Saturday, July 31, 2010

Charlie Chan.

On a rainy Saturday night after a long drive from Sucat, we went out and hit this 24-hour Yellow Cab joint at UN Avenue. Aside from getting an 18" cheese pizza, we decided to mix it up a little with an order of this Charlie Chan Chicken pasta minus the chicken (I think Den got the chicken though). Really good stuff. Pizza, pasta, Bystorm. Hell yes.

Speaking of Bystorm, Sannee Crapsalad just e-mailed me a bunch of live Bystorm tracks taken from his videos. The sound quality rips. We'll be choosing a bunch of these tracks for a Bystorm Live CD-R which will be available at the Forum Anniversary show.

I also have the Bulldozed files for Still Ill 02. We're just waiting on the artwork and some mastering sht and it will be all good.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Got fries?

Twin dip action from NYFD. Still prefer the red hot chili peppers though. Flea and the boys really make this an interesting combo.

Been busy doing an inventory of stuff in the house. Found a bunch of Caitlyn Baily CD-Rs as well as very few This is Cavite Not LA comps, plus 2 excess Magrudergrind 'Southeast Asian Tour' tapes. I'll be sending Rush IxDx demos with every order. Send me a message if you're interested.

We also got something cooking for Bystorm for the Forum Anniv on September 18, 2010. The line-up's almost done and the flyer should be up soon. Just waiting for confirmation from a couple of bands. And oh yeah, if you haven;t heard yet, ISVARAH will be doing a BULLDOZED set for that show, so in case you missed out on them, this may be your last chance to see them.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still Ill 02: Update!

Original master tape of the Bulldozed demo

The live side of the BULLDOZED tape is currently being ripped and will hopefully be done within the week. Both the live and studio tracks will then be remastered by Pao of Positivity Studios before being sent to the pressing plant at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is also confirmed that ISVARAH will be playing the BULLDOZED 4-song demo at the 2nd Year Anniversary show of forum to be held at Ten02 in Quezon City on September 18, 2010. The line-up will be finalized and released soon!

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C. Dung recap.

C. Dung video by Jep Peligro.

Great show last night at Ten02! Although the show started a little bit later than expected, it was a blast. KILL RATIO kicked off the show with a bunch of new songs. A good comparison would be Fall of Efrafa. Good sht. ADA, BAD OMEN and THROW followed in succession. Good set from these 'veterans' as can be expected. CARBURETOR DUNG followed suit and I was really impressed with how well they played and their songs are really well constructed. The band has a lot of good things to say.

RUSH IxDx followed the band and we did a pretty good set (I think..haha). Need to write more new songs though. LEGARDA and EYES OF FIRE closed out the show and even if the crowd was a little thinner than expected (maybe because this is their 3rd show in the metro), it was still a lot of fun.

Currently watching: UST vs. Adamson. Teng is burning the hoops right now with 3 triples in a row. Things are looking good.

Friday, July 23, 2010

C. Dung tonight at Ten02!

Cool pic of Arah Kiri during their show at Ten02. Dada of Play mixing it up with the crowd. See you all later at Ten02 for C. Dung. Should be a blast! Pic by D. Regala.

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Playlist while running: 97A 'Society's running on empty', Thrash Talk 'Eyes and Nines',
Rites of Spring 'End on End'

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The FD Reunion shirt.

Out of print Forgiveness Denied Reunion shit. This is the rarer colorway as most of these shirts come in white. I call this the shtty brown color. Have at it.

Currently reading: Atty. Teruel's book on attorney's fees and law practice. Boring day.

Tofu sardines?

Different set of meal from Greens. Tofu sardines (kinda weird combo right?) and vegie adobo. The adobo's awesome while the tofu is a little bland but isn't it always?

Rush IxDx demo will be available for those still who haven't got it on the C. Dung show on Saturday at Ten02. The clearance sale is still on and going fast. Get at me.

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Monday, July 19, 2010


Holy shit. Just watched this movie and I got two words: serious mindfck. Your dreams will never be the same. Excellent job for the Christopher Nolan crew. About two and a half hours of seriously twisted and layer upon layer of ideas inserted in your brain. That girl (Mol), who also appeared on 'Public Enemies', gives this movie the dark side it deserves. Extraction and inception of ideas in dreams is so f'n weird and may cause extreme paranoia. You've been warned.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Feud 'Never Give Up Trying' shirt.

Because people kept on asking me about the availability of the "Reunion" shirt, it has been decided to reprint this design with a slightly different design. Note that the reunion date is missing. Black ink on blue shirt. I'll be bringing some to the MAIM show later. Small run of 30 pcs on this colorway. Send me a message to reserve.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unforce 'Keep On Struggling' CD-R

Neil from Unforce gave this to me after some bargaining at the Pagbilao show. First thing you'd notice is the clear Shutdown 'Against All Odds'. If you're not convinced:

Now that we've got that out of the way, Unforce play fast, positive hardcore in the vein of your late 90's revival youth crew bands. This CD-R has 4 songs including a cover of 'X On My Hand' by Feud. Cool. The recording quality is pretty good since it was done at Positivity Studios (ssuupp Paolo??).

