Wednesday, April 22, 2009

little bit of grub...

Vegetable lumpia @ Max's Restaurant

Tofu Sisig @ Max's Restaurant

Combo Bo. 1, Tomato Pasta, Cheese Pizza and Coke @ Chef d' Angelo

Hope to see you this Sunday at the 'New Blood' show @ Ten02, Quezon City. Doors open at 3PM and the show starts exactly at 4PM. Have Heart Pre-sale tickets shall also be available at this show.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

a couple of shirts...

Ground Zero 'Laguna Hardcore - In My Blood' shirt

Ray's Verse 'Oversized' shirt

Shipwreck logo shirt

Danj's Black Flag Bars shirt

Dropkick Murphys 'Celtics rip' shirt

Verse 'V Logo' shirt
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SRA @ Laguna, Show Review

3/4 of Bystorm went to Laguna early. We had arranged to practice with another band with members including that of ours. We met Jay of Mihara while eating @ Target Mall in Balibago and he escorted us with his trusty bike to the studio. After almost 2 hours of practice, we went to the venue and seeing that's still a bit early, we did what we do best, hang out!
After a couple of hours , the venue swelled and finally, MIHARA kicked off the show and got the crowd going early. They did covers of Inide Out's 'No Spiritual Surrender' and Have Heart's 'Armed with a Mind'. STAID came up next and started off with a new song. Awesome set once again. The venue is now f'n hot as the ventilation is pretty minimal. Fck that, we'll have fun either way.
TIGER PUSSY from Cebu went up next and it was a rockin good time! Dancing galore! How come I did not see any recorded output that night? Damn. So if anyone has any recordings from Tiger Pussy and the rest, hit me up.
Bulacan's PLAY went up and it was circle pit mayhem from start to finish. They played a lot of new songs and the energy in the room was unrelenting, despite the Sauna like atmosphere. I was so f'n exhausted after Play's set, I spent the rest of the night watching from the sidelines and it got blurred the rest of the way.
DEAD ON ARRIVAL played next and was OK. I think the equipment was getting fcked up at this point. I think GARDO from Cebu went after them and the crowd went wild. Everyone was floorpunching, two-steppin', kickboxin to Gardo's set. And they were tight. They ended their set with a Strife cover.
SHRAPNEL played with a different line-up than the last time I saw them play but they still executed the same way they did - flawless. WEST also played and this band gets better and better. I hope to hear more from them soon.
At this point, we were f'n exhausted and decided it was time to go home. Too bad we missed QUEEN CITY CREW's set but we hope to see them within this year when we play Cebu. Should be awesome...
PS. After getting home, I turned up the TV and watched the Celtics lose Game 1 of their opening series against Chicago. Fck that. I saw Game 2 today and watched Allen drain the game-winning 3. Yeah...

a little sumthin sumthin...

Above: Vegetarian Rice toppings and fried tofu @ Biggs somewhee in Legazpi City, Albay

Fried Lumpian Togue andTofu @ Target Mall in Balibago,Sta. Rosa City during last Saturday's SRA tour

My new favorite coffee: BK Joe @ Burger King with Free Wi-fi. Nice brewed coffee in a big cup. Awesome...

Have Heart, May 11, 2009 @ Baypark Center!

Up now is the official flyer for the Have Heart show on May 11, 2009 to be held at the Baypark Center, the venue of the Pukelization show. The supporting band line-up is also stacked with some veteran bands and some up and coming acts.

Pre-sale tickets will be available at the 'New Blood' show this Sunday @ Ten02 and at the Bulacan leg of the Pazahora tour on May 1, 2009 for a measly Php 200. Tickets will be Php 250 at the day of the show.


home of the famous 'butanding'

biggs, the number one fastfood chain in bicol giving jollibee a run for its money

like soy sauce?

the majestic Mayon volcano
Sorry for being so late in uploading this site. Been terribly busy with work these days among some other things. Up now are some pics from the recent Bicol trip I made. That place is f'n far if you go there by land. There were also plenty of church processions when I went there and it added to the traffic very much.
Finally saw Mayon Volcano and the infamous butanding swimming in the Bicol seas. Nice. But the weather was too f'n hot, it burned every bit of me.
It was nice though, if you got time to spare, visit Bicol Region. Too bad I wasn't able to go to the man-made CamSur Water Complex. Maybe next time then.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flowergrave gig on April 14 (Tuesday), 2009 @ Cuerdas, Pasig

Flowergrave presents a tribute to their fallen comrade Nixon who passed away last year through a gig on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. I'll probably be at this show. Beat the summer heat.
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Pazahora 'Burn the Gavels - Pilipinas Tour 2009'

Bulacan leg - May 1, 2009 with Bystorm and Rush IxDx!

Freedom Bar, Quezon City, May 2, 2009 c/o Sampcore

Non-Compliant Issue No. 24 'Pazahora @ Lucena'

Check out the flyers for the upcoming Pazahora (Singapore) Tour. Make sure to come and show your support. A tour CD will also be available as well as a tour shirt.

Bystorm "Ninoy" Shirt

So, I just came back from a very lonnggg Bicol trip, and I'll get back on that later with some pics, stories, etc. Right now, I'll just post the new design for the upcoming Bystorm 'Ninoy' shirt. Inspired by none other than the late Benigno Aquino III with one of the most powerful quotes he had written. Design by Dangleregs and shirt produced by Northern Territory. Should be available at the SRA show at Laguna on Saturday, the New Blood show next week and the Pazahora tur dates.
Good stuff: Bicol trip except for the long tiring ride, Verse 'From Anger and Rage', Outbreak 'Failure', Bloodpact 'A(B)astardization, Reaching Forward 'everything', upcoming Celtics-Cavs matchup tomorrow...

Monday, April 6, 2009

a couple of shirts from a "new band's" practice session..

Crisanto's Magnicide 2008 Pilipinas Tour Shirt

Converge 'Destroyer' shirt

Zepol's Towards The End 'Love it or Leave it' shirt

Greens Weekend...

Sorry, for not updating this thing in almost a week. Busy preparing with the upcoming vacation, so that means got to rush some work to be filed tomorrow. I'll be off to Bicol from Wednesday to Saturday so...
Bystorm apologizes to the organizers of the Cavite Microwave Fest as we weren't able to play last Friday. Heard it was Sauna's last show, so that's fucked up...
The Have Heart show flyer will be up by this week. Gonna post some info on that soon.
Managed to get some grub 2x this weekend eating food from Greens. Wicked sht as always. I also cooked vegie caldereta today, so I'm pretty stoked. I used marbel potatoes instead of the regular ones, it worked, and it worked good.
I'll have some interviews up here in the next couple of weeks so watch out...
Good stuff: Ocean's 12 Movie, Upcoming Bicol trip, Abhinanda 'Senseless' (Great interview by the way with the vox of Abhinanda up now at Stuck in the Past), Trapped Under Ice 'Gemini', Cold World 'Ice Grillz', Big Bang Theory Season 2...