Friday, December 30, 2011

End of the year.

This is essentially the time of the year where I post that "it's the end of a fckd up year, and another one coming..." as sung by Embrace and post some top ten of the year. This year had its ups and downs, good shows, good music and good friends. There were a lot of terrible things that happened and even considered quitting on everything all together. But there are still a LOT of reasons to look forward to 2012. Let's learn from the negative things and move forward. No use in crying over spilled milk. I got a feeling that next year will be a lot better than this one.

I tried to make a traditional top ten or best of 2011 but nothing's coming out so before I go to my folk's house and celebrate new year with the people closest to me, here's a final post for 2011. Thanks for reading this blog the past year and hopefully I'll find the energy to continue doing it next year.

This is a Ruiner tour shirt which was sold when they toured here. "I heard those dudes are assholes" is 100% right.

Asiong Salonga is a great film minus the cuts made to make it more viewer friendly., Hopefully, we can get our hands on the director's cut soon.

Soundtrack for the coming of the end: Backtrack 'Darjer Half', Foundation, 'When the Somke Clears', Indecision 'Unorthodox'

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amici for the holidays.

Taking a break from the furious holiday rush, we got to eat at Amici in the premises of Greenhills. The place has a really nice ambiance. We got some good ol' spaghetti pomodoro and vegie pizza. Good, good stuff. Price is not too steep as well. Good thing they got rid of customers waiting in line. They also have gelatos if you like that stuff.

Currently listening to: Rise and Fall 'Deceiver b/s Sinking in Sin' (Holy sht. Their cover of 'Sinking in Sin' is f'n epic! Throw in guest appearances by vox from legendary H8000 bands' Congress and Liar and sht's gonna blow! Highly recommended).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are you ready for this?

Backtrack from New York City. Reaper Records. Manila. February 10, 2012. Mark your calendars.

Monday, December 26, 2011

December 30, Deworming?

No year ender show from the guys at the pinoy hc punk forum? What's up with that? If you want to end your year right, go to this "sludge" show happening at IDB Bar at Paranaque City. Kill Ratio and Jahannam will be playing so you know it ought to be a good show. Should have featured Eyes of Fire and Tsimpayne. Can you say "stoner" rock?

Currently listening to: Backtrack 'Darker Half'

Friday, December 23, 2011


This is an Indecision shirt which is a pretty rare sighting even in eBay. Got this via trade from a friend for some local shirts (ssupp Rup?!). Indecision will always be one of my fave bands. From the earlier material up to 'Release the Cure' can't be fckd with.

Also wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone. Enjoy the season.

Currently listening to: Chorus of Disapproval 'One Firm Standing Law'

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Classic Integrity shirt for y'all this chilly Wednesday morning. This is the Integ logo with the skull backprint that's all too familiar. Check out the latest Integ output with a 15 minute interview with the band. Really good sht.

Gonna be playing a show tonight at Ten02. Hope to see everyone there. Got some shirts for you if you want one.

The NBA season opens on Christmas Day with a rematch of last year's NBA finals and the Celtics facing the vastly improved Knicks. Might finally be the last year of the Big Three era. Hopefully another title before they split up.

Currently listening to: Backtrack 'Darker Half'

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 21, Ten02.

Bystorm will be playing a pre-Christmas show on the 21st of the month at Ten02. It's the return of The Beauty of Doubt and this promises to be a real fun show.

By the way, we'll be selling the new BS 'Darkness shines the brightest' shirts at this show. Sorry for not being to bring some to the shows lately. To those who placed their orders, see you at this show. Very limited quantity remaining.

Notes: Christmas shopping is a real pain in the @ss but you got to do what you got to do right?

Currently listening to: NWA and Ice Cube 'AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted'

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Its been a really rainy weekend because of typhoon sendong. Heard there was insane flooding in CDO and other parts of Mindanao. Take care y'all.

Second best thing to do on a rainy Sunday morning: coffee, diary by chuck pahlaniuk while listening to In Cold Blood's 'Hell on Earth'

Zine Review: I Remember Halloween No. 7.

Without question, IRH is at the center of the current influx of local zines the [ast couple of years. At a time, when there were no zines coming out, IRH became a model of consistency (content, layout and regularity-wise). This 7th issue features good interviews with local bands NO! (fast hc ala Kid Dynamite from Cebu City), Caitlyn Bailey (defunct screamo band from Davao City), Play (Bulacan's fastest!) and Duress from Chicago, IL. The most interesting part of the zine is an interesting article by Dane called 'Local Bins' wherein he tells interesting stories of his visit to local vinyl stores. Also features some music and zine review. Another good issue for IRH. (

The current: Last episodes of Sons of Anarcy S4 and Boardwalk Empire S2 (pretty WICKED season ender!)

Zine Review: Coffeemug No. 10.

Resilience is a rare thing in our community. Doing a zine for ten years (although it boils down to an issue per year, still), is example of resilience. CM recently celebrated its 10th year with a release party somewhere in Makati this month. Bands who were previously featured in CM got to play in the show. This 10th salvo features interesting reads from Sunday Driven Holiday (Cavite, the interview is pretty in-depth and covers a lot of ground), Crapsalad Videos (awesome read from one of the more underrated people we have in our local scene), not so interesting interviews with Lemuria and a couple of labels (except the Goodwill Records interview where you can feel the enthusiasm of the interviewees). This issue also features a bunch of columns, show reviews and music reviews. Local zines have been getting a fresh shot in the arm lately. Continue supporting these guys!(

Currently listening to: Unbroken 'Re-issue, Re-package, Re-evaluate the songs'

Monday, December 12, 2011

Kids on the Move.

Already posted this one before but its been a long time since I wore it that I decided to post it again. KOTM is a positive hardcore band based in Kuala Lumpur. God music and good people. Definitely check em out. Not sure if they're still playing though.

Currently listening to: Morrissey 'Every day is like Sunday' on repeat.

Malabon/Navotas revival show.

Saw this posted on your fave social networking site. Apparently, this is a gathering of Malabon/Navotas based hc punk bands to revive the once thriving Malabon/Navotas scene. Great idea.I've always been a fan of regional scenes. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the area produced some of the great local hc bands of the 80s.

I still have a lot of stuff to post (zine/record/show reviews) and some random stories to tell but sht gets in the way. I used to be pretty excited to post something here. Anyway, it's not for the readers but for my personal consumption, the appreciation is just a bonus. So if things go well, I'll probably continue posting and if not then I guess a big thank you is in order.

The current: Sons of Anarchy (final episode), Boardwalk Empire, Cosa Nostra book, How I Met Your Mother, union meetings, Gameface 'Every Last Time', following the NBA and MLB story lines, HANGING OUT.

No Turning Back this Thursday Night.

No Turning Back from the Netherlands is back for their second tour of duty in the Philippines. They'll be playing an early Thursday show at the Freedom Bar at Anonas, Quezon City. The local line-up is pretty foreign to me except Mihara and The Crimson Cartel. Make sure you come early because NTB will be playing somewhere in the middle of the line-up because they have a flight to catch to Cebu or Davao, I think.

Currently watching: 'Hari ng Tondo' video by Gloc 9 (should be a great movie from what I've seen)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Southern show.

IDB (bar owned by Legarda's Sharen) is currently pumping out a ton of shows. One of which is this showcase by bands from the dirty south. Legarda, Monochrome will be playing among others and will be a good start to all of you who wants to check out what's happening in Paranaque City and its nearby areas.

Coffeemug 10th anniversary show.

It's a rare feat that a zine will run ten (10) years and its just right to celebrate a feat. One of such zines is COFFEEMUG from San Pablo City and their anniv show will be held at The Collective in Makati City. Sunday Driven Holiday and Half the Battle will be playing among other bands so make sure to be there. Tuesday night!

Currently watching: Metallica's insane cover of 'Iron Man' at the Ozzfest.

It's been too long.

