezon is the first of our provincial stops with acts coming from as far as Bulacan (Omerta and Play) to Samar (Befall) - all representing the microcosm that is d.i.y. hardcore-punk. also one of our cheapest, a measly 30php at the gate to ensure kids can get in without a hitch. but of course, it wouldn't be a "punk show" without the usual freeloaders outside the venue who riled up and caused quite a stir forcing the owner of the club to call for security. and by security, i don't mean your usual white shirt PADPAO moron "sikyo," guy has his SWAT-cum-private-army armed to the teeth with rifles, pistols, helmets, and vests. but the punks, radical AND annoying as they come didn't budge. so knowing that we've already got enough from the gate to cover the venue and equipment, we decided to cut a deal with these rascals to let 'em in for free provided they don't drink, do drugs, or fight; just dance, do circlepits and singalong. the huge hall roared that night up to the last note.
if memory serves me right the show started around 7pm and ended a little past midnight with an afterparty in front of the punk info/merch shop 5Bot with the pre-Flowergrave Colletive crew. the following day we hit the nearby beach for another round of partying. goodtimes i tell ya! - Z

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PS. I hate the mfkn heat!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Out of Step @ Center for the Arts show review.

Originally, this show was supposed to happen at Ten02 but at the very last minute, the show at Ten02 was cancelled because of a misunderstanding in schedules so Led was forced to have it happen at nearby Center for the Arts. So I guess it was still a blessing that the show managed to push through despite of the last minute cancellations.

A couple of bands in the line-up were not able to make it to the show making the show a six-band bill. Bummer.

Bystorm opened the show and we got a typical CFTA response. Haha. The venue is too large for a hardcore show, I think. People tend to get lazy. Talk Sick followed next and put up a great set. DFP was next and the mosh ensued. One of the good bands to play that night was Unforce from Lucena. If I got it right, they changed their sound to a more youth crew vibe. Good stuff. Staid played next and were awesome as usual.

Out of Step were up next and finally got the crowd moving from all sides of the room. The singer's got a good command of the crowd and he just worked it. Sing-alogs, pile-ons, circle pits. Yes.

After the show and an hour hanging out of the venue, OOS and the crew (except me and Crisanto) went to Cubao and went to Baguio.

After getting a couple of hours sleep and an hour waiting at the Cubao terminal, we were also on our way to Baguio City. After a long grueling drive, we were on the venue. Unfortunately, we were too tired to watch the bands. OOS played a great set once again and the kids went nuts.

Some more chit chat and we're on our way home. Luckily, we found a bus going to Avenida, Manila instead of Cubao so we're home in about five (5) hours. Rest the whole day...

T4C zipup!

A very rare 1/1 zip-up hoodie with T4C 'patriot' design. This one of a kind hoodie belongs to Mr. Hybrid Moments. Good concept.

Summer time.

Oh yes, no one can deny the fact that summer is indeed upon us. The blistering heat of the sun is unforgiving. Need to cool down? Go to your local 7-11 and pick up this 'Fiji Apple' flavored Slurpee. I need to hit the beach soon.

Revolution with a catchy phrase.

Cool Refused shirt from the 'Songs to fan' era. Great album. Great shirt. Gotta circle that A motherfkcer.

A shitty band with an awesome plan. A punk crusade throughout the land. Indeed.

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Sorry for not posting on this site recently. Recent "professional" moves forced me to a lot of activities recently but things have been winding down so I've got a big update for y'all.

First up are a couple of cheese pizza slices (they're the same flavor but terribly different) which tastes great and a Fetuccinini Alfredo from Bigoli. First time I went there and it was just your average pizza house. Sbarro's still better. They need to come up with better gimmicks next time.

Good stuff: the recently concluded Out of Step tour (show reviews later), the Gemini bus on our way home, Nations on Fire 'Acenda a Chema', Burn 's/t', Mainstrike 'No Passing Phase' and other euro gems on the road.