Tuesday, November 22, 2011


No trip to baguio will be complete without doing touristy stuff. Just missing something. Here's a cool pic from our recent Baguio trip.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: V/A Awakened Hope Collective 2011 CD-R

A sampler of bands representing the ideals of Awakened Hope Collective with bands coming from Baguio City together with those from the metro and other nearby provinces. I was stoked to hear new materials from BC bands such as Prayer of Endurance, Limitbreak Crew, Forced March, Beyond Silent Wars and Tomb of Reason. There are also a preview of coming releases from The Crimson Cartel, Strongwill, xUnforcex and Bystorm. To wrap it up, Play, Half the Battle, Staid, Standout, Istukas Over Disneyland and Nuclear Punishment contribute one song each from their previous releases.

This is a good way to check out new bands from one area and their upcoming releases to update what’s happening on our local scene. Musical styles range from youth crew, thrash to NYHC influenced and metal-laden hardcore so this is a good treat for everyone. The packaging is also nice and includes a sheet with all the info, lyrics, etc. Do yourself a favor and get this. Contact: awakenedhopecollective2600[a]yahoo.com

Friday, November 18, 2011

Two records to be released tonight.

Forgot to post this earlier but this show will be happening tonight at a music studio beside the POEA and in front of Robinson's Galleria. If I'm not mistaken, the venue should be in the same area as that of the first zine con.

This will be the release show of The Prolets and Nevertheless. I've heard Nevertheless in a previous release but I have yet to hear The Prolets. Check it.

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Batangas HC Fest?

Not so sure if it's a fest but there are a few Batangas hardcore bands currently trying to revive their local scene. I've managed to see quite a few of these bands and they were all good and a few that I've yet too see. It's been a really long time since I've been in Batangas and I just wish I had the time to go there more often.

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IDB, Paranaque.

Sharen of Legarda and previously of Richard Collier is bringing you the debut of his bar/club/studio somewhere in Paranaque City tonight. Sunday Driven Holiday will be playing and I'll try and probably watch these guys. Other bands will also be playing including Walk Me Home from San Pablo City and Karl Roy (san ang langit kaibigan? wtf?). If you're not doing anything tonight, this just might be the place to go.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coche Bomba.

Pic by Mr. Dador.

Coche Bomba rippin it up at Kalye. The intro 'Ocho Ocho' got the crowd bouncing and then proceeded to wreck havoc. Also got to see amazing sets by GRIND MATADOR and KAKTUS KARUKA. Fck yes. Two of the best bands around at this time. Should do a split. Yes?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bohemian Coffee.

Second best thing to do in the cold weather in Baguio? Drink warm coffee. or cold coffee. It doesn't matter. You need that caffeine to pump you up before the show. Bystorm crew getting it on at Bohemia Coffee located somewhere at Session Road. Good sht.

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Volante again.

After gig pizza party at Baguio City. Volante Pizza. Their veggie pizza is good but DAMN their pasta. It looks like someone boiled the pasta, put the boiled water in and some old tomatoes and that's it. They should not be allowed to cook pasta. Just plain bad.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bye Pap.

Arguably the best closer in Red Sox History has signed with the Phillies. Damn. This offseason is not going as well as I hoped. Mr. Cherington should have several pitching and hitting aces up in his sleeves. Otherwise the 2012 Red Sox will be worse than their 2011 version. Fck that sht.

Been resting for a couple of hours since coming home from Baguio City. Had a really awesome time with family and friends. The Coche Bomba show was awesome. More on that later.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project X 'B9'.

This is the Project X shirt which accompanied the Bridge 9 reissue of their classic Schism record. Project X was a "secret superband" of sorts with hard and funny lyrics about being edge. Even their pseudonyms on the record were cool. Kid Stone is way better than Porcell.

Big weekend ahead of us. We'll be going first to the Kalye Art Gallery to catch the locals supporting the Coche Bomba show then head to Baguio City to play a show there with CB and the Baguio locals. Road trip!

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Monday, November 7, 2011


They have some good stuff going at Capriciossa (did I spell it right?) at Greenhills. Spicy penne (arabiatta style) and a creamy mushroom filled spaghetti with lots of garlic bread. Throw in a bottomless soda and you're set.

Long weekend's done and the rest of the week/month/year promises to be a busy one. Gotta shake off the rust and get prepared.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Set To Explode.

Another one of those bands that just seem to have gone under the radar during their tenure. If you like your hardcore punk fast and furious, go and give them a listen. Awesome shirt also. Can't go wrong with this color combination.

On Still Ill: FORCED MARCH from Baguio City will be doing 'This Frat for What' of Biofeedback and MIHARA from Laguna will be covering 'Biktima'. Anyone want to do 'Rugby'?

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Vegie Rice @ Gerry's Grill.

In case you go to Gerry's Grille, don't forget to try their veggie rice. Good sht. Their tofu though is eh. No good. Very few choices too. Just go with the vegie rice.

Rainy Saturday + Quezon Avenue = heavy traffic. Fck that sht. Had a good day's sleep.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bystorm 'Darkness shines...' shirt.

Here is a preview of the upcoming Bystorm 'Darkness shines...' shirt which will probably be available on the Kalye show and the Baguio leg of the Coche Bomba tour. Design by Dangleregs and print job by Northern Territory.

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