Thursday, September 30, 2010


This guy's punk rock. Went inside the middle of the mass. Stopped and raised his placard bearing one word "DAMASO". and he has said a lot more than a bunch of rallies could. To those who fell asleep during their 'Noli Me Tangere' class in high school, Padre Damaso is the prototype of Spanish friars at that time (and even now, i suppose): greedy, imposing their will on the State and their constituents, hypocrites and the list goes on. The Reproductive Health Bill is gaining ground and I encourage you to read and support it. Just google it or something. One of the few times that I actually agreed about State policies.

Listen to: Nations on Fire 'Death of the Pro-Lifer'

"death of the pro-lifer
long overdue and if you don' t agree, fuck you
it might be religion that rules your thoughts
maybe you hate women, you want control and power
most probably you surroundings have controlled your thoughts
but now celebrate
cause it' s the death of the pro-lifer
pro-lifers don' t realize how much pain they' re inflicting
on top of all the guilt and stigma that' s already existing
can you imagine how a woman must feel after having made such a tough decision?
that' s why i' m glad your church is dying.
and when you come and sit in front of your altar or tv-set
is there never ever a sparkle of regret
like - i' m sure - all the women must have who' ve had an abortion in their lives....
you make it seem so simple, coward!
blame it on religion and hatred and ignorance,
well it hurts!
you make it seem so simple, you cold-hearted friend..."

ps. songs like this one makes me glad i got into hardcore...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hatebreed, November 6, 2010.

Been stressed out for the first half of the week. Really stressed out. Need to put more Moz on the playlist. If Moz would come to Manila, no question, I'll be there. Even if the price is outrageous. Now, how about 1,000 (25-30 USD) to watch Hatebreed at the World Trade Center? Would you go? I love early HB, up to 'Satisfaction' perhaps. Especially that Pulp is the one responsible bringing them here. Never liked Pulp. I like the supporting bands though, PD, Bison, QCC. Except Intolerant, they don't have anything to do with hardcore. Should have put another local hc outfit. Still thinking about going. Probably until the date itself. Now, who among my friends are going? Post it...

Soundtrack while on the run: Bitter End 'Guilty As Charged', Cro-Mags 'Age of the Quarrel'

PS. Don't miss out the local send-off shows for the bands playing the Hatebreed show. I was looking for the flyers to put em up. Someone send a link!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oct. 17, 2010 @ Ten02.

Another upcoming show this October brought to you by Johnner of The Crimson Cartel. Bystorm will be playing this show. Should be fun.

Good stuff: Red Sox giving NY a hard time getting to the playoffs. A major upset in the next two weeks would be awesome.

Bad stuff: Some idiot throwing a pillbox during the last Sunday of the Bar Exams which left a lot of people hurt. Fckr.

Currently listening to: Gin Blossoms (heard they were coming to town this November and the tickets are outrageous...).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: I Remember Halloween No. 5/Incidental Afterthought No. 13 split issue.

More zines! Here we have a split issue between two of the most active zines right now. IRH never fail to bring us the goodies. Dane brought us good interviews with Crippled Black Phoenix (UK), From Ashes Rise (Portland) - talking about their recent reunion, Low Vision (Japan). Incidental Afterthought, on the other hand brings us interviews with legends Eyehategod and Moloch (hell yeah!). Both editors also do a short interview with each other. Pretty Cool. IRH brings us some music and zine reviews, great lay-out too. IA has some loonngg boring anecdotes by the editor and his crew, especially the one about the lack of serial killers in the Philippines. Best read in IA is finding out that the editor did bands with Led and Z. Yeah. Contact:,

Currently listening to: Moloch 's/t', Coke Bust 'Degradation'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Subway Sandwich.

More Lion City goodies. I had once tasted a vegie sandwich from this corpo chain of sandwich stores but never knew they had one with a burger patty. A half-foot sandwich is always good. Throw in a bunch of vegies, some chips to boot plus a big ass iced tea. Wish they had it here.

