Saturday, March 28, 2009

Non-Compliant Issue No. 23: "New Blood" flyer!

Up now is the flyer for the "New Blood" show which will be happening on a Sunday Matinee @ Ten02 Bar. If you noticed, we have already put the timeslot of the bands so as to avoid confusion on what time each band will be playing.
Thanks to Afrodemon for the nice flyer. Let's support these new bands. Buy their demo. Go nuts on stage. See you soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

SRA: Laguna Tour

Up now is the flyer for the SRA (Struggle for Radical Action) Laguna Tour on April 18, 2009. Make sure to get your butt here to experience Cebu City Hardcore. By the way, staid and Play will be playing. Also, check out AT FULL STRENGTH, Baguio City Hardcore.

Good stuff: Boston beating Atlanta, Good Clean Fun 'Positively Positive', X-Men 'X-Cutioner's song', NBA Live 2009 @ PSP, Kaktus Karuka demo, Second Combat/Motivation split CD, Bloodpact '01101'

A couple of food entries and a late Show Review...

Vegie Carbonara @ KLP, Robinson's Ermita

Tofu Sisig @ KLP, Robinson's Ermita

Sorry for this late show review and I'll attempt to do this using this line-up I posted at the door of Ten02. The show started later than usual but the sun's still up so I guess it's ok but next time we'll definitely start at 4:00 PM. I already posted the schedule of the bands for the New Blood show and I'm sorry if your band can't play because you're too hard to come early, aight?
Istukas Over Disneyland kicked off the show. They added a second guitarist to thicken the sound and they were awesome that show. To the uninitiated, IOD play midtempo to fast hardcore punk in the vein of later day Vitamin X with matching rocking guitar licks. These guys always come to shows early and have no qualms about playing first. That is hardcore. They played my fave IOD song 'Menor de Edad' - about child exploitation. Their politics are right on, I tell ya. Check these guys out.
BYSTORM played next to a thickening crowd and we played around 6-7 songs. We should definitely pla Cro-Mags 'Malfunction' as an intro to our next show. Our buddies from STAID was up next and they played all their songs from their recently released demo (check below for the review) and were awesome. They ended their set with a cover from Ten Yard Fight.
Bulacan's OMERTA was up next and this is the best show I've seen them play so far. These guys get better and better. I hope they record their songs in a better studio next time. Heavy hardcore in the vein of early Catharsis with some clear Recquiem influences. Tondo heavyweights WEST played after them. DMS styled hardcore right in your face. Can anyone say Madball? Tondo Hardcore, here we go. Manila hardcore is hot right now.
HALF THE BATTLE came up next and started their set with Easy saying 'You guys have been f'n lazy the whole night' and that was enough to get the crowd crazy. Sing-alongs, circle pits and a Final Exit cover. What more can you ask for? They also played a new song which was awesome. Can't wait to hear the other materials.
MOUTHFUL OR AIR from Borneo played and were better than the previous night. This was their last show as they have to leave the next day. They were awesome to say the least. I can't wait to hear the other bands from Borneo. Fast, melodic hardcore in the vein of latter day Comeback Kid.
Baguio City's pride PRAYER OF ENDURANCE was up next and were tighter than ever. Heaven Shall Burn influenced metallic hardcore. Fuck yeah. I hope they record their new materials soon.
ANTAGONIST A.D. was up next and the crowd just went ape-shit. Front to back,Ten02 was rocking. Aside from being great musicians playing great metallic hardcore songs, they are one of the nicest bunch of people I came across with. They played their hearts out that night and were flawless to say the least.
PLAY from Bulacan played nextand what do you expect when these guys play? Non-stop sing-along, circle pits, diving. Fuck yeah, these guys are at the top of their game right now. "All, all, all!"
ISVARAH played their last set for what would seem to be a long period of hiatus (hopefully not until next year!) and the audience really absorbed the intensity of their performance last night. I was too exhausted to go inside, but watching from the glass window, I can see that these guys put forth their best effort to date. Awesome set and I hope it's not the end. The Final Prayers...hopefully not...

Some more shirts...

Istukas Over Disneyland 'Milagro' shirt
Danj's Sauna 'Bright Eyes' shirt. We both got our shirts the same day. Hehe.

Led's Integ shirt. Yeah.

Led's Reign Supreme 'American Violence' shirt
Sorry for not updating this site for a week. Been terribly busy with work, etc. Up now are some shirts. I'll post a late show review from the last Sunday Matinee with Antagonist A.D. and Mouthful of Air along with some other stuff.
Good stuff: Pulling Teeth 'Paranoid Delusions...', Earth Crisis 'To the End', Gehenna '83%/Testimony', Internal Affairs 'Evil Egyptians', Cro-Mags 'Malfunction'

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Non-Compliant Issue No. 2: In Retrospect...