The lyrics vary from being positive with song titles like 'Fight For Change' and 'Break This Chain'. One thing that turned me off though was the song 'Beatdown' (just from the title, you'll be warned) with a line that goes 'Throw those sticks of shit, dispose of those drinks. You better change your way if you don't wanna get hurt by my hard fist. Fucking fist'. I mean, seriously? You're gonna beat someone up because they're drinking or smoking? Not cool. Plus I doubt if you'll actually beat someone up.

Potentially good band but remember that old adage, don't act harder than you actually are.

xThink Positivex Records (no address or contact info included).

Halo Sisig.

Had this sometime ago but failed to post it. Green Halo's (Cubao X) version of the traditional sisig. Tofu and big chilis. Too saucy for my tastes though.

Gonna play the MAIM gig tomorrow at BF Homes, Paranaque. I'm going to bring some copies of the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION tape as well as the reprint of the FEUD reunion shirt, black ink on blue shirt, as well as other goodies, hit me up to make a reservation.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


Time for more thrash! Another band featured on the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION, we have the infamous Coni Mangasar talking about Cavite's YxFxCx! The guy has a lot to tell...

1. yo con, what's happening man? what have you and YFC been up to lately?

C: yo mike!, well nothing much thats all i can say... a bit of stuff there and/or that stuff here(it can be anything from meth, weed, pussies etc.) and a whollatta bottled stuff, well you know what i mean hehehehehe... every weekend we all hang out and binge out on alcohol like the good old days but not as much coz some of us got kids and have to face the reality of responsibility… that’s what you get fucking without contraceptives hahahahha… Every weekend we get wasted to anything we can get a hold of and party in “Story land” or do it traditionally, on the streets!. About the kids… Cao is buisy with girlfriend stuff and his methpowereddigitalstuff + pot-ography trips, hehehehe. john is still a bum watching porn and cartoons while getting pussies on the internet like he is notorious for. Vincent is.. yea a dad too and he takecares of his kids(good dad) and gets to hang out with us and go to beer houses to.. um yea score!... hehehehe. While drigo is … well fuck Drigo, he sold us out!!!

2. why was drigo absent during the pilipinas fast fest? got to say this but it just ain't the same without drigs. hehe.

C: As I’ve said… FUCK DRIGO, FUCK CLYDE!!! He screwed us over… He’s in Cebu for some quite some time now and doing “GADO” stuff to enhance his instability on getting his shit together. Well actually we had an agreement that he will go home to play fast fest when the plan for the show was conceived.. He even told us that he will ride a C1-30 home with Lerry(vincent’s bro), who is a airforce mofo doing shit down south. Well after a few months I got buisy with having a kid I didn’t paid attention to the fucker if will he ever go back or to what the fuck he was doing there. Clyde’s kid and wife is here in cavite so I tought he really wanted to go home and play the fucking show and be with his family. Well I guess he really grew up and discovered the ways of the “GADO” or he has discovered some new drugs, sources, monkey business and/or a fucking “GADAY” to fuck.

Yea, it really is not YFC without that stupid fuck. To be honest he was the “GADO” force in the unit. The Lord of pranings. And the craziest fuck that I know that can banter the most stupid fucking things from his stinking fucking mouth. A few weeks before the show I was totally pissed coz he doesn’t even cunt act us regarding if he was goin home of not. Well I love this band so I decided that we must play this show even if that motherfucker sold us out. Well I had the craziest idea of playing just one song, a combo of all the songs weve made tru the years in one fucking run as a 3 piece unit. But the lack of time to practice, i decided to ditch the plan of me singin and doing the strings, coz I havnt done that shit in the longest fucking time and so me and cao decided we’ll recruit romel… technically he is qualified for he is an asshole… to do the guitars while I do the full time screamins… to be honest I am so used to doing my voice with NuclearPun that I got a hard time doing splat shit that clyde is used to. I’m not really cut out to sing without using my guts. Romel and jan are so really used in playing together that within a few hours of practice they made 3 new songs in the tradition of the YFC way… short fucked up and yea fast, as fucking a girl you just met. 2 of em songs we played on the show and it went preety well. Still, fuck you clyde!!!

3. how's the scene in pag-asa and cavite? any new bands to watch out for?