Currently reading: Attorney's Fees and Law Practice (Teruel)

Review: Aspire zine No. 1

Finally, we have the debut issue of Aspire and it goes well beyond my expectations. The content and layout is clearly well-prepared. Good interviews with local bands FIST FOUNDATION (Olongapo), SHIRLEY STEINBERG (Malolos, Bulacan), a reprinted interview of THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT, STANDING FIRM (Iligan City) and PILEDRIVER (Sta. Rosa City). One thing that bothered me though in his review of the ‘It’s All In Our Hand’ 3 way split, he states “Lastly, we have Feud. What can I say? This band existed when I was in grade school. Hahaha.” Fcker. This zine also features reviews, a couple of columns from the editor, and a bunch more. This kid from Olongapo did a good job in his first issue. Send him some money so you can get this sht. Check out:

Currently listening to: His Hero Is Gone 'The Plot Sickens'

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cavite Takeover.

Another show I almost missed posting. This one's gonna happen at Dasmarinas, Cavite this Friday. So all you crazy hc punk kids from Cavite better not miss out. Again,I'm guessing there's a fair amount of new bands who will be playing this show. Need to update yourself on what's happening in the Cavite scenre right now.

Currently watching: Public Enemies

Mammoth Show @ Obsidian, 9/26/10.

I knew I was missing something because this show is already on Sunday to be held at Obsidian Bar at Metrowalk, Pasig City. I guess some of these bands are fairly new since this is the first time I've encountered them. Check it out if you're not doing anything on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Currently listening to: Morning Again 'Hand of Hope', 'The Cleanest War'

Isvarah/Bulldozed video!

isvarah/bulldozed [2010.09.18] from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

Stumbled upon this video tonight and decided to repost it. Isvarah doing two new songs plus three songs from Bulldozed! This should have been the release party for the Bulldozed tape but sht got in the way. Don't worry though, you'll get to see them again for their release party in October. Details to follow!

Another great video brought to you by Crapsalad!

Currently listening to: Beastie Boys 'Ill Communication'

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shi Piao Xiang (Singapore).

As I've posted earlier, I managed to eat at a fair share of vegie restos while in the Lion City. Here's the first one in a place called Shi Piao Xiang. They have a wide variety of vegetarian food at a cheap price. Never knew they had "cheap" prices in Singapore. Awesome stuff. Vegie kikiam, sweet and sour "pork", string beans. Really good stuff. Lion City kids should be really stoked on this stuff.

There's a bunch of shows happening next week and this coming October. I'll try and post most, if not all, of them. Been terribly busy at work these past two days. Need to relax or something.

Currently listening to: Better Than A Thousand 'Complete Discography'

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leftover Merch.

Got some leftover merch from the Forum show: Bystorm 'Kingdom' shirts, very limited quantities left, and all are either in small or x-small. For the ladies or the small shirt wearing dudes out there. Also, still got a bunch of the BLUE Feud 'Never giver up trying' shirt (still have a variety of sizes available). Send me a message if you're interested.

PS. Sorry for the shtty pics lately. I need to adjust the setting in my phone.

Bystorm 'Lungsod...'

Bystorm 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay' hand numbered 1/100 (or is that 200...who did that? haha). Coming this October: Still Ill No. 2 Bulldozed 'Demonyomurdergangcore'.

Currently reading: Aspire zine no. 1


Thanks to everyone who went to last night's show! Clearly, everyone had a blast as the bands tore thru out their respective sets! The pic above was taken from the tagged photos in facebook. Credit goes out to the one who took this Execution of Terror photo!

Picked up a couple of great stuff too like the debut issue of Aspire, the Incidental Afterthought/I Remember Halloween split zine, new Nuclear Punishment demo among others! Reviews should be up sooner than later...

The only downside is that the Bulldozed tapes did not make it to this show. Bummer. Don't worry though cause a release party is set to coincide with the Halloween show on the 29th of October!

Body's still achin and a lot of stuff needs to be done.

Currently watching: Batman Begins

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've just got the slightest tinge of migraine this morning due to not sleeping well, too anxious of finishing my download of the first episode of the third season of Sons of Anarchy. Really good sht here. Take my word for it. SOA is the best series right now. Too bad, the local FX network is not showing it here.

Currently: hoping that the Red Sox will make an upset run at the AL East standings. With around 16 games left, it would be awesome to see NