Saturday, August 29, 2009

Richard Collier 'Reclaim the Night'

August 29, 2009 : anniversary show!


The show shirt. Design by Tourette Syndrome. Blacklisted inspired. Awesome.

Last night was the anniversary show of, a forum dedicated to bringing the local hc punk scene together thru sharing of information and what-not.

The show started with scene veterans BAD OMEN taking the stage and dished out some new songs as well as classics such as 'Bad King' and 'Maling Sistema'. I haven't seen these guys for a really long time and it was a treat seeing them again.

Up next was the last show of ALL AFFECTED from Lucena City. Fast thrash and just as soon as these guys were really getting good, they had to break up. Hope to see something new rise from this band.

SISTER BASTARD was next and once again they dished out their INFEST brand styled of fastcore which makes you want to punch the person next to you. Nah, I'm just playin. GUERRA MUNDIAL played next in representation of the Flowergrave Collective. D-beat galore withe matching confetti to beat. FG rules!

BYSTORM played next and I think we played an awesome set (to my standards at least..hehe). The crowd went nuts especially during 'Imortal' which is my fave BS sons. Thanks to everyone who danced hard. Hehe.

AGGRESSIVE DOG ATTACK from Laguna was up next. Boi and crew have been doing this since '89 (well, Boi at least...) and these guys never let up. Crudos inspired fastcore that just doesn't let up. Good to see ADA again.

RUSH IxDx was up next and before we started our set, we asked some forum members to introduce themselves to the crowd, and what do you know, the guys obliged. In return they get free RxIxDx demo. OH yeah, we released our demo yesterday. It's for free so just hit us up if you want one. We opened our set with MLB's 'Balance the Books' and played a really fast set, or maybe our songs were just too short. One of the funnest sets I've played ever.

HTB was next and they played materials from their upcoming CD (release party soon). More sing-along friendly thant their earlier releases. They also played 'Positive Thinking' by Rancor. Awesome.

After HTB, we went out to get some grub so we kinda missed OMERTA and NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT's set. We came back to see one of the bands closest to my heart RICHARD COLLIER dishing it out to the crowd. Great, great set from these guys. Nixon from Sauna even jammed with them for a couple of songs. Can't wait to hear new material from these guys.

Stoner kings EYES OF FIRE were up next and played Sabbath-groove oriented songs where you can bang your head slowly while smoking a piece of blunt. Haha. KAKTUS KARUKA was up next and were again awesome. Is it just me or are they getting faster? LEGARDA closed the show and when I went inside, the crowd was, should I say 'mesmerized'? by their set...

It's going to be a long day. I got a lot of work to do. Good thing there's no work tomorrow...

Davao-Cebu Tour Shirts

T4 Takeover Tour Shirt. Design by Tourette Syndrome.

Bystorm 'Vessel' Tour shirt edition

T4 Takeover: Tour Journal Day 2 (Part 3)

A massive Cebu City circle pit.

Delayed flight to Manila. F$%9&(*6!!!

Bystorm snoozing at the airport.

Bystorm @ Magellan' Cross, conquering the conquistador.

3/4 Feud. Check out the shirts: Ray wearing a new HTB shirt, design courtesy of Afro Demon. Me wearing a Gehenna shirt and Pao who's half asleep wearing a New Names for Old Desires Release Party shirt.

Manila-Cebu crew hanging out at the Quad (practice/info/tattoo shop owned and maintained by Cebu locals for the benefit of the local community. Nice grafitti work too.

Staid 'We're not in this alone' inspired pic.

Denver and the Goatlord planning something notorious at the airport because we got rebooked to a later flight.

After a stressful weekend tour, we should definitely hit the beach and so we did!

After paying excessive fees to have our flights rebooked, we patiently waited inside the airport. And once aboard the plane, I again fell asleep and woke to see that we're about to enter dark clouds.I could just hear Carcass singing " a worldof hate..". The ride became turbulent especially the landing. Fck.

Some of the SRA guys picked us up at the airport and we went directly to the show venue. The show had already started.We got to catch great sets from TOXIC ORGASM, VAMPIRE STATE, QUEEN CITY CREW, GARDO, NO among others. Too bad TIGER PUSSY didn't play. We were really looking forward to seeing them again after catching them on their recent Luzon tour. A lot of bands played that I failed to catch the names. Sorry.

After the show, we went to crash at Claire's house with Jan and the rest of Bystorm. We shared some stories and soon were sound asleep.