C: ive been so buisy with fatherhood that ive lessen my time to go out to shows and explore and stuff here in cavite. There are bars near our area but all I can get to see on them shows are totally bullshit. I mean fucking bullshit and are organized by fucking assholes. Nuff said. Well there was a decline of good shows here in cavite. Most probably coz some of the kids that I see a few years back got into emo shit and that they are so depressed they killed themselves. But still there are good shows in the dasma area where the Flash elorde crew are. Ive seen some and yea I can say that there is still punk in cavite. Well I don’t know a lot of new bands that are worth mentionin but there bands that have been playin in cavite shows that I like to mention. Amok – a punk unit with a lil’ kid as a drummer. Tsimpayne- a stoner band with stoner tunes. Pus Vomit – brutal death metal. AOB-fronted by a girl doing covers of Walls of Jericho, King Kong Battery – the fastest, brutalest and greatest band that never was to sprung out of cavite And yes our fellow cavite fast unit Flash elorde who plays fast as fuck as we do. Well its no drag racing… its all fast addiction hahahaha.

4. what's the story behind 'fuck drag racing, go drug addiction!?

C: there was a girl that we all knew and I think in one time was close to clyde’s heart, got struck by a speeding drag racing shithead in some highway I don’t really know… this should come from clyde’s end coz I really don’t know the whole details. But well all of us are into mind altering substances… We are all on drugs, hence the “go drug addiction” part.

5. what did the manong say actually? haha.

C: I fucking love this story! I was partly there. We were all hangin out at a sari sari store near cao’s place. We were drinking beer and just having fun with an acoustic guitar. Then a “Manong” (Old Man) just happen to pass by and heard us laughing and doing some tunes with the guitar. The manong decided to hang out with us and asked the store owner to give us beer and stuff and said it was all on him. Well we thought the dirty old man had money and was fucking sane for he wasn’t that of a different manongs in the streets that we see. Well eventually we all got drunk and shit. We made the manong puff some of our magic fucking weed and we started to tell em stories of how fucked up we are with drugs and all and we told the manong that he was fucked up and shit. Well this story can be told by drigo in more detail coz I left before they learned that manong don’t have any money on him and he insisted to sign the list of all the things we ordered but not paying for it. And at that moment he started muttering words like “wag na wag nyo kong pagbibintangan sa mga bagay na hindi ko ginagawa” coz clyde was accusing him of being a paranoid crazy fuck and “katotohanan at katotohanan lamang” …poetic words from a deranged man.

6. that's it. thanks for the short interview and participating in the PILIPINAS FAST FEST. last words?

You are only punk once… so you better do it right
Fuck you clyde!!! Fuck you drigo, tangina mong gado!!!

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Still Ill 02: Bulldozed 'Demo + Live' tape

Almost everyone knows it, talked about it and finally it's coming. STILL ILL Tapes is proud to reissue the rare BULLDOZED '98 Demo' on pro-pressed tape. Four tracks of the first Pinoy band to don the Holy Terror tag in a time when NYHC and crustcore were the only words known in the local hardcore punk scene. Loved by few, easy to hate, BULLDOZED did not give a rat's ass about anyone and did what they set out to do.

Side B of this tape will be a live set showing the intensity of the band in a live setting. Foreword done by one who was there from the start. This tape will finally give a proper documentation to one of the more 'controversial' bands of our time. First timers, you have been warned.

This tape is due to be out on September 2010 to coincide with the 2nd Anniversary show of DIY Pinoy HC Punk Forum. Limited to 200 copies. This will go fast.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carburetor Dung @ Ten02, July 22, 2010

This is the kickoff show for the Carburetor Dung tour happening in two weeks time. This is actually a first out of two shows at Ten02 as another one will be held on the Saturday of that week where Rush IxDx will be playing.

This show has a good line-up too: Older bands like DEAR DINGO, BAD OMEN and of course R.D.A. along with some newer punk rock bands.

Currently reading: Registration of Land Titles an Deeds (ha!) by Noblejas. Research time mofos while listening to Integrity 'The Blackest Curse' and Refused 'Shape of Punk to Come Deluxe Edition'

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm currently raising funds for Still Ill 02 which would be released sometime this September (more on this later). I checked on the vault and I found some of these CDs lying around. I'll let them go cheaper than the usual price. More if you get wholesale. I have about thirty (30) copies of the Bystorm/Pulling Teeth split CD as well as the Richard Collier 'For the Love of Death' CD.

I asked around and it seems that most of the copies of the BS/PT split are all gone except for these batch and I'm thinking they won't be around for long.

I'll sell these for 175 direct and 150 each if you get five copies or more. I just want to get rid of these stuff ASAP. Leave a message and I'll get back to you. I'll even throw in a bunch of stuff (like a Rush IxDx demo or something).

I also have around fifty (50) copies of the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION left so be good to yourself and pick one up while its still around.

Good stuff: Bystorm practice and finalizing the new songs on the upcoming full-length...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Maim: 3rd Quarter Assault, July 17, 2010

Late flyer for the MAIM gig next week to be held at Grub Bar somewhere in BF Homes at Paranaque City. You got the MAIM mainstays along with other bands so it should be a nice show. Haven't played in Paranaque in a while so it would be interesting. Hope to see you there!

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James to South Beach.

The drama king has finally announced that he's going to Miami to join Wade and Bosh. Bet on this. Egos will clash and they will barely make it to the playoffs and will be swept the first round by who else: BOSTON. The Big Three's back and on their way to get reinforcements. Fck South Beach.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forum is Down.

Just got word that is currently down because of alleged violation of terms and conditions. It's being fixed as I post this is the word I got from its administrator. Keep checkin.

7:33 in the morning: coffee, printing of motions to be filed in court later, going to Cavite later to fix up a mess involving neighbors. Sheesshh. Talk about thanking god its friday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


There was one whole afternoon that all I did was listen to the Beastie Boys discography while reading this book and drinking coffee. Talk about slacking.

This is a great book featuring a ton of interviews from the Beasties and the people surrounding them including Madonna and Bono! Includes the era from The Young and the Useless up to Hello Nasty, so that's more than two decades of B-Boys information for your reading pleasure. Great stuff.

Currently listening to:Integrity/Pale Creation split, Cruel Hand 'Lock and Key'

Currently planning: Still Ill 02, 2nd Anniversary of!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The classic Ceremony shirt. The new LP rules. Still have to get the book though. I still prefer the 'Violence Violence' era of this band.

Not too much happening this week. There's a MAIM show happening in Paranaque next week. Check it out if you can. I still don't have a copy of the flyer. Carburetor Dung in a couple of weeks.

Good stuff: working outside the office. gotta love that sht.

By the way, I'm looking for Pinoy hardcore punk stuff, from the TRC era to the present. I'm updating my local collection to check out what I need. So if you have some stuff (CD, tape, demo, etc), especially older stuff, send me a message or something, maybe we can do a trade or I can buy it from you.

A tale of two Chamis.

What we have here is a tale of two (2) chamis. The first one is bought at this big store at the 24-hour hangout in Pagbilao at Caltex gas station. It's f'n dry and does not taste good at all. The other one was bought and eaten at a small old-time panciteria in the "mean" streets of downtown Pagbilao. Really awesome sht, sweet-chili is the perfect description I think. Big serving and cheap too. Great service and monay included.

Good stuff: spent the day driving around Cavite (Tagaytay, Trece, Bacoor, et. al.) while listening to the new Alpha and Omega and Bitter End albums. Tough as nails. Both albums remind me of Life of Agony and Leeway.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Shirt guest time by O of RxIxDx and Kaktus Karuka and previously of the infamous Chokecocoi. Edora. Singafastcore. Nuff said.

Currently watching: Face to Face (the Amy Perez show!) - this sht is better than Springer!

Current playlist for the day: Bison 'Demo', Alpha and Omega 'Life Swallower', Bitter End 'Guilty As Charged'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pagbilao Challenge.

Hanging out after arrival at the 'place-to-be' at Pagbilao, Quezon.

Got to Pagbilao, Quezon around 10:30 PM. Immediately went out to eat pizza and chami. Weird combo. Hangout for a couple more hours at O's pad. Coffee. Jokes. A little romance. You know the drill.

Morning. More coffee. Internet. Swam at the pool for most of the day. Pictures. More romance in the air. Went back. Little sleep. coffee. Chami marathon before going to the venue. More on that later.

The venue was a small "gentlememan's club". Show started around 9-930. Some good bands we're not used to seeing. 99 Assault was this good drum and bass band. Cool shit. Blaga, et. al. Crowd went apeshit.

Really tired after playing back to back sets for RxIxDx and Bystorm so we just hang out for a while and then went home after a couple of hours.

Back in Manila. Fastcore bus. Awesome time. Thanks to everyone especially O for the great accomodations. Romance.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look Back and Laugh.

Really sweet Look Back and Laugh shirt from Rupert via Led and traded with a Monster X shirt. Who got the better deal? Haha. Awesome shirt. Blue ink on green. Great band also.

Bystorm will be going later to Pagbilao, Quezon to play a show tomorrow with ArahxKiri. It's been ages since I played a show either in Lucena or Pagbilao so yeah...

Good stuff: watching TMZ at 7:00 in the morning while drinking coffee. Funny shit.

Carburetor Dung shows.

1st day of July. New President for the Philipines. Same sht, different day? We'll see. NBA free agency opens. Lebron. Wade. et. al.

Just a few shows happening this July I think. Malaysian punk rock legends C. Dung will be here for a couple of shows. The guys behind Delusion of Terror and Pinoy HC/Punk Form will be organizing a show at Ten02. Good varied line-up.

Bad stuff: the weather, too much heat and too much rain.

Good stuff: What Happens Next? 'Standfast Armaggedon...', Limpwrist 'Discoggraphy'