Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Upcoming Shows for the Rainy Season...

The chokecocoi Singapore/Malaysian tour is over and I heard they had a blast, especially the hc kids from the Lion City and Malaysia. Too bad, Sick of It All cancelled. Who's next?

Here's some upcoming shows for you. Up now is the Magrudergrind Philippine Leg of their Southeast Asian Tour. More info to be posted soon about the shows, band line-ups, etc. Don't miss out. Magrudergrind will knock you out cold. Plus, a couple of shows are happening in Paranaque City and Sta. Rosa City, Laguna so if you're down south, don't forget to check out these shows. Awesome bands.

I haven't been going out lately. I'll start my new job by Monday. Fairly anxious to do so. No shirt and food update this time because I don't have the cable to hook up my phone/camera with my PC at the work place. Definitely gonna do some shirts/food update next week. Plus I'll feature more bands that will appear in the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION. Keep your eyes/ears peeled for more info and keep checking this site for updates.

Good stuff; Celtics beating the Pistons for a 3-2 series lead; new shirts/records; Ignite'Past Our Means', Justice - everything; Look Back and Laugh - everything

Bad Stuff: Changing weather

Monday, May 26, 2008

Censorshit! Champion! Sbarro!

Hey. I know I'm still a bit slow in updating this shit but I'm trying my best. Fckn PLDT turned down my DSL application so I'm still waiting for the Bayantel guys to step up to the plate.

Right now, I want to talk about a band who wil be part of the PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION : Cavite's CENSORSHIT! These guys have been at it since the glory days of Cavite thrash (think FEUD, YxFxCx, AxOxDx among others) and are still kicking ass! They have a demo CD-R out called "lantarang pag lapastangan sa batas at simbahan" . That shit was dope if you still haven't heard it. I offered them a slot in the compilation and they agreed. They'll be bringing in three (3) tracks which they recorded from Earbender Studios with Macoy Manuel so you know that recording is tight. For a preivew of the new songs and more info, check them out at:

Champion "Promises Kept" shirt

Again, not for the vegan at heart, cheese pizza, half-ziti with tomato sauce and garlic bread. Hiding behind the Coke is spaghetti with eggplant parmigiana. Heavy meal from Sbarro's. Nice. These corporations should be paying me.

Good Stuff: Magrudergrind "62 Thrax of Thrash", Verse "Agression", Blacklisted "Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God", Eskapo "Wind of Hell"

Bad Stuff: Detroit beating Boston 94-75 this morning, thenew Terror album (it's not that it's bad actually, it's just a letdown from the earlier Terror releases, especially "Rhythmm amongst the Chaos")

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chokecocoi! GCF! Domino's!

Malaysian/Singaporean hardcore kids! Chokecocoi is coming! Dust off your dancing shoes and come to the show. Southeast Asian Hardcore Rules!!!

I got this update from 625 head honcho Max Ward as his 'Coming Soon' stuff:

SE ASIA THRASH DEMOLITION CD: I am always surprised on the quality of the demos I get from SE ASIA, ripping music, sincere members and great politics. Bands on this are: FASTGAME, EDORA, SECRET 7, DOMESTIK DOKTRINE, FEUD, plus more.....Everything from fastcore to crust to youth crew. Better than most bands coming from over-hyped scenes these days.

Now, that's something every hardcore kid from Southeast asia should definitely watch out for...

Good Clean Fun 'Putting the "ha" back in hardcore' Shirt

Domino's Cheese Pizza: not for the vegan at heart. Good crust. Cheese. Bystorm favorite.
Currently listening to: Pazahora, Secret Seven, Istukas Over Disneyland

Tour Updates: June - July 2008

Hey guys, here's some tour updates for bands visiting the Philippines these coming months:

SIDELINE from the Lion City Hardcore Scene (that's Singapore dude...hehe) will be coming to the Queen City of the South (that's Cebu City for you) and will be playing side by side with bands from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! Can you say Philippines Hardcore Fest? Most of the country is represented in this fest so if you happen to be in the area, do check these guys out! Here's the flyer for the show:

MAGRUDERGRIND, from D.C. is coming! Intense grinding thrash mayhem! Watch out!

June 23 Monday - Arrival in the Philippines from Japan- Manila show @ Dayo Bar, QC

June 24 Tuesday - Day-Off

June 25 Wednesday - Lucena City show

June 26 Thursday - Batangas City (CWL Bldg.)

