Thursday, April 26, 2012

West. Tondo Hardcore.

New shirt from Manila's West. Check out their new album if you haven't alreday.

I should get back at reviewing some revently bought and received records and zines. Maybe tomorrow.

Good stuff: The Avengers movie, red sox 3 game winning streak, upcoming nba playoffs.

I f'n hate the Heat (both the weather and the team).

Coron vegie burger.

Almost forgot to post this. Pretty surprised that they have a vegie burger in Coron. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name right now. I'll get back to you on that one.

Currently listening to Moz for the past week almost exclusively.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New ink. In progress.

Started a new ink project featuring the artwork and 'gentle' hands of Odessa Karuka. Colors are waiting. Come armageddon come.

Currently listening to: Armas Ng Lias live stuff.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Verse. Classic.

This is a classic Verse shirt. Awesome band. They just reunited and are currently working on a new record. Get psyched.

Currently watching: Prison Break Season 2.

ps. Just started with instagram. Hook it up: @lacosanuestro.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Crimson Cartel launch on Sunday.

The Crimson Cartel will be launching their record at Ten02 this coming Sunday. Be sure to show your support,watch the show, dance around and pick up a copy of their new record. Good line-up too.

The current: Red Sox slumping again but the first visit of the Yanks on the 100th anniversary of Fenway should be pretty good. Celtics clinching the Atlantic Division and looks primed for the playoffs.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Just came back last night from an amazing trip from Coron, Palawan. Got to see and swim in awesome beaches, lakes and met some very nice people of Coron. The latter is a very sleepy town which serves as a take-off point in exploring the neighboring island of Coron. Surprisingly, the town of Coron is not in Coron island but in Busanga islang. Weird, huh? Also had a good time walking around town, drinking coffee and just shooting the sht. Life's good.

Currently listening to: Tampa Bay at Boston.

PS. Thinking of starting an Instagram account. Anyone who reads here uses it? Any good?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Darker shorts.

Yet another item in the aftermath of the Backtrack tour. Darker Half print on Champion shorts. Perfect for that morning jog while wearing a sweatshirt and running around the UP campus. Listen to the opening riff of the song 'Darker Half' and you'll probably start moshing instead of running. Good stuff.

Currently listening to: Stick Together 'Surviving the Times'

Monday, April 9, 2012

Simmer down.

Driving under the hot summer sun? Beat it with a good mocha frap. And chocolate donut to boot. Awesome show last Sunday at Ten02 as organized by Northern Territory. Got some new CDs and zines. Maybe its time to review them?

Currently listening to: Red Sox at Toronto, At Bat 12 application rules.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bystorm 2012 Sampler.

Bystorm 2012 Sampler available later at Ten02. Get one and listen to three upcoming tracks from the 'Sumalangitnawa' full-length plus a cover of Biofeedback's 'Barney's REvenge' which was recorded during the BS/Pullin Teeth sessions.

Currently watching: NY at Tampa Bay.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mushroom siomai.

Best vegie siomai in town from wabisabi vegetarian grocery at the collective in makati city. Really good with noodle soup.

Currently watching: wipeout marsthon (funny sht from AXN ala takeshi's castle )

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last batch of shirts for sale.

Magrudergrind – XL - 500
Dropkick Murphys ‘Celtics Rip’ – XL - 400
Hellfish ‘Danzig rip’ – L
Guns Up ‘Outlive’ - L

That's the last batch of shirts for sale for now. Remember, everything's for trade if you got some medium sized shirts you're looking to get rid of. E-mail me:

It's Opening Day for baseball and the Sox lost via walk-off to Detroit. Still, you got to like what the Sox put out there against Verlander and Valverde. Also purchased the At Bat 12 app and it's AWESOME.

Ignite ‘OCHC’ – XL - 400
Outbreak ‘Wasting Away’ XL - 400
Chamberlain ‘Lucky Strikes’ XL - 400
Dropkick Murphys ‘Celtics Rip’ – XL - 400

More, more shirts.

The Ataris ‘You’re better off without me’ – L - 400
AFI – L - 400
Spazz ‘Jet Li’ – L - 700
Morning Again ‘As Tradition Dies Slowly’ – XL - 500

Shirts, shirts.

Flattbush ‘Seize the Time’ – L - 400
Good Clean Fun ‘Putting the Ha Back in Hardcore’ – L - 400
Anti-Flag ‘God Bless America’ – L - 400
Iron Maiden ‘World Slavery Tour 84’ – L - 300

Another batch of shirts for sale.

Have Heart ‘Watch Me Sink’ – XL - 600
Pulling Teeth ‘Goatlord’ – XL - 600
North ‘Positive’ – M - 300
Soul Control ‘Mindwalking’ – L - 500

Some more shirts for sale.

Life’s Halt ‘Live to Skate’ – L - 600
Dashboard Confessional – L - 400
Magrudergrind ‘East Coast Fastcore’ – L - 500
Withdrawal – L - 500

Shirts for sale.

As mentioned earlier, got some shirts for sale. Too much shirts for my closet. Some of these shirts have never been worn. Others have been worn a lot. Others are just too big for me. If you have medium shirts you want to get rid of, hit me up, we could work out a trade or something.

Here's the first batch:

Outbreak ‘Rats’ – L - 400
Poison The Well ‘Tear from the Red’ – M - 400
Have Heart ‘Things Fall Apart’ – XL - 600 (unworn, given by HH during their tour!)
First Blood ‘Next time I see you…’ – L - 400

Send me a message:

Darkest half.

Pic by Dangleregs.

'Darker Half' shirt from the recent Backtrack tour. Pretty wicked design. Love the colors too. There is no way that you should not be lovin this band right now. They have a new LP coming out on Reaper pretty soon.

Just got out of the hospital today. Good news is that everything's fine. Bad news is that it took three and a half days. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Probably gonna spend the rest of the week updating old files, updating this blog and probably gonna look around for shirts to sell, considering that I've come to the realization that I can't really wear big shirts anymore. Must be gettin old. Gonna post some of these shirts on this site so keep checkin.

Good stuff: getting out of the hospital, Red Sox opening the season against Detroit, Morrissey 'Live at Earl's Court'

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hate the hospital.

Unfortunate visit to UST. The kid needed to be confined at the hospital. Been here for two nights now. Never cool.

Went on a jog around the campus. Its been years since my last visit. Lots of stuff are different.

Good stuff: sun pocket wifi, bane, bold, upcoming easter sunday show at ten02, phineas and ferb.