Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Ataris shirt.

This is a shirt I dug up today. Cool maroon Ataris shirt. Remember when you loved pop-punk? The back of this shirt says "You're better off without me". Cheesy lyrics I know. But I love them too.

Currently watching: UST vs DLSU Women's Volleyball with UST looking to clinch. Nothing better than winning a championship and hurting La Salle at the same time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Out of Step @ Baguio City

I almost forgot to post but Out of Step will also be playing at Baguio City. So if you need to get a break from the blistering summer heat, come with us to Baguio City.

By the way, this is the first time a foreign band will be playing in the City of Pines so its definitely going to be nuts.

Currently listening to: Guns Up! 'Outlive', New Lows, Wolf Whistle 'Winter Demos'

Out of Step @ Ten02, this Friday!

Out of Step from Germany will be playing this Friday @ Ten02 at Quezon City. Make sure you got your dancing shoes on. Good line-up too. Should be a fun night.

Boston lost to Clevo yesterday via a 4th quarter collapse. Pierce needs to get back and step up hard.

Currently watching: The Fast and the Furious on HBO

Good stuff: new Bystorm songs

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

sons of anarchy..

Boring week made bearable by watching Season 2 of the Sons of Anarchy series featuring Henry Rollins as Neo-Nazi muscle. Rollins does a great job and you will hate the guy.

I think there's a show at Ten02 this Friday featuring some Oi! and punk bands. Go watch if you got nothing to do.

Currently listening to: New Eskapo tracks from their upcoming split with Istukas Over Disneyland, Slapshot 'Step on it'

Currently reading : Damn Yankees

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don Henrico's.

This was taken about a week ago but I forgot to post it and since we have talked about it last night, here's two meals from Don Henrico's, pomodoro pasta and cheese pizza. Not too great.

Had a busy night yesterday, BS practice, went to an art event at that "hippy commune" at the back of St. Luke's Hospital (where a naked Japanese dude smashed himself to a wall), Rush IxDx opened the TSA show at Sazi's, Shakey's pizza and all-night banter. All in all, good fun.

Currently watching: T-Mac and E-house debut for New York vs. K. Durant and the Thunder. Great start for T-Mac so far. Boston acquired 3-time dunk champion Nate Robinson from NY. Hopefully, he can help secure Banner 18, KG is getting his step back, Pierce is recuperating. This is the last chance for the Big 3 to get that next championship banner.

Currently listening to: Infest Discography put up by Blogged and Quartered. Awesome sht!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold World Mthafckas...

Cold World (Full Set) from hate5six productions on Vimeo.

6:51 AM. Coffee. Cold World footage from Should be a good day.

Azotea Greens...

More foodstuff from Azotea Greens. I love that water cress (did I spell it right?) and vegie sardines which I'm actually contemplating on making at home. Best vegan restaurant in Baguio City...

Good stuff: coffee, Chuck, Big Bang Theory Season 3...

Back at Baguio City...

So, I was back at Baguio City last week, and of course I'll check out some veggie food up there. I finally tried the "kikiam" of Bodhi which actually looked more like an "embotido". To my surprise it really tasted good. Like "morcon" actually. Other stuff in the pics are spicy "kidney", paksiw, sweet and sour bbq, and adobong tofu.

NBA All-Star Game today as the East won via Wade's free throws. Kinda boring All-Star Weekend. More exciting news hopefully before the trade deadline. Can the Celtics ship Ray Allen for a younger two-guard? Can the Cavs land Amare? Interesting stuff...

Currently listening to: Catharsis 'Samsara', His Hero Is Gone 'Fifteen Counts of Arson, In Cold Blood 'Suicide King'

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Verse. More Verse.

Verse 'Agression Pre-Order' shirt. Aggression is definitely one of the best albums of the past decade. Politically motivated lyrics. Great music. Awesome band. It's a shame they broke up before they had a chance to tour the Southeast.

Currently watching : Chuck Season 2

T.S.A. 'Back to Kindergarten' launch!

Here, we got two shows which will serve as the release parties of one of the most hardworking bands from Bulacan, TSA! Haven't heard a tune yet from the new album but for sure it would be a rager! Rush IxDx will be playing in the Manila leg to be held at Sazi's (formerly Mayric's) Bar and Bystorm will be playing at the Bulacan leg with the venue to be announced later in the week. Should be a fun weekend!

I'll be out of town for the next three days and hopefully I'll be back with more cool stuff in this blog.

Currently listening to: Half the Battle 'What We Have', Atari 'Ten Years Discography'

Bad stuff: recent Celtics slump, hot weather sinking in (good thing is beach season is almost here...)

Kanin Club.

Got to check out this new spot called 'Kanin Club' at UP Technohub this weekend. Heard they have a small vegetarian selection so I went for it. Not too exciting though. here, we got pics of their 'Vegetarian Delight' which is composed of tofu, 3 kind of mushrooms ina 'paksiw' kind of sauce. The other one is vegetable curry. I'm a big curry fan but not of this one. The price is not commensurate with the taste, so there.

Isvarah shirt.

The new version of an old design by Isvarah worn by Crisanto of Bystorm. The print on this one is LOUD and just screams out evil in every way. Holy terror?!?

Currently listening to: Isvarah's side of the 'Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line'

Omerta 'And Hate Conquers All' shirt.

I have this one on red. Danj has this one on athletic gray. Can't beat the color. The back print is more readable.

Currently listening to: The Rival Mob 'Raw Life' 'Demo 07' all f'n day...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


New obsession. When I first saw this series at AXN, I thought that it would be really boring but I guess I was wrong. This show is "Awesome" as the Captain would say. Need to finish the second season.

Bystorm and RxIxDx practice tonight. Check out the 'Incomplete' show at the Leprechaun if you're interested.

Good stuff: Outlast 'Positive Hardcore, Positive Youth', Gehenna 'War of the Sons...', Celtics 3-game winning streak, Mafia Wars Bangkok...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Onanizer @ Ten02, February 20, 2010

Another touring band will hit the streets of Manila this February. This time, it's ONANIZER from the Czech Republic, out to share their grinding mayhem, brought to you by the guys from Sampcore Collective. More touring bands are lined up to go to the Philippines this year, so watch out.

Currently listening to: Flash Elorde 'Demo', Municipal Waste 'Massive Agrresive'

TSA Record Release Party!

Welcome February! As usual I'm late posting on this site but who cares right? Right now, we have a flyer for the upcoming record release show of TSA from Bulacan who are now Singapore-based. Rush IxDx will be playing with a bunch of local legends so better check this show out.

Good stuff: Celtics finally winning a back to back after losing three straight to ATL, ORL and LAL. They should be getting in a better rhythm after the All-Star break. By the way, KG, Pierce and Rajon Rondo (first time) will be representing the green and white at this year's All-Star Game. Psyched.

Currently listening to: Pressvure 'Beasts', Negative FX 's/t', Ceremony 'Violence, Violence'