June 27 Friday - Malolos, Bulacan

After, MAGRUDERGRIND, Aussie thrashers CRUX will be coming! Here's the tour dates:

July 1 Tuesday - Manila @ Dayo Bar, Quezon City

July 2 Wednesday - TBA

July 3 Thursday - TBA

We will also be releasing a promo CD-R for Crux these coming weeks so you better watch out for that. In the meantime, check them out at:

Up next is DRIVEN FEAR from Australia. I still haven't book them shows yet so if you're interested in setting up a show for them, drop me a line ASAP. They will be here from JULY 20 - 26. They are also interested in playing Cebu, so if any Cebuano is interested in putting up a show for them and is reading this blog, please send me a message.

Hongkong Heavyweights KING LY CHEE and SHEPHERD'S THE WEAK will be coming back to the Philippines on July. So if you're one of those who missed them when they played the Pulp Summerslam (like me!) for one reason or another, here's your chance to check them out. They will be playing a show in Santa Rosa City. Keep posted.

That's only for the next two months! wheew! That's a lot of hardcore to watch out for. Keep checking this page for updates.

Killing the Dream 'In Place apart' shirt
Good stuff: John Lester's no hitter (Red Sox rules!), Celtics up 1-0 against Detroit, upcoming Magrudergrind tour, Verse 'Story of a Free Man' (this song kicks ass...), Domino's Pizza
Bad stuff: PLDT turning down my DSL application because some old tenant did not pay her PLDT bill

Monday, May 19, 2008

Non Compliant Issue No. 9: BATANGAS RELEASE PARTY : Reviewed!

It's been some time since BYSTORM played Batangas City and we weren't supposed to play in this show because I was about to attend some company function in the north but somehow it didn't push through so BYSTORM was on!

The BYSTORM crew met at the Buendia Bus station around 3:30 PM to make it to the show early. we hopped on the bus and after a few minutes we were on the way. Not wanting to miss out on some sleep for some much-needed rest, I snoozed while True Colors and Justice were playing on the iPod. Euro-hardcore at its best.

I was wearing my new IRON AGE shirt that time (from Rupert of Eskapo, hi buddy!) so I was feeling mighty good that it will a good show. The trip was taking too long and we're running out of stories to tell each other. After getting a little bit lost, we finally made it to SM Batangas where we met Felix and Mike of Sauna. We ate some Lots-A-Pizza (instead of the traditional yellow Cab or tofu from Jose's Goto..hehe..that name is funny..) and headed to the venue.

After waiting for the crowd and the other bands to arrive, the show finally kicked off with NOISE CONSPIRACY PROJECT from Sampaloc. Intense 2-man grinding mayhem with Arjelou on guest vocals since CONDEMNED won't be able to play that night. They were followed by ONE FOUR ZERO from Batangas City. Melodic stuff which I heard only outside the venue since I was talking to some people at that time. They were followed by JUDGEMENT who turned out to be the surprise of the night. Heavy pounding hardcore which reminded me of Buried Alive. They were followed by VAGRANT, who I failed to see because we went out to get some water. Stores in Batangas are very far from each other. Damn. I hate those long walks.


There were also some Rotary Club members who made a presentation regarding the state of Thresher Sharks in the sea between Mindoro and Batangas and how the Batanguenos can work to preserve and save the different fish species in the region. Right on!

ISVARAH from manila played next with more devastating hardcore. these guys never disappoint. BYSTORM came up next and we played (I think...) an awesome set. We got some videos from that show which we'll upload soon, so watch out for that. SAUNA played next to the delight of the hometown crowd and these guys whipped them into a frenzy. Awesome band with awesome people Still waiting for that Sauna shirt, though. Hehe. NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT came up next, total Cavite metallic hardcore domination. Raging! After eating and waiting for some people, we took a long walk to go to the bus terminal to go home. It was a long ride home but it was worth it. Thanks to all the people who came to the show to give their support. and Batangas, kids, watch out when MAGRUDERGRIND hits Batangas next month! It's going to be a blast!!



BLACKLISTED "Stations" shirt - Hell yeah!

