Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VA PTD No. 7: Istukas Over Disneyland

Another post for the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION TAPE. I got to interview IOD first before two more bands on the comp but don't worry we'll get back to them. IOD is one of the hardest working bands right now so check em out...

1. Hi francis, how you doing man? How was the show last night? (pertaining to the Pilipinas Fast Fest)

francis: hi mic what's cracking hehehe. i'm okay! thank you so much for inviting us last saturday. it was fun even though i always catch my breath in between songs, i'm getting old hehehe. i was surprise when this guy wearing a Death Toll t-shirt shake hand with me and i politely replied and i was thinking whose that guy? when we sung Ampatuan by Eskapo, that same guy sung along and after our set, he approach me and asked me about the split 7" with IOD/Eskapo by Darbouka Records and while answering his questions, i know this person but i couldn't recall, it just smack me in the face that i'm already talking to England of Eskapo hehehe. Hindi ko siya nakilala kasi maikli na buhok niya at tinanong ko pa si Emman kung siya si England and we just laugh through our conversation. Gladly he liked our little tribute to his ex-band:)

2. IOD contributed three songs for the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION tape, can you tell those who haven't seen the tape what those songs are about, where was it recorded, etc?

francis: yeah we contributed 3 songs. actually you just needed one that time but i just send 3 songs for you to pick and i was surprise when you included 3 songs for the compilation even though Emuku Iduluhan and Nanu ka? are not yet mix. the songs where recorded at Ear Bender in May 2008. the first song Maldito + Maldita = Giyera is about the male and female equality, that a female is working abroad while male is doing laundry, cooking and cleaning the house. Emuku Iduluhan (I'm not your idol) is about me that whatever i say in front of the stage, don't believe it because you have your own mind to think on what is right yourself, always questions or ask what we do or what we say. the song was inspired in one of Hey Arnold episode. Nanu ka? (what are you?) is about a person who buys a commodity which he don't need. by the way, i would like you guys to pick up the Pilipinas Thrash Detonation cassette tape before it runs out. i hope you guys support the bands included on the compilation.

3. You seem to make it a priority to write your lyrics in the Kapampangan language, was this a conscious effort on your part? Why?

francis: yes it is a conscious decision for me to write lyrics in Pampango. actually my mother is from Bataan and my father is from Pampanga and we always speak tagalog at home but when i realize that there is no punk/hardcore band in Pampanga singing in our own language, i decided to write lyrics and ask help from my aunt and mr. rodriguez to translate them into Pampango. we just translate them into English so that you guys will understand what we're talking about. i remember when we played in Cebu City in September 2009, they thought our language is Spanish hehehe. i think we need to spread leaflets of our songs whenever we play so the audience will understand the lyrics.

4. I heard your label is coming up with an all Asian compilation. Can you tell us more about your label and this project?

francis: ah yeah the compilation entitled Underground Asia and it will be a collaboration with Emman's Delusion of Terror. 21 bands from all over Asia are featured in the said compilation like Carburetor Dung (Malaysia), SMZB (China), Tampon (Turkey), Detox (Lebanon), Overkill for Profit (Azerbaijan), Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia), Mondo Gecko (Israel) and many more and each bands represent their country and we will represent the Philippines. dyey punk did the construction of the layout, papao remastered the CD which i haven't receive as of today (paging papao hehehe) and danglecore did the color sep. actually the song, Give me Cure or Give me Death was supposedly feature on V/A - Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line 4 way split CD but was declined and i decided to do a Asian compilation and use the song since most of the kids right now in Asia are more focus in Western scene rather than there own scenes here in Asia. the compilation aims communication on our neighboring Asian countries. our label Love from Hate is just a small label which also distributes records from bands which i think needs more of our attention, the recent records on CDR format we've released are v/a "ing balayan da reng guinung pasugal" (land of the gambling lords) a compilation of punk/hc/ska bands from pampanga, See you in hell "Sugod" from Czech Republic, Lecsa-Punk "Nightmare" from Hungary, Cojoba "Punk Rock Puerto Rico" from Puerto Rico, Rai Ko Ris "Punk Rock Terrories" from Nepal and the Cebu 2009 tour of omerta, talk sick, strong will, more than linda and istukas over disneyland "Into the South" Cdr.