Day 3 of the tour was spent hanging out and doing tourist stuff - visit Magellan's cross, buy pasalubong and hit the beach! The beach was alright and it was raining so we had a lot of fun.

After a couple of hours, it's time to go and Claire brought us to the airport. We said our goodbyes to everyone and we're off again to Manila without any glitch. We were at the airport early to avoid another rebooking charge but guess what, the plane is delayed this time. Grrr.

When we finally landed in Manila, all of us were so tired, we weren't even talking anymore.

All in all, we had a blast at this tour. We met a lot of new friends and hanged out with some old ones. And when these friends come to Manila soon, we'll do this all over again! Thanks everyone and see you soon!

Soundtrack : The Rival Mob 'Raw Life', Tear it Up 'Nothing to Nothing'

Friday, August 28, 2009

T4 Takeover: Tour Journal Day 1 (Part 2)

Bystorm and the Davao crew enjoying a massive pizza feast @ Picobello's @ Davao City. Six (6) huge pizzas for seven (7) people ain't bad, especially if it's half the price...

Fried rice with bits of mushroom and ham @ the vegie resto somewhere on the outskirts of DC.

Vegie lumpiang shanghai @ the same resto.

Crisanto having fun with a brother baby croc @ Crocodile Farm.

The obligatory crew shot outside the pad of AAW.

After resting for a couple of hours, we wentto eat again at the Chinese vegie resto @ Davao City and then went to the show. The show was held just behing the Marco Polo Hotel and it was a nice venue with an open space. Even though it was raining, it didn't stop the bands and the crowd to show us what Davao City Hardcore is about.

I can't really remember the order of the bands playing but some notables include AS A WHOLE which played a nice cover of 7 Seconds'Young until i die', CAITLYN BAILEY (who was playing their last show with Mia, because she's going to Japan), ROUNDHEAD, CLOBBERIN' TIME and slew of other bands which I can't really remember right now. All of the bands were good and we had a nice time hanging out. There were also bands and crews from Bukidnon and Iligan City, so it also became a small gathering of Mindanao HC kids.

After the show, we went back to Peter's pad and got some good rest. After waking up, STAID went ahead of us they have an earlier flight to Cebu. After grabbing some breakfast, we went to check out Crocodile Farm, got some shake and had fun like high school boys at the zoo.

Before we went to the airport, we checked out Picobello's Italian resto for some much needed pizza and we really stuffed ourselves there. Too much actually that we missed our flight to Cebu so we had to rebook, pay again..too much stress..haha.

Good stuff: TUI 'Secrets of the World', Ace Ventura 'Pet Detective', Catharsis 'Samsara'

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T4 Takeover: Tour Journal Day 1 (Part 1)

Hanging out is what we do best - especially at rooftops. Featuring Ray (Staid) and Danj (Bystorm) sharing vocal tips perhaps... or something more dangerous...
Davao's pride : Durian. Never got to taste it. I just couldn't take it.

This is the "hamburger" at a local vegie resto at Davao City. It's actually man tao with two pieces of vegie ham. I just couldn't convince myself it was a vegie burger.

Bystorm Breakfast : coffee, coke, pandesal, munchkins, donuts

Up now are some pics from the recent Bystorm/Staid/Half the Battle tour of Davao City and Cebu City last weekend.

The tour process went smoothly as we booked our flights via ZestAir. By a bizarre turn of events, ZA called up 3 days before we fly to Davao saying that our flight from Davao to Cebu on Saturday was cancelled and that we have to get another flight. Her ZA suggestions did not work out so I booked our flight via Cebu Pacfific.

Staid went ahead of us on Thursday morning as we left Manila on Friday morning. We met up somewhere in Manila and got a cab to the airport. As we entered the terminal, I realized that I made the wrong move thinking that we were boarding at NAIA Terminal III when it was actually the Domestic Airport. Sht...

So we went to the Domestic Airport thinking that we could go in already, but no...the X-ray people were not yet there so we impatiently waited for the f'n guy to arrive. By the way, terminal fees suck, according to Denver. And yeah, I second that.

The flight went smoothly and we landed in Davao City at around 6 AM. I was so f'n sleepy the whole time that I could simply sleep about anywhere. The guys we were supposed to meet at the airport were not yet there so after a couple of minutes waiting, we went ahead to Downtown Davao City to get some coffee.