Good stuff: One of the greatest games of the season - Celtics beating the Cavs in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals to advance to the Conference Finals to face Detroit! ; RICHARD COLLIER 'For the Love of Death' advance copy (see download link below for a sample)

Bad stuff: Typhoon 'Cosme' which ravaged the North

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Well, it's been a boring week.. I still can't update this shit as much as I wanted to. The good news is I'll finally be having legit internet connection next week. I've been busy going around the metro this week looking for a sweet gig (good pay, good job) but nothing seems to fit right now so I'm still waiting for something good to come along.

I was supposed to update you folks on the upcoming PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION but I'll save it for next week. I'll have materials from tow more bands so you know it will rage. Those two bands are CENSORSHIT from my hometown of Cavite and Bulacan's ANOTHER MORTAL SIN. Total thrashin'!

Tours: MAGRUDERGRIND will be coming from June 23-27 while CRUX from Australia will be coming from July 1-3. Anyone interested to help out, drop me a line, especially fro the CRUX shows. I'll be posting the venues for the Magrudergrind shows next week.

Tomorrow, BYSTORM will be playing in Batangas City along with Batangas heavyweights SAUNA, Cavite's NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT, CONDEMNED among others. Hope to see you there.

Good stuff: Celtics up 3-2 against the Cavs, Batangas show tomorrow, Ceremony, Thrash Talk - everything!

Bad stuff: headache

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 17: Batangas Show!

So excited bout this show next Saturday. BYSTORM has not played in Batangas for a long time so we know it would be awesome. SAUNA and BYSTORM CD's will be available at this show. See you in the kickboxing and kung-fu fighting pit!

Please re-post this poster and come with your friends at the show!


I hate having no internet connection at home. It's a real hassle but tougher shit haven't stopped me before. Ok, for some big news:


After some time in hiatus, one of Cavite's pioneering melodic punk rock bands is back and looks like thy're back for good. and to prove it, they have this loonngg overdue full-length under Take-4 Collective to be out in a couple of months. Aptly titled 'For the Love of Death', the new CD contains eleven (11) new songs plus eight (8) demo, live and rare tracks. Watch out for this release. Now, for a taste of that CD, check out a couple of tracks from the upcomng release. Download, listen and share to your friends.

Good stuff: The new VERSE record! Damn! The upcoming Batangas show this Saturday!

Bad stuff: Still no internet connection...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I need to get new internet connection!

I hate my neighbor for locking his wi-fi connection. Can't update this shit as much as I wanted to. Here's some lame-ass updates. No graphics as I'm doing this in the office right now. I'll try to incorporate some as soon as I can. Been very busy this week also. I hate looking for a new job.

SAUNA "Deeper it Goes" CD Release Party in Batangas City this May 17. After a long wait, these Batangas destroyers will finally be doing a release party in their home turf. Be sure to go there and pick this CD up if you haven't already.

PILIPINAS THRASH DETONATION. The line-up and contributions are almost complete. I'll definitely make a detailed update next week. Really excited about this release.

CHOKECOCOI Malaysia/Singapore Tour will commence in two-week's time. All you Malaysia/Singapore kids better check these girls out. I assure you they will kick your ass. Plus SICK OF IT ALL will be playing some shows in Singapore/Malaysia. Too envious I can't come.

RICHARD COLLIER. I finally got the final mix from Darwin this week and the shit sounded awesome. It has been a couple of years overdue but it will be definitely worth your wait once it's out. I'll post some sample tracks for you next week. Check it out soon.

By the way, while wandering around this week, I got to eat in two restaurants in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. One was named Chocolate Kiss, where I ate some pesto pasta. Not really good and too pricey. good "college alumni" atmosphere though. The other one was a Persian-inspired restaurant which was situated in a house (I think) but with a lot of vegetarian/vegan selections. I ate their vegetable delight and some Vegetable Samosa/Pakora/Onion stuffing in a 'Combination Platter'. Really good stuff. Lots of chili to boost. Not too pricey. But no air-conditioning? Fuck. It was hot that day. Unfortunately, I forgot to shoot some pics of the food. Definitely next time when we go there again.

I'll also try to feature some more local stuf next time! Peace out!

Good stuff: Celtics up 2-0 against LeBron and the Cavs. N95. Insted - everything. Iron Age - everything.

Bad stuff: no internet connection at home. Kobe winning the MVP plum.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free Wi-fi's Gone!

Hey guys, sorry for not posting any new stuff the past week. Unfortunately our anonymous neighbor to whom we derive our free internet connection 'discovered' how to lock their connection. Fuck.