5. Pampanga used to have a really big scene. How come there are few shows happening around there and also, it seems the number of bands have dwindled, why is that?

francis: you're correct. the local shows in pampanga are few nowadays but the metal scene in angeles city is more active than the punk scene. i think i started organizing gigs when Eskapo did a Philippine tour in january 2009 and the recent was the Pisschrist/Toxic Orgasm/Vampire State tour in january 2010, Minority Blocks/Hard Feces/The Deviants/Patyon tour April 2010 and this coming july for Carburetor Dung. most of the gigs now are held in Palitos bar in angeles city which runs by this cool Swiss guy. i think venues are the most hardest part in organizing gigs in pampanga especially in San Fernando that why most of the gigs are held in Palitos bar in angeles city. regarding the bands, yeah bands dwindled, i think most of the bands in the nineties disbanded and concentrated with family and work. the active bands right now in pampanga are More than linda (emo), underline (punk), trauma (metal), agony (metal), the holiday (melodic punk), marcos cronies conspiracy (ska) and our band.

6. What are the future projects of IOD? When and where can we catch you again?

francis: we are rehearsing new songs and hopefully we could record them by august including the cover songs from Pascow and RAB. we have a lot of plans but i think it would be better to just write and record songs and we will see what will happen. Next release will be V/A- "Underground Asia" CD from Love from Hate and Delusion of Terror and IOD/Eskapo split 7" ep from Darbouka Records. we will be playing on july 25 at carburetor dung Philippine tour (pampanga leg) so i personally invite you to see them live and have fun with us.

7. Thanks for the time. Final thoughts?

francis: maraming salamat mic for your support and i hope you won't get tired hehehe. goodluck to bystorm/rush id/nci/la cosa nuestro and still ill records in the future. see you all soon.

Lengthy post on a rainy/flooded afternoon. stuck at home while watching Season 1 of Chuck.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


A shirt by one of the best bands around today. Aptly titled 'Keyhole', easily one of the best Foundation shirts around.

Bad stuff: body aching all over. fck that sht.

Pho Hoa.

There has been a lack of food entries these past few weeks so I decided to hit up this one with a "not very usual" meal from Pho Hoa, a Vietnamese Restaurant which has a couple of vegetarian entrees in their menu.

In this post we got a vegetarian soup, which has awesome mushroom balls (if you miss eating squid balls, it's the shitznitz right here), veggies and stuff. The other pic is breaded oyster mushrooms. Great stuff but a bit pricey, save for more special occasions.

Good stuff: Pilipinas Fast Fest videos, Trash Talk 'Eyes and Nines', Black Breath 'Heavy Breathing'

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Carburetor Dung (Malaysia) Philippine Tour.

After Arah Kiri, we'll be having Malaysian punk rock legends CARBURETOR DUNG! They will be palying four (4) shows in July, so there's no excuse for you not to be present!

The Reunion.

Thanks to everyone who made the show last night a great success. It was fun seeing friends, new and old faces having fun in the crowd. Thanks to everyone from Cebu, Gen San and all other provinces. Had a lot of fun and the first ever Pilipinas Fast Fest was f'n AWESOME!!!

I was supposed to make a show review but honestly it's still a big blur to me because of all the things that had to be done last night. Thanks to all the bands that came out and played for this show.

I still have a couple of Feud Reunion show shirts available so if you're interested, drop me a line. Very few sizes remaining.

Also, the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION tape is now available. 120 direct. If you want it shipped and received the next day, we can use LBC (which will make it more pricey but I recommend this if you're in a hurry or if you order more than one copy) or via registered mail (cheaper but it will take longer for your tape to arrive).

Video by Jep Peligro. Go to his Youtube site for more videos. I think he did the full set.

Anyone care to make a show review?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Reunion shirt.

Updated flyer for the Feud Reunion show tonight. Limited run of 57 shirts, majority of which are in white and some are athletic grey. Purple (Barney/Grimace) ink. When they're gone, they're GONE. Available only tonight or until the stock runs out.

More Arah Kiri shows next week.

We'll see everyone tonight at Ten02 at Timog, Quezon City later. The Pilipinas Fast Fest show should be a lot of fun. Got a really loonnggg day and night ahead of me.

The flyers above are for two more shows for Arah Kiri. One will be held at Center for the Arts and the other one will be held at the far-flung province of Pagbilao, Quezon. This will be the first time Bystorm will be playing there so it should be awesome!

Currently watching: Sound and Fury Festival 2006. Lots of great bands on that fest who were at their prime.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ceremony Summer.

This is a Ceremony 2006 Summer Tour shirt. Pretty simple design with tour dates at the back. Great look.