Sup everyone? It's been a couple of weeks now since my last post and I've been really dragging posting here for the sole reason that I've been contemplating on stopping it all together. It has been three (?) years i think since I started this blog just to do write about things I like which circle around our little hc punk community but lately the drive just wasn't there. Maybe because of disappointment on some people, maybe on myself. Maybe it's just the natural course of things. We'll see.

The pic above was taken at the Lights and Sounds show at the Ayala Triangle. Get into the holiday spirit. Had a blast just hanging out there. Got some posts coming so just check it.

Not sure on whether or not to do the annual top ten list. Hit me up if you're interested.

Currently listening to: Frank Sinatra 'The Very Best Of' on a rainy Sunday morning.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


No trip to baguio will be complete without doing touristy stuff. Just missing something. Here's a cool pic from our recent Baguio trip.

Currently watching: Champions (Mighty Ducks part 1)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: V/A Awakened Hope Collective 2011 CD-R

A sampler of bands representing the ideals of Awakened Hope Collective with bands coming from Baguio City together with those from the metro and other nearby provinces. I was stoked to hear new materials from BC bands such as Prayer of Endurance, Limitbreak Crew, Forced March, Beyond Silent Wars and Tomb of Reason. There are also a preview of coming releases from The Crimson Cartel, Strongwill, xUnforcex and Bystorm. To wrap it up, Play, Half the Battle, Staid, Standout, Istukas Over Disneyland and Nuclear Punishment contribute one song each from their previous releases.

This is a good way to check out new bands from one area and their upcoming releases to update what’s happening on our local scene. Musical styles range from youth crew, thrash to NYHC influenced and metal-laden hardcore so this is a good treat for everyone. The packaging is also nice and includes a sheet with all the info, lyrics, etc. Do yourself a favor and get this. Contact: awakenedhopecollective2600[a]

Friday, November 18, 2011

Two records to be released tonight.

Forgot to post this earlier but this show will be happening tonight at a music studio beside the POEA and in front of Robinson's Galleria. If I'm not mistaken, the venue should be in the same area as that of the first zine con.

This will be the release show of The Prolets and Nevertheless. I've heard Nevertheless in a previous release but I have yet to hear The Prolets. Check it.

Currently listening to: Kylesa 'Static Tensions'

Batangas HC Fest?

Not so sure if it's a fest but there are a few Batangas hardcore bands currently trying to revive their local scene. I've managed to see quite a few of these bands and they were all good and a few that I've yet too see. It's been a really long time since I've been in Batangas and I just wish I had the time to go there more often.

Currently watching: Chuck Season 5 Episode 3

IDB, Paranaque.

Sharen of Legarda and previously of Richard Collier is bringing you the debut of his bar/club/studio somewhere in Paranaque City tonight. Sunday Driven Holiday will be playing and I'll try and probably watch these guys. Other bands will also be playing including Walk Me Home from San Pablo City and Karl Roy (san ang langit kaibigan? wtf?). If you're not doing anything tonight, this just might be the place to go.

Currently listening to: Miles Away 'Endless Roads'

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coche Bomba.

Pic by Mr. Dador.

Coche Bomba rippin it up at Kalye. The intro 'Ocho Ocho' got the crowd bouncing and then proceeded to wreck havoc. Also got to see amazing sets by GRIND MATADOR and KAKTUS KARUKA. Fck yes. Two of the best bands around at this time. Should do a split. Yes?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bohemian Coffee.

Second best thing to do in the cold weather in Baguio? Drink warm coffee. or cold coffee. It doesn't matter. You need that caffeine to pump you up before the show. Bystorm crew getting it on at Bohemia Coffee located somewhere at Session Road. Good sht.

Currently listening to: Liar 'Murder Manifesto'

Volante again.

After gig pizza party at Baguio City. Volante Pizza. Their veggie pizza is good but DAMN their pasta. It looks like someone boiled the pasta, put the boiled water in and some old tomatoes and that's it. They should not be allowed to cook pasta. Just plain bad.