Here’s the second installment of the Non-Compliant Issue shows I would like to revisit. As the title of the show suggests, this is the farewell show of one of the best bands to grace the local hardcore scene: FORGIVENESS DENIED.

The band was unfortunately breaking up since John was supposed to leave for the U.S. in a couple of months. They have recorded their new songs for the “New Names…” compilation and were at the peak of their “career”.

At this point, Bryan (ex-FD) was involved in organizing this show. He brought up the idea of having it at a bar in Katipunan. The deal was we didn’t have to pay anything but the catch was we have to include two (2) of their “homegrown” bands in the lineup: Deltajoy and Lirag. Those two (2) bands sucked so f’n much, it was so funny. Hehe. I woudn’t even beginning how hilarious they were.

A couple of bands opened for FD, including Feud, Bystorm, Sauna (one of their best sets) and Isvarah. Other bands that played that night were Utter Dismay and Loss of Control . Couldn’t really remember if Religious Nightmare played.

FD’s set that night was one for the books. They played old and at that point, new, material. Bryan even played a couple of songs with them. Felix, who was one of the founding members of FD, jammed with them. They even belted out covers of Harvest’ ‘Epicure’ and Point of No Return’s ‘Casa de Caboclo’. I remember having so much fun that night. And it was a fitting farewell for FD…

Where are they now?

John is in Arizona and currently playing with two bands, Hopefully, he’ll come back and tour with those bands. Denver is in Bystorm. Zeus is currently expanding his tattoo mastery somewhere in Zamboanga. I think a lot of bands in Batangas are currently defunct because of him. Hehe. Bryan is playing with Demolition of False Progression.

NCI No. 23: New Blood

Hey. I've been meaning to do a show review of the Antagonist AD/Mouthful of Air show at the last Sunday Matinee @ Ten02, Quezon City but my damned USB cable was left at work so I'll just post it later, ok?

Right now, I'm posting the line-up and timeslot for the upcoming New Blood show, Sunday Matinee @ Ten02, Quezon City. I'll post the flyer later. Check this out:

Take-4 Collective, Major Malfunction and Non-Compliant Issue presents:



sister bastard (cainta) 4:01-4:20
legarda (manila) 4:21 - 4:40
judgement (batangas city) 4:41 - 5:00
oh man! oh god! 5:01 - 5:20
utter dismay (manila)5:21 - 5:40
battle fury (pagbilao)5:41 - 6:00
bonded by fury (manila)6:01 - 6:20
(a)mok (cavite)6:21 - 6:40
talk sick (bulacan)6:41 - 7:00
kingkong battery (cavite)7:01 - 7:20
standout (san pablo city)7:21 - 7:40
rayhak (samar)7:41 - 8:00
staid (quezon city)8:01 - 8:20

Ten02 bar - Sct. Ybardolaza st. corner Timog Avenue,Quezon City

April 26, 2009 Gates: 100php Doors open @ 3 PM, Show starts at exactly 4 PM, any band who will fail to show up in their designated timeslot will automatically FORFEIT their right to play that night. Don't blame us if you are not able to play because you came late, ayt? No rockstar attitudes here, this ain't PULP or MUZIKLABAN, ayt?

Show your support to these ne bands and spare a buck or two and grab their demos!

*bands are encouraged to bring recorded output in any shape, form, or size.

So there, show your support to these new bands! Let's have fun that night!

Good stuff: Earth Crisis new album, Pulling Teeth 'Paranoid Delusions, Paradise Illusions', new job (going private! wuhooo!), Big Bang Theory Season 2 (seriously funny shit!), This is Hardcore Fest 2007 DVD...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Antagonist AD/Mouthful of Air @ San Pablo City Show Review

Omerta customized shirt c/o Dyey Northern Territory (thanks bro!)

Wheat bread with vegie ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber c/o Dha and Tweety
Brewed coffee from San Pablo. Good times...

Power breakfast @ Bodhi, Banawe, Vegie "Liver" steak. I was looking for these mushroom cubes for the longest time since I tasted it at Quan Yin Chay Vegie Resto @ Binondo. Finally. Awesome shit...