Here's the line-up for the Pilipinas Fast Fest happening tomorrow at Ten02. STILL ILL's first releaze "PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION" will also be available at tomorrow's show!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VA PTD No. 6: Vex.

In the continuing feature of bands contributing for the upcoming PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION. From the infamous Flowergrave Collective, Z did a small q and a with Marcore of Vex. Enjoy!

hey marcore! how have you guys been, what happening in Vex's wicked world?

- were still doin fine, who's busy right now? hehehe!!! we work our asses more than 10 hours a day, even tenga is so busy as a full time father of his two children., our drummer mikill is in sweden ass of now for work so as wilmer too.

i know life, responsibilities, and all that grown-up BS takes most of our time but somehow other pull it off, what's halting VEX's grind?

- right now, were waiting for our bandmates "Mikill & Wilmer" I'm so excited for their cumback, late this year we will record again, we still have songs in process.

you guys dropped Amputate the Warlords roughly a week or two after the Maguindanao massacre, i take that its in direct response to the said atrocities. care to add more thoughts besides the ones in the liner notes of the cd-r/ep?

- yeah!!! absolutely, we decided to respond to that stupidity right after we heard the news about the Massacre, and the Ampatuans? fuck them all, "they ain't worth a shit" - Defiance

why not play Fast Fest folks (wow, that rhymed!)?

- How can we play without drummer and bassist? hehehe... we decided not to have sessionist, so we can take this moment as a rest for us, but fuck!!! we loved to play on that Fast Fest men.... ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

any last words?

- Thanks to you mate, and to Mic, for the space you have given to us, Grinding THANKS to all!!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

VA PTD No. 5: Lipslide.

LIPSLIDE, an all Filipino hardcore punk unit based in Dubai, UAE, will be participating in the upcoming PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION tap. They contributed two songs and for more background info on these guys, here's a short q and a i had with their vox, Hiraxx Mike today. Enjoy!

1. who makes up lipslide? why did you choose to make such noise in the middle of the f'n desert?
*lipslide is janjan-guitars , mckie-bass , pj - drums , mike - vox , we formed the band(janjan and me) when we're hangin out at the skate spot somewhere in Deira , nothin formal, we just thought of what if we form a band similar to what we have in the phil. back in the days, and maybe play 1 show here in an all filipino production called blacksheep, just one show and that's it,with our pinoy skateboarder friends and just have fun.. until recently we found out that there is actually a punk scene here in dubai,composed of bands like gandhi's cookbook,public refuse etc,.. there we got involved and the rest was history :)

2. how many shows have you played so far? is it hard to organize shows in dubai?
*we played 3 shows in blacksheep so far, a backyard punk show,a metal gig series called "annihilation"(which i think has the shittiest crowd,they like moshing, but hates it when they get hurt or somethin, tsk.arab kids..) , and the best show we had so far is the album launch party of our friend's band A BLESSED Aftermath , full-on proper hardcore/punk gig :) , ... it's very hard to organize shows here, it's either you have a big backyard as a venue and should have a time of 3pm till 8pm only ..or pay a bar expensively to make your show legal..or else you'll definitely be detained by the police,especially if they knew your not a white guy..

3. i was told there's a pretty big skateboarding community there. tell us about it.

*yeah skateboarding is very big here,not to mention too mainstream.. there's lots of good spots so you can see skaters almost everywhere,there's even a Bowl inside a skateshop in one of the biggest mall here.and lots of pros visiting the country almost every month just to skate the world famous street spot WAVE PARK in corniche,abu dabhi . the cool thing is, filipino skaters have they're on community here and it's gettin stronger and stronger and is also starting to get known here in UAE ..

4. just curious, what jobs do you do there? what interesting stuff do you guys do in your spare time?

janjan is a graphic designer, mckie is in office works, and im a full time tattoo artist working with an australian guy, pj holds millions of UAE money in the palm of his hands and he's the one putiing it in all atm machines here hahaha..
there's not much to do here in dubai actually, just work,home,skate weekends,and sometimes playin at shows .. and playing modern warfare2 online hehe

5. is it true that you're planning on setting up a tattoo shop when you get back? can i get a discount? haha.

*yeah i want to set it all up before this year end, i'm so eager to open it as soon as possible, and i got just the right guys to be the regular artists there since i can't be home yet till next year..all i need is a good place in malolos , you can get a discount of course,as long as you help in advertising it when it's opened hehe

6. one of your songs is dedicated to peter of as a whole. what impact did he have on your lives?

*yeah, it's actually a cover of pennywise "bro hymn" , and our song "the path you take" , janjan and pj are from mindanao(iligan and davao/gensan), and they're both close friends with peter for quite a long time, and me also, since i stayed in gensan for 3 years i have been friends with peter and everytime i stayed in davao we are together with chi,von and the rest..we help build a good hardcore scene in gensan and then in davao.so the songs are more of a tribute to him :)

7. thanks man. that would be all. any final words?

if we pursue recording this july(HOPEFULLY) xthinkpositivex will be distributing our cd/ so guys who are interested just contact them :)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Penne. Eggplant. Good combo.

Baked ziti with eggplant parmigiana from Napoli's Good stuff.

Got some great plans for Still Ill. More news in the coming weeks. Just need to polish some stuff. Great show coming this Saturday at Ten02. We'll see you there.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

VA PTD No. 4: Rush IxDx

rush id - broken lineage from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

Rush IxDx doing a mean cover of 'Broken Lineage' by G.I. and the Idiots. Thanks Sannee for the great vid!

I asked Z to do a small write-up for RxIxDx and here it is:

"Started as a side project of sorts back then from members of Feud, AxOxD, & Chokecocoi. Rush ID set off to play no-nonsense hardcore - hard and fast! played a couple of [mostly provincial] shows before going on an indefinite hiatus to focus on life in general; only to find themselves after sevaral years hanging out at shows again, enjoying coffee and a shitload of bad inside jokes. the group decided to get their act together and record a 'demo' which were given out during the diypinoyhcpunk.com forum anniversary last year.

no "we're back!" set starters a la Ray of Today 'cause they were never really gone in the first place. watch out for a cassette release which is set to drop anytime this year!"

Good stuff: Toy Con 2010, Toy Story 3, Toy Dolls?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

QYC Feast.

Managed to sneak a meeting at Quan Yin Chay two weeks ago and had this awesome feast to support the meeting. Awesome food.

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there specially mine!

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ArahxKiri Tour Dates.

Here is the flyer with the upcoming tour dates for the ArahxKiri tour. Bystorm will be playing at Pagbilao, Quezon. So to everyone in the South, go to Pagbilao two weeks from now. It's going to be fun definitely. Road trip once again.

First look at Still Ill 01

Oh yeah, the first look at the final product of Still Ill No. 01 - PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION! Went to the printing shop yesterday before Bystorm practice and had this done and was delighted at the result.

The tape features thirteen (13) of the best and fastest bands in the land. I'll be doing a couple of more interviews and features regarding the bands on this blog so keep checking. This will be available next week at the PILIPINAS FAST FEST which is also the Feud reunion show.Come out and hang!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feud Reunion Shirt.


So Boston lost Game 7. Fck that shit. I won't even glorify it.

Here's the design for the upcoming Feud reunion during the Pilipinas Fast Fest. What do you think?

VA PTD No. 3: Sister Bastard

Here's a short interview for Manila's Powerviolence Monsters Sister Bastard! They contributed two songs in the upcoming Pilipinas Thrash Detonation tape! Read on...

1. who are the people behind sister bastard and what is that drives you to create so much noise?

Brad: ‘Sup Mic? Brad here and I play the guitar. Matt sings. Collin’s on drums and Johnny’s on bass. Negativity is the biggest drive of Sister Bastard.

2. what's the story behind your two demos? how did you come up with it and what do you intend to reach with it?

Brad: Those are sessions we did back in 2008. The first one is the demo. We recorded that for the Pilipinas Thrash Detonation. The second one is the sampler. We’re supposed to be part of a 4-way split but it didn’t push through. We just put the demo and the new songs on one cd and gave it to friends and zines. We didn’t put much thought on all lyrics and titles at that time and all songs had this thrashcore feel with it. At that time we wanted to sound like Spazz and Charles Bronson and we totally blowed. Hahaha!

3. best show? worst show? why?

Brad: I couldn’t think of any best or worst show right now. Minor glitches sucks but it doesn’t matter. I always feel happy and contented with the recent gigs we played in.

4. who/what are your influences, punk rock and non-punk rock related?

Brad: I listen to different kinds of music. Right now, I’m into Church Of Misery. I get my inspiration from nightmares, physical deformities, serial killers, violence, occult, torture, s & m, pessimism, pain, surgical instruments, that kind of stuff.

5. what do you guys do outside of SB?

Brad: Johnny and Collin plays with Samok Estado. Collin is also with Guerra Mundial and Repugnant. We don’t do anything interesting, just the usual jobs and college life.

6. what do you expect of Pilipinas Thrash Detonation?

Brad: It’s gonna be a killer compilation. Grab a copy. Put it in your player. Press the play button and wait for your head to explode. Remember to pick up the pieces of your fucking brain. Hahaha!

7. that's it. final messages?

Brad: Thanks Mic. Have an awesome weekend man!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

One More.

No, I'm not talking about that Belgian sxe band. I'm talking about Kevin Garnett and crew winning Game 5 against the Lakers and moving within one win of Banner No. 18. Go Celtics!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sound and Fury.

Just came home from a Feud practice. In case you live in a cave or something, or you haven't heard about it, we will be having a one-time reunion show at the "Pilipinas Fast Fest" show this coming June 26 at Ten02. A special shirt will be available at the show so don't miss out. The design will be finalized soon enough.

In this post is a Guns Up! 'Sound and Fury 2008' shirt. You just gotta love the design of that shirt.

It's been raining everyday now but nothing really big is happening except for the ArahxKiri tour happening in two weeks. Make sure to be there. Bystorm and Rush IxDx will also be playing Pagbilao, Quezon for the first time.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coffee. Tomatokick.

Brewed coffee at Tomatokick after checking out some books at Bookay Ukay. Perfect on a rainy day.

Currently watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Go Celtics!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Seeing Eye.

This is a Blacklisted 'All Seeing Eye' shirt. Green ink on beige. Great color combo. Celtics lost to LA today because of Fisher. I hate that guy. Game 4 on Friday morning. Should be awesome.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Current obsession.

If there's something that I look forward to these days is taking a bite out of a Bacon Mozza Melt Good Burger. Really great stuff. Throw in the potato wedges or the cayenne version and you're set. Fck yes.

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Sannee of Crapsalad Videos has a new site: http://crapsalad.wordpress.com, check it and get the latest videos he filmed. As a treat, here is his video of Richard Collier in their last show for the song "2-14-00" or "Happy Valentine's day my darling...".

Good stuff: Allen and Rondo beating the crap out of the Lakers in Game 2. Game 3 will be in Boston in a couple of days.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

NCI No. 37 : Pilipinas Fast Fest!

Finally, the first ever fastcore fest to be done in the Philippines! The line-up is the who's who of the fast bands currently playing in the Philippines. Never mind the one time Feud reunion going on this fest, we have Arah Kiri from Malaysia playing that night and legends ADA and IOD hitting the stage too!

Moreover, a compilation tape entitled "PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION" will be available at this show featuring almost all of the bands at this show. The tape is limited to 200 copies, almost half of which will be going to the bands so you know that it will be going fast. Brought to you by STILL ILL.

Currently watching : American Hardcore (I would have loved this documentary since it features TONS of great American hardcore bands from the early 80's except for the fact that they made it look like hardcore ended in 1984. What the fck?)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Great show last night for the Vampirates. Finally heard hem and for once the rumors were true that they indeed sound a lot like Comeback Kid. They also remind me of their fellow Aussies Driven Fear. So much energy when they played and I just thought they were really nice guys.

Awesome sets from Tame The Tikbalang and Demolition of False Progression too. Thumbs up to the Mainland Hardcore for a job well done.

Bad stuff: Celtics losing Game 1 to the Lakers. Revenge on Monday morning. Watch out.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is a pic of Dangleregs' Magnicide shirt. He did the deign and it's great to see it on this shirt. The Jap characters just add to the hardness of this shirt.

The Venomous.

Thanks to John Denied for this gem. I haven't actually seen this design in any webstore so when he gave this to me, I was stoked. Ringworm has been one of my favorite bands and this design is just sick. Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design.

It's a rainy Thursday which has not been said in a couple of months. Finally.

Listening to: Integrity 'The Blackest Curse' the whole day to match the gloominess of the day.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This is something we ate at a new Singaporean joint at Cubao. Is this Mee Goreng? paging O. Would not try this again however, my stomach hurt awfully after eating this stuff.


Well, what do you know? Summer's finally over as rain has been pouring for almost a week now. Finally. The Vampirates show will be on at Center for the Arts this Friday, June 4, let's hang out.

The pic above is a Cold World 'Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First' shirt. Great graphic, NWA style.

The NBA Finals will be up in a couple of days. Boston will destroy LA. You got that right.

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