Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sicilian Food House...

Cheese pizza

Pomodoro pasta and foccacia bread

Great food from Sicilian Food House (not sure if I got the right name, I only remember it's called Sicilian..hehe). Stop playing Mafia Wars and try this.

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Killing the Dream shirt...

Killing the Dream 'Fractures' Pre-Order shirt.

Life's Halt!

Life's Halt 'Skate to Live, Live to Skate' shirt

Lucena/Pagbilao chow...

Cheese pizza @ Pagbilao

Quattro Formaggio @ Pagbilao

Chami @ Lucena (haven't tasted this is about five years, I think...)

Life. Love.Regret.

Unbroken is one of my favorite bands of all time. "Life. Love. Regret." is one of the definitive and vital hardcore records so I was pretty psyched to have it finally tattooed on me.

I went to Lucena City riding on a 4 AM bus so that Odeng from Rush IxDx/Kaktus Karuka/ex-Chokecocoi can finally put this ink on me. I think she did a great job so if anyone wants to have some ink done, you should definitely hook up with her. Good stuff.

Rush IxDx played at the Earth Decay show at San Pablo which to my surprise turned out to be a voter registration campaign complete with media coverage and stuff. Nothing against to those who want to exercise their right to vote, I was just surprised and I guess so were the other kids. Freedom to vote is the choice of anyone so I respect those who would. I also saw some footage of the show at a local TV station tonight.

Also saw some great bands tonight like Aunt Audrey. Too bad some bands who travelled from as far as Bulacan and Batangas were not able to play because of some confusion in the line-up.

The day after I managed to go to the 'Alarme' show at Manila. Saw a couple of good bands like TALK SICK, SHIRLEY STEINBERG (surprise of the night, Ebullition-styled screamo!) and CAITLYN BAILEY from Davao City. Great set and great night for the Asterisk Collective.

Got some shows coming this week including a Halloween show by the MAIM Collective this Friday. Come, check it out.

Good stuff: Celtics beating Cleveland at their home floor on opening night. Sheed was great. Gardo 'Demo', Integrity 'Wapulgirshscnacht', Killing Time 'Brightside'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

flyers for the show this weekend,,,

New Bombay Indian Resto...

Mixed Vegie Pakora

Vegetable curry

Asian Fusion...

vegie tempura

miso soup

'requested' vegie sushi

gulaman tower

Managed to finally check out that Asian Fusion resto somewhere in Retiro St., Quezon City. They got a wide variety of Asian cuisine but only a small variety of vegie foods. That gulaman tower is good though. A bit pricey too. Not really recommended.

Currently watchin: 'Bagets 2' on cable...Oh by the way, I recently discovered 'Weeds' series and it was awesome!

rare Bystorm 'Ninoy' longsleeves...

Denver and his 1/1 blue BS 'ninoy' longsleeves...Sorry if the pic is a bit dark...

Vampire State Dance Troupe?

Zepol (Rush IxDx/Kill Ratio) and Louie (Omerta) show some Vampire State love...

Down To Nothing 'Smash it' shirt

Down To Nothing!

Bad Brains 'Capitol' shirt

It's been a slow week for me. No drive at all. All I do is play on-line games the whole week. Good thing I have a couple of days off from work. Gonna try and revive that energy.

Going to Lucena this week to finally have 'Life. Love. Regret.' tattoed on me by a friend. Also going to 'Earth Decay' @ San Pablo City the same day and also the 'Alrame' show on Sunday. Should make for an awesome weekend. See you at the shows. I'll be bringing some Rush IxDx demos and some CDs so if you're interested come say hi.

Good stuff: Converge 'Axe to Fall', Soul Control 'Cycles', Burning Fight book, Unbroken 'Life, Love, Regret'

Bad stuff: Yankees going deep in the playoffs. I hate A-Rod.

Friday, October 16, 2009

soul control shirt

soul control 'sound and fury 2007' shirt

Been a slow week. Need to change some stuff to move on.

Currently reading: Anti-Matter Anthology

cubao x last week...

bystorm's crisanto shredding new riffs

pasta @ green halo

mashed potato (danj's fave)

pasta once more

My phone camera kept f'n up last week due to ridiculous casing so I was not able to capture a lot of shots recently. We went to BS practice last week, made new songs, etc. We totally missed the show @ 4th Door Gallery. We heard Felix' new band CURSE/GIFT made their debut at that show. Fck. We'll just catch them next time.

Bad stuff: Angels sweeping the Red Sox, changing weathers

Good stuff: Soul Control 'Cycles', Burn s/t

Friday, October 9, 2009

shows this weekend...

benefit show for pong tomorrow @ the 4th door gallery. will be here.

benefit show for the victims of typhoon 'ondoy'

laguna show tonight

Some nice shows this weekend. Come out and hang. Typhoon 'Pepeng' devastated Northern Luzon especially Pangasinan. Fck.

Currently watching: NY-Minnesota Game 2, later, Boston @ LA Angels, Game 2 with Beckett starting

Currently listening: Title Fight 'Kingston', Supertouch 'Demos + WNYU set', Burn 'Cleanse'

Currently reading: Burning Fight (the font is too small, causes headache, but worth it...)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

have heart 'watch me sink'

have heart 'watch me sink' shirt. too big for me. anyone got a L? trade?

caitly bailey shirt

picked this up from their recent tour. i think mia is no longer with the band. any news?

verse 'businessman' shirt

gotta have that orange juice

verse 'businessman' shirt

cafe molinari...

mango smoothie (check out the sexy glass)

pomodoro pasta (the actual serving is a lot bigger than what the pic shows)

I was finally able to check out cafe molinari which is located at vito cruz near taft avnue. The place had a really good, quiet, Italian resto vibe to it. The kind where you bring the police captain who beat you up and then you go out of the bathroom and blast his head off. Hehe. Not too many vegetarian selections though. But they got free wi-fi. So it's all good.

Good stuff: coffee in the morning, Disembodied 'Diablerie', Doughnuts 'Age of the Circle'

greens @ home

vegie sisig from greens

menudo from greens

karate kid is back...

yasai itame

tofu steak (ask the crew to remove the meat, good sht...)

Been a long time since we had food entries. So I'm gonna post a couple. Have been too lazy because of the weather and work. We were not able to watch the No Turning Back show @ Laguna last week because of the fear of the typhoon. BYSTORM managed to play the Steve Towson show the following day though. Some pics are up @ Dane's site (i remember halloween, click on the link at the right).

Today is Game 3 of the UE-Ateneo UAAP finals. I hope UE wins to end their 24 year title drought. Also, my pop came from UE so it would be nice to have UE finally win it all after almost a decade of mediocrity.

Currently listening to: HTB 'What We Have', Title Fight 'Kingston', Morissey 'You are the Quarry'

Currently reading: Burning Fight, Anti-Matter (finally!!!)

Currently watching: Game 1 of Yankees-Twins ALCS. Go Mauer!

Friday, October 2, 2009

waiting for super typhoon 'pepeng'

After a week of one of the most devastating typhoons to hit the country, we're currently waiting for the arrival of another super typhoon which experts say is in the mold of Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully it changes direction in a couple of hours...

Tonight is the No Turning Back show @ Laguna but I don't think I can make it. Got a lot of things to take care of specially with the storm coming. I hate this sht.

Tomorrow is the QC leg of the Steve Towson Philippine Tour @ Nine Mile Bar. Bystorm will be playing.

If you got extra stuff you don't need anymore or extra cash, send some help to the victims of the floods. I'm sure there's one near your place. Or volunteer to repack the goods. Anything and everything means a lot right now.

Up now is the new Bystorm shirt inspired by the split CD cover. Should be available very soon.

Currently listening to: Outspoken 'discography', Morning Again 'My Statement of Life in a Dying World', Weekend Nachos 'everything', Trapped Under Ice 'Stay Cold + Secrets...'