Currently watching: the current telenovela of the flight of the Arroyos. Tyranny? Police power of the state? Contempt? What's not to like?:D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bye Pap.

Arguably the best closer in Red Sox History has signed with the Phillies. Damn. This offseason is not going as well as I hoped. Mr. Cherington should have several pitching and hitting aces up in his sleeves. Otherwise the 2012 Red Sox will be worse than their 2011 version. Fck that sht.

Been resting for a couple of hours since coming home from Baguio City. Had a really awesome time with family and friends. The Coche Bomba show was awesome. More on that later.

Currently listening to: V/A Awakened Hope Collective sampler

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project X 'B9'.

This is the Project X shirt which accompanied the Bridge 9 reissue of their classic Schism record. Project X was a "secret superband" of sorts with hard and funny lyrics about being edge. Even their pseudonyms on the record were cool. Kid Stone is way better than Porcell.

Big weekend ahead of us. We'll be going first to the Kalye Art Gallery to catch the locals supporting the Coche Bomba show then head to Baguio City to play a show there with CB and the Baguio locals. Road trip!

Currently watching: Chuck Season 5 Episode 1 and 2

Monday, November 7, 2011


They have some good stuff going at Capriciossa (did I spell it right?) at Greenhills. Spicy penne (arabiatta style) and a creamy mushroom filled spaghetti with lots of garlic bread. Throw in a bottomless soda and you're set.

Long weekend's done and the rest of the week/month/year promises to be a busy one. Gotta shake off the rust and get prepared.

Currently watching: new episodes of SOA, Boardwalk Empire.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Set To Explode.

Another one of those bands that just seem to have gone under the radar during their tenure. If you like your hardcore punk fast and furious, go and give them a listen. Awesome shirt also. Can't go wrong with this color combination.

On Still Ill: FORCED MARCH from Baguio City will be doing 'This Frat for What' of Biofeedback and MIHARA from Laguna will be covering 'Biktima'. Anyone want to do 'Rugby'?

Currently listening to: Still on Bone Thugs (whole f'n day).

Vegie Rice @ Gerry's Grill.

In case you go to Gerry's Grille, don't forget to try their veggie rice. Good sht. Their tofu though is eh. No good. Very few choices too. Just go with the vegie rice.

Rainy Saturday + Quezon Avenue = heavy traffic. Fck that sht. Had a good day's sleep.

Currently listening to: Bone Thug N Harmony 'E 1999 Eternal' (yeahhh)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bystorm 'Darkness shines...' shirt.

Here is a preview of the upcoming Bystorm 'Darkness shines...' shirt which will probably be available on the Kalye show and the Baguio leg of the Coche Bomba tour. Design by Dangleregs and print job by Northern Territory.

The current: drinking coffee on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweet November.

The birthday days of October are gone but the celebration continues before the close of the month. Had a great time hanging out with the BS/GL crew last weekend, practice, hanging out and just shooting the sht over food and bottomless drinks. Fck yes.

November is here and it promises to be a busy final two (2) months of the year. We'll be going to the Baguio leg of the Coche Bomba tour on the 12th and start recording probably the week after.

Thanks for everyone who bought some stuff off the list I posted yesterday. There are still some stuff available and we can probably meet at the Manila leg (Kalye Art Gallery) on the 11th.

Currently listening to: Warzone 'Don't forget the struggle..'

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still Ill Update – October 30, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, to those waiting for some info from Still Ill, here ya go!

Year-end cleaning and SALE!

At the start of the long weekend, I decided to make an inventory of the boxes at Still Ill Headquarters and lo and behold, I found some items that I thought did not exist anymore. And since I’m in need of some space for the new Still Ill stuff, we’ll be putting these for sale. We even made it the cheapest price possible just so we can move them the fastest. Some of these stuff has probably been in the box for a couple of months (years?) now and it's available for cheap and limited quantities:

Play ‘It’s all in out hands’ (athletic grey shirt with T4 logo at the back) – 4 pieces, all small – 120 each

Bystorm ‘The kingdom of heaven must be taken BYSTORM’ (black) -1 piece left, small – 120

Rush IxDx ‘Tear it up rip’ (maroon) 1 piece left – XL, green – small (4), medium (2), 2xl (2) – 120 each

Feud ‘Reunion’ (blue) – small (1), medium (4), large (1), XL (2) – 120 each

These are all the shirts that are left untouched from our ‘warehouse’. This is your last chance to get them at the lowest price possible. Just need to make enough room for upcoming stuff.