After a couple of minutes, our new Davao friends, Astrubal and Idid went down to fetch us and bring our stuff to Astro's place. We get to walk around DC. It was awesome.

We met Staid and the rest of the Davao crew a couple of hours later at a local vegie resto. I forgot the name. It was right in the middle of the city. Nice food. Chinese inspired cuisine. Cheap too.

Soundtrack: Morissey 'You are the Quarry'


Sorry for not updating this site for a couple of weeks now. Been terribly, terribly busy. Between shows, recording sessions, tours and of course WORK. I know. Excuses, excuses.

First things first. Thanks to Tadsz and the rest of the Asterisk Collective for inviting us to play @ the Fourth Door Gallery. Awesome Sunday show with a bunch of new bands I have not heard of. Cool to see some new bands. Also played with heavy hitters Omerta, Talksick, Sister Bastard among others. Check out some pics here: and

Hope to see more shows from these guys.

Also, BYSTORM just came back from a recent conquest of Davao and Cebu cities with STAID and HALF THE BATTLE. We met the coolest and kindest people in the two cities. Thanks to everyone who helped us out. I'm planning to post a tour journal this week so keep checkin. Got to eat some awesome food as well.

Good stuff: the recent Take-4 Takeover of the South, V/A Mercy for None, Merauder 'Master Killer', Trapped Under Ice 'Secrets...'

Bad stuff: Zest Air

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 16 (Sunday) show @ Sampaloc, Manila

BYSTORM is a late addition to this show happening somewhere in the outskirts of Sampaloc, Manila in a venue called Fourth Door Art Gallery. It's happening on a Sunday with a bunch of cool bands including one of my faves right now, SISTER BASTARD and OMERTA. You also get to see some bands we don't usually get a chance of seeing like GINSENG LUZON plus some new bands. See you there...

Good stuff: Hot Water Music 'Till the Wheels Fall Off', Have Heart 'Live @ Burning Fight', the recent AAW tour, Mafia Wars...

Bad stuff: Red Sox 0-3 against the Yankees..sheeshh..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New ad from Major Malfunction...

Check out this new ad from Major Malfunction c/o Dnagleregs...

Currently watching : Cro-Mags DVD

Red Kimono (or something...)

Tofu/Mushroom steak (the green stalks are asparagus)

Breaded/Deep-fried veggies

Vegie Chicken Yakitori

Vegie California Maki

Up now are some concoctions from Red Kimono (or so I think, I can't really remember the name of this one), a Japanese Resto located @ the Techno Hub in front of UP Diliman, along Commonwealth Road. The food is nice, although I don't really 'dig' Japanese food. A bit pricey too, but is better than Marciano's, that's for sure.

Proper soundtrack: Gauze, Melt Banana, Razor's Edge, LIE and 'Turning Japanese'



Quattro Formaggio (4 Cheeses)

Baked Ziti

Up now are recent food trips@ Marciano's Italian Resto located somewhere in Greenbelt in Makati. Not the best pizza and pasta in town, I can tell you that. For Italian food, their sauce is a bit bland. Kinda pricy too and its not commensurate with the taste.

Adobong Mushroom @ Rufo's

Up now are two plates of Adobong Mushroom (sizzling) from Rufos' Katipunan. Awesome sht. Perfect with garlic rice at 2 in the morning...

Friday, August 7, 2009

As A Whole,Cuerdas show review...

After a long day of work, it was time to jump start the tour of Davao City's As A Whole. I met them somewhere in SM Megamall along with Led and Danj. People were everywhere so it was hard for us to get a ride to the venue. When we finally arrived, the crowd was already outside the venue patiently waiting for the show to begin.

The show was started by some fellows called JUST IN CASE which played a very short set after talking bout some issues. RUSH IxDx went up next and we played a fast set. Hopefully, the demo will be finished before BYSTORM leaves for Davao and Cebu City next week so we can bring some to them. It's always fun playing with this band.

SISTER BASTARD played next minus their vox so their guitarist left his guitar duties and assumed the vocal roles. This band is getting better and better. Infest-styled hardcore that we all love. They played songs off their two demos. Awesome sht.

BYSTORM played after them and this show will serve as a kick-off to our southern tour next week. The set was tiring and I was pretty much spent after our set. We played 'Tenement' which we usually don't play live.Cool.

Bulacan thrash heavyweights PLAY were up next and were fast and awesome as usual. They played a bunch of new songs which I can't wait to hear on record.

AS A WHOLE from Davao City were up next. Their songs has a variedsound to it, mixing fast thrashy stuff with slowed down 'moshy' beats. They even did a Trial cover to boot. They played a nice set last night and I can't wait to hear them rip it up in front of their home crowd.

After AAW set, I spent most of the time outside but I still managed to hear great sets from KILL RATIO (epic, melodic crust..), NOISE CONSPIRACY PROJECT and THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT who played new songs off their upcoming record. This will also be their last show for a long time because Ronald is about to leave for work.

It was a great night fir hardcore and hanging out. To those who failed to check out AAW last night, make sure to go to their shows in Laguna and Cavite.

Up in this post is the AAW tour shirt c/o Northern Territory. Support AAW by purchasing a shirt.

Currently listening to: 97a 'Abandoned Future', Bad Religion 'All Ages', Coke Bust 'Fuck Bar Culture'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

As A Whole Interview...

To give you an idea about As A Whole, I decided to have a short interview with Peter, read on, and see you on Friday...

1. hey peter, how you doing buddy? are you guys excited for your luzon tour starting this friday? any expectations?

Hey Mic, everything is fine , thanks for asking. kinda busy preparing but that’s the plan right. Yes we are very much excited to be there and meet old and new friends. And see and play with lots of great bands. Expectations, well I expect no less than a plain good time..

2. what is the purpose of as a whole? why do you guys play punk rock when you could be living 'normal' lives?

I think I could say that asawhole was always for fun and reality. We aim to channel our dissatisfaction and annoyance and frustration to a better and again, fun medium. if you consider it normal to look out for each other and maybe expand it more to looking out for your community and the people around you , then I think we live a pretty normal lives , but that aint the case and punk rock gave you an option to think better and do better and have more excitement doing it. And chicks dig it! Nah (joking…) one of the songs in your demo, one is entitled 'stop wearing eyeliner', what's the story behind this song?

The title is just a joke and a metaphor, And might be bad one hehe . Just sometimes you get annoyed when you go to shows and you see all this people looking disame and bragging about how they did their hair and stuff like that. Promoting stuffs which is somewhat against everything that punkrock stood for in the years. I might be wrong I don’t know , just not in my book..heheh is the davao scene these days? how would you compare it to the first wave of davao hardcore during the late 90's and the early part of this decade? any bands we should watch out for?

Davao scene is doing good and getting bigger. People come and go but you still see lots of old faces keeping the spirit alive. I remember in the late 90s and early decade it was more into politics and punk rock crust and a bit hardcore. But just like every scene, there are always
problems that leads to people leaving the community. Too much drugs , lack of cooperation to name a few or even too much politics or LACK of politics. hehe but still life goes on and people tend to learn a lot during the passing time. Definitely look out for Roundhead if you like ala Hatebreed type and Anxiety to Hsyteria for all the 90s metalcore fans.Angst for some old school thrash hardcore. Clobeerin time for street edge music To name a few.

5. what's your current playlist?

As in now? Well I am currently listening to a lot of Morning Again, and Die my will and Congress. I just got my hand to this music so im in a stage of savoring it. but Bane, Trial, Feud, sonic youth and Massive Atack is always on my list.

6. what's the most important lesson you learned in life via punk rock?

I think it would be simplicity of living. Who knows what our lives would take us. But still we all know that we have an option and we know that anything is possible. Every situation has an equivalent “diy” option. And that’s something we learn and could carry as a punk rocker or not. Diy saves lives.hehe

7. that's it. sorry for this very short review and the even shorter notice. see you guys on friday. shoutouts?

The shorter the better. See you soon!!! I have to announce that due to some problems our ten song cd couldn’t make it on the tour but rest assured that it would be released before September under cot label with Colaboration with Northern Territory. But tour shirts would totally be there. Thanks a lot mic.. partey!

As A Whole Cavite show flyer...

Up now is the flyer for the Cavite show this Sunday. All you kids from our homeland, come out and show what you got. Should be an awesome show. Great line-up. Support out Davao brethren.

Come to the show on Friday at Cuerdas in Pasig. Lots of great bands to support AAW.

It's been raining the whole week. Car's still broken. Hopefully going to get it by tomorrow. Cory's dead. Today's her funeral. No work. Need to stay home, do some much delayed work, hang out with my kid, update this blog and probably cook pasta later.

Good stuff: Red Sox winning 3 in a row after a recent slump, Merauder 'God is I', upcoming AAW tour...