I was not able to go to the Cavite show the past week. The Bystorm members was also very busy that time. Sorry guys. I heard things took an unfortunate turn at the Cavite show when some unexpected shit occured. The guys should have a rebound gig to make up for it. Hehe.

Ok, some things to get excited about. Some updates for upcoming tours:


June 23 - Quezon City
June 25 - Lucena City
June 26 - Batangas City
June 27 - Malolos, Bulacan

CRUX (Australia)

June 29 - July 2


July - 20


August - 31


September 1- 6



If you can help up at a show or accomodations or what-have-you's, send me a message.

More shows are due this month. Bystorm is writing new songs. Keep your ears to the ground or to your ipod. Hehe.

Good stuff: Celtics beating Atlanta 4-3, upcoming tours, Conquest for Death - everything

Bad stuff: aching back

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ve-G Food: 02

Some more Ve-G food postings. I ate out all day since I've been pretty busy (as the whole week was). The first pic is Vegetable Kare-kare (thats's veggies with oeanut sauce for you foreigners, veggies include, eggplant, pechay, string beans, etc. on thick peanutsauce) from Guilly's Island in Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. Average. The Dencio's version is better.
The second pic is a "Vegetarian Bowl" from Mong Kok Express in Robinson's Galleria. They also have a branch in SM Sucat. Tofu, Togue (bean sprouts), bell peppers, onions served as rice toppings. Heavy meal for the starving working dude. Above average. They used to have veggie meat on this meal but they removed it. Wonder why.
Good stuff: New phone finally! (The photos were actually taken c/o the new phone..hehe), Unbroken - everything, Pazahora s/t CD
Bad stuff: the blistering summer sun!!!


Check out another recent post who runs a DIY thrash label from Bulacan, Philippines:


WR-05"FAST,FUN & INSANE"compilation vol.1*

THRASH, GRIND, FASTCORE, PV bandsmostly from south east asia & other parts of this fucking worldin one hell of a ride-

WR-043 way split programVEX / JCVD / SMGVEX - is Philippine in your face grindcore with - JCVD - U.S powerviolenceand Malaysian grind blast SMG-

WR-06 - 4 way split program ANOTHER MORTAL SIN / KILL OUR LEADER / BLEAURRGGGHH / SISTER BASTARD-a total intense of powerviolence straight to your fuckin' face split of fourbands from different countries of the south east


WR-03 ACCIDENT PRONE / KICKING IT DOWNsplit albumA.P-bulacan philippines thrash punk kids along with Hungary's K.I.D a positive 80's style hardcore.



WR-01ILL ASKATRACH-geeky noise EPCDthe only release of the now defunctpioneer of malolos city bulacan Ph-

WR-02ANOTHER MORTAL SIN-furious anger EPCDfatal power violence killer eardrums from calumpit bulacan Ph

Re-press copies is only available for whole salewith minimum of 5just contact us


What are you waiting for? Get those releases and thrash hard!!! - MIC

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Check out this recent post on ESKAPO'S Myspace! 'Nuff Said!

We are proud to announce our first release on Take Four Collective Records based out of Manila, Philippines to be released in 2008.

The split will feature two bands from the bay area, Eskapo (Vallejo Ca.) and La Grita (San Jose Ca.) and two bands from the Philippines, Kill Ratio (Manila) and Istukas over Disneyland (Pampangga).

The two American bands on this release can be seen playing around venues in California or elsewhere in the States. Catch them if you can , support the DIY punk scene and hear some bastards spit venom in another language.A brief and somewhat accurate description of the other bands:

Kill Ratio - is Manila Destructo D-Beat with churning riffs, thunderous drums and throat ripping screams about society's decay.Many have called them the Philippines answer to Victims and bands of that variety.The lyrics paint a stark horizon ahead as the global crisis continues and unrest stirs the masses, Kill Ratio will play the dirge.

Istukas over Disneyland - are the long standing flag bearers of their provincial punk scene, Pampangga. I.O.D. play a unique style of hardcore punk influenced not only by the inflection of their dialect but by the early Pinoy punk bands that were around during the 80's. Melodic , old school hardcore punk is what I'd call them, played by those who never surrendered.
watch out for more details on this coming release!


-- Yeah! So excited bout this release! - MIC

For more info, check out:

Good stuff: Celtics up 3-2 against Atlanta, Blacklisted 'Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God', Extortion 'Sick', On 'Demo'

Bad stuff: So much to do, so little time...