In order to clean up some more space, I decided to let go of some more vinyl. I repriced some of these and some go for as low as Php 50.00. So, help me out to move some space and get these pieces of wax in your collection.


Vitamin X ‘Bad Trip’ – 500
FPO/Seein Red – 500
Iron Lung ‘Sexless/No Sex’ – 800
Bush ‘New American Century’ – 400 (Brazilian thrash!)
Thrash of the Titans comp. (Vitamin X, Reuido, Voetsek, etc.) – 400
Nations on Fire ‘Death of the Pro-Lifer’ – 800
Die Young ‘Graven Images’ (white viyl w/ blue streaks) – 500
Die Young ‘The Message’ (gray) – 500
Pulling Teeth ‘Martyr Immortal’ (gatefold cover/white) – 800
Hit Me Back ‘Life’ – 400
Rambo ‘Bring It’ – 400


Henceforth ‘An Ambush among Friends’ (Euro youth crew!) – 100
Phoenix Thrash Detonation (V/A) – 150
Sick Terror/Migra Violentia split – 100
On A Solid Rock ‘Where Kids Don’t Play’ (Commitment) – 150
Purification ‘Legion’ (no cover/advance copy) – 250
Highscore s/t (more youth crew!) – 100
Killed in Action ‘Self-Abuse’ – 100
Dick Cheney/The Tangled Lines split (Euro thrash!) – 150
The Black and White Double EP (Euro Youth Crew comp) – 250 (2 copies)
Stop at Nothing ‘Legends Never Die’ – 100
Alarme ‘Walk Together, Thrash Together’ – 100
Goldust ‘The Tempest’ – 100
Total Fury/Pandamonium split (07 tour edition) – 150
Leper/Eleutheros split – 100
A Sometimes Promise ’30 Seconds in the Police Station’ – 50
Names For Graves ‘Version 2.1’ (Refuse) – 150
Youssouf Today/Operation Eatshit split – 100
Costa’s Cake House/Heartside split – 100
Bush/Dick Cheney split – 150
Outlive ‘More than meets the eye’ – 100 (2 copies with alternate covers)
At Bothe Ends comp. (Bane, Grade, Unrestrained, Between Earth and Sky) double 7” – 250
Youth Unit ‘s/t’ – 100
Spitting Teeth ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ – 100
Ground Round ‘Lakeport’ – 50
Outlast (from Inside Front no. 10!) – 200
Secret 7 ‘Play fast like there is no tomorrow’ – 150
Times Still Here (sxe comp from Portugal) – 150
The Carrier ‘s/t’ – 150
Holding On/The Real Enemy split (clear) – 150
Vitamin X ‘People That Bleed’ – 150
Riisteyt ‘Tervetuola Kuolema’ – 100
Riisteyt ‘Kahleet’ – 100
Assembly of God ‘s/t’ – 100
World Downfall/Terrorism split ’06 tour’ – 100
Any Last Words ‘s/t’ – 150
Outlive ‘promo’ (blue) – 100
Spaghetti Western ‘Take One for the Team’ – 100
Bambini Fulminati (more thrash!) – 100
Damage Deposit ‘s/t’ – 150
The Control ‘Sidearm’ – 150
Lebensreform ‘Licht.Luft.Leben’ (90’s German hardcore) – 150
Abnegation/Chapter split – 150
The Invaders ‘G-Man’ – 50


2011 has been a slow year for Still Ill, mostly because the projects that we thought were gonna be finished around June still haven’t materialized yet, including the following:

PLAY ‘full-length’ cassette (Reason: couple of more songs need vocal tracking)

RUSH IxDx ‘collection’ cassette (Reason: vocal tracking, guitar tracks were done this September finally)

V/A BIOFEEDBACK Tribute (Reason: we hit an unnecessary snag because of the song ‘This Frat for What’ which was reassigned to a project band by ex-The Weapon guys but did not materialize and was re-raffled to the guys from EAT ALL YOU CAN but again failed to see the light. So I’m still looking for a band to do this song. If you know a band or two, have them e-mail me and we’ll work out the details)

BYSTORM ‘Sumalangitnawa’ full-length (Reason: As you probably know by now, we had a guitarist change in what was supposed to be the start of our recording session at Positivity studios so we had to ‘restart’ and work it out for a new months but so far the results have been pretty good and we’ll probably book time at the studio by the third or fourth week of November). We'll be having a new shirt available very soon so keep posted on that.

That's it for today. Thanks for supporting Still Ill!

Currently listening to: Unbroken 'Life. Love. Regret'

Pave paradise.

The road by DTN.

Just woke up from a tiring road tip yesterday at the highlands of Cavite to visit my folks, go to the cemetery, you know, just cool old guy stuff.

Gonna update you with some Still Ill news for the last two months of the year later.

My iPod hanged again for being drained. Fck that sht.

Currently watching: The Losers

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kidney and spinach.

Do you like to eat kidney? Fear not vegie lovers, because this is just a vegie version of that body part. Has a good feel to it. Cook it with black beans and serve it with a side dish of spinach and you're set. Thanks to Bodhi for this combination.

It will be a 4-day vacation from work so some sht can be done. Should be a productive week.

The current: coffee, Game 7 of the World Series (amazing game yesterday), re-reading 'The Firm', hanging out with the BS peeps later, amazing episode of Sons of Anarchy this week (Piney's dead though..:(

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Cool shirt from our friends in Kuala Lumpur. Don't know if ELEVEN is still active these days though. They capture that youthful enthusiasm you would love in a hardcore band. Pretty nice guys too.

It's gonna be a long weekend starting tomorrow and a bunch of people are heading south towards San Pablo City's 'Earth Decay'. Make sure to go there if you don't have other plans.

Currently watching: Game 6 between Texas and St. Louis.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Got these last week after a crucial BS practice. Baked ziti covered in cheese in the amount I would assume is not really doctor-recommended. Also featured is a plain cheese pizza sandwiched between two NY-styled pizzas. Get this at Napoli around Timog Ave. Still have a nice thing going over there. Always a fun place to hang out.

Had a very good long weekend spent with friends and family. The Sunday St. crew never fails to deliver. Ssuupp?

Game 3 of the WS featured an offensive outburst from Pujols and the rest of the Cards. Wow. And I thought Texas would be the one to show their offensive might today.

Currently listening to: Ramones 'Ramonesmania'

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Geeks @ Manila!

Finally, we have South Korean sxe legends THE GEEKS hitting up our shores next month! Show will be happening at Ten02 @ Quezon City and another show happening at Cebu. So make sure to reserve the date and support this show.

Currently listening to: Bystorm practice tape in preparation for the upcoming recording next month of the 'Sumalangitnawa' full-length. Talks of a new shirt are being done. Probably in Baguio City.

Coche Bomba @ Pampanga.

Another leg of the Coche Bomba tour, this time happening at Pampanga c/o Francis IOD and other Pampanga locals. There are shows happening in Cavite and Batangas but no flyer is up on the net at this time.

Currently watching: Texas at St. Louis for Game 2 of the World Series. Garcia vs. Lewis, scoreless matchup thru the 7th.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coche Bomba @ Baguio City.

Another flyer for the CB tour and this one's happening in the City of Pines. Haven't played Baguio City for a while now so Bystorm is heading north together with Staid and a whole slew of other bands. Should make for a real good time!

Currently listening to: Jaguarz 'Jungle Jamz'