The view outside the venue. Sampaloc lake. Is that Mt. Makiling?
The show started much, much later than we expected. The info sent to us was that the show would start at around 1 or 2 pm. We arrived at the venue around 4 pm, and to our surprise, we were among the first ones there. Turns out most bands, with the exception of a handful (and that's just one hand) of bands did not arrive on time, so did the crowd.
After endless chit-chat, walking around and eating that dreaded chili sauce above the venue, the show finally started. I'm not sure if STAID kicked off the show (not sure if a band played before them) and were awesome despite the occasional equipment failure. MIHARA followed suit and were really good. Try playing a cover of 'Burning Fight' next time guys. When will the record come out?
San Pablo locals WALK ME HOME played next followed (if I'm right) by AUNT AUDREY. I've been looking forward to seeing them pla again with the new line-up. They played some of their old (i.e. classic) material from the demo they released way back plus a couple of songs. Definitely looking forward to seeing them play more often.
A 'new' band called BONDED BY FURY was up next. Info: This is a new band composed of members from ISVARAH, WEST and DIVIDED WE FALL. Fck yeah. These guys play mid-paced, straightforward hardcore with the occasional mosh part. Shades of OLC comes to mind.
MOUTHFUL OF AIR was up next and they played minus their bassist. They play "modern" hardcore ala Comeback Kid. Awesome set last night. They were jumping all over the place and the kids loved it. Would love to see them again tonight.
SAUNA played and were their usual destructive selves. Can't wait to hear more of their new materials. KILL RATIO went up next. D-beat madness all over. "Zero Tolerance" is arguably their best song to date and they played it last night with such ferocity.
ANTAGONIST A.D. played next and they totally destroyed it last night. Kids went nuts. 15 foot speaker stage diving, circle pits, karate kicks flooded the venue. Awesome metalcore in the vein of H8000 bands, Arkangel and shit.
The crowd was a little thin last night compared to the Lakefest. Don't know why. Conspicuously absent were the San Pablo locals. Again, don't know why. Typecast was missing? Good gig though there were little problems. Can't wait to play tonight with these guys. Should be awesome. Ten02, 3:00 PM. See ya there...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Carrot Cake @ Greens (Question: Why do all carrot cakes have a small carrot design on top of the cake? Does anybody know?

Vegan Chocolate Cake @ Greens (By the way, thanks to the nice couple who treated us to the nice lunch on March 11, 2009. Awesome stuff. Congratulations.

Sweet Potato with Cocojam @ Loboc River Cruise
I'm leaving for San Pablo in a couple of minutes to bring Antagonist A.D. and Mouthful of Air to play there. Just a smallfood update for all you dessert lovers out there. See you tomorrow @ Ten02, Quezon City. Doors open at 3:00 PM, show starts @ 4:00.
Good stuff: Sabertooth Zombie 'The Midnight Sessions', Catharsis 'Samsara', Buried Alive, Wu-Tang Clan 'Return to 36 Chambers'

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Half the Butterfly? shirt at the Butterfly Conservation Center.

Raining on the beautiful beach. The sand here is better than Boracay. Plus it's ten times more quiet than the atmosphere of Boracay. Alona Beach, Panglao Island.

Simply Butterfly Conservation Center. This place serves vegetarian food but to our luck the day we visited was the day-off of their cook.

Chocolate Hills taken from a very high peak. I hate high places. I thought the hillswas just small but they really look like mountains more than hills.

Majestic view of the mighty Loboc River.

17th Century carving at the side of the Loboc Church. They got plenty of old churches down there. Some are a bit creepy though.

Where's the tarsier???

Loboc River Cruise. Their buffet sucks. They even cooked us vegetarian food but to no avail. It still sucked.

The infamous tarsier of Bohol. I think this guy's a bit tired already.

Poor Teddy.

The beautiful hanging garden.

Cottage at the beachfront.

Hang-out while "hanging out"

Great medium-sized pool with a bubbling jacuzzi. Perfect time to relax.

The beach with the (almost) setting sun.
Here's some pics from the Bohol trip. I'll try to post some more pics from the digicam. These were all taken from my phone. Everyone should try to go here. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. The people are nice too.
Soundtrack to Bohol: Gin Blossoms 'Outside Looking In', Lifetime 'Jersey's Best Dancers', Wu-Tang Clan 'Return to 36 Chambers', Dead Prez s/t, Ignite 'everything', Nations on Fire 'Death of a Pro-Lifer', What Happens Next 'everything', Morning Again 'Hand of Hope', 'As Tradition Dies Slowly', Culture 'Born of You'

Red is the New Black...

Kill Ratio Red Shirt 1/1 courtesy of a special request from Mr. Z (thanks!)

Outbreak 'Zombie' shirt

The Cavite Microwave Fest on April 3, 2009 @ Pag-asa, Imus, Cavite

Hey. I'm back from my latest adventure from Bohol. More info and pics on that later. Right now, you should be gearing up for the kick-off tour of Antagonist A.D. and Mouthful of Air @ the Lion's Den in San Pablo City. I'll be coming with the bands to chill out and watch some great bands. See you tomorrow and the next day in Quezon City!

Up now is the flyer for the first Cavite Microwave Fest! After a long and confusing deliberation by the Cavite Crew, the show ill be happening on April 3, 2009, Friday at Phase 3-A Bahayang Pag-Asa, Imus, Cavite. Great name for a fest by the way. Time to beat the summer heat by kicking ass in the f'n pit!

Good stuff: everything BOHOL, hehe, A389/Chainsaw Safety Sampler, Integrity 'Walpugishnact', Ringworm 'Justice Replaced By Revenge', Gehenna 'The war of the sons...'

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pazahora (Singapore) : Pilipinas Tour this May

Finally, Pazahora from the Lion City will be coming to our shores to play 3 shows.The following are the tour dates:
May 1: Bulacan
May 2: Valenzuela c/o Sampcore Collective
May 3: NCI No. 24 @ Lucena City
They also have a split CD with Crux from Astralia who recently toured here. They plaw awesome D-beat inspired hardcore punk ala From Ashes Rise or our local friends KILL RATIO. Flyers will be up soon.

Pukelization @ Bay Park Center

Grind freaks, check this out, Pukelization @ the Bay Park Center just in front of Manila Bay. With support from local grindcore acts, DFTW from Olongapo, Befall (Samar), Pus Vomit (Cavite) and Rustphantom (with members of Nuclear Punishment and LOC). Gonna be at this show.

Magnicide: Japan Tour

Up now is the tour poster for the Magnicide (Singapore) Japan tour this coming May. These guys play full-blasting grindcore and they have a new split 7" out. I must have a copy of that. Check out the bands they'll be playing with. Awesome. Plus, they have a new CD coming out from the legendary HG:Fact of Japan. I hope they re-visit the Philippines soon.

Currently playing: H20 - self-titled, Soul Control '4 Singles Project', Internal Affairs 'Evil Egyptians', Nations on Fire 'Burn Again'

Hot Saturday Afternoon Entry...


Vegie Relleno @ Greens

Tofu Burger with Fries on the side @ Greens

Vegie La Paz Batchoy @ Likha Diwa

Tropical Storm on a Summer Afternoon?

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Too much work and too much heat. And the damn virus is on the laptop again. Fck. Too many problems. Got some good shit coming up though. 3 shows for the Antagonist A.D./Mouthful of Air tour starting next Saturday.

Some news happening at work also so I'm pretty psyched. Managed to go to two band practices last week also. Awesome. A lot of new bands coming up so keep your ears to the ground. I'm really bummed out so I'll keep this one short.

Good stuff: Watchmen Movie! F'n A. Great Movie. Can you spell VIOLENCE?, NBA Live 2009, Sopranos Season 4, Trapped Under Ice, Ignite (everything), Double Cross webzine...
Quotable quote: "You don't understand...I'm not stuck here with you...You're stuck here with me." - Rorshach

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Omen: Malaysia/Singapore Tour!

Up now is the tour flyer for the Bad Omen: Singapore/Malaysia Tour this coming April 17-19. These guys have been around for the longest time and Fishbone has got to be one of the most dedicated individuals in the punk rock community. He also owns a shop located @ Cartimar, Recto wherein he sells records, CDs, shirts, etc. plus he also has a band rehearsal studio and screen printing shop.

They also have a new CD out which I'll review in a couple of days. The motherf'n weather was terrible yesterday. We had a meeting somewhere in Quezon Ave. at lunch time so you knew it was f'n hot. It was terrible. To my dismay at around 4 PM the shit hit the fan when it rained tremendously and after a half hour or so, went to a screeching halt, making the temperatue even more humid. I hate it.

Currently playing: H20 'Nothing to Prove', Soul Control 'Involution', Quicksand 'Slip', Gorilla Biscuits 'Start Today', Abhinanda 'Senseless'

Antagonist A.D./Mouthful of Air @ Pasig City

Check this flyer for the Antagonist A.D./Mouthful of Air show to be held at Cuerdas in Pasig City. Monday Night Mayhem brought to you by Mr. Hellsfire and Sampcore. March 23, 2009. Mark it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some shirts...

Led's Pulling Teeth 'Medussa' shirt

Have Heart 'Watch Me Sink' on white shirt
As promised, some shirt updates. More to come soon. Keep checkin'. I'm working on an interview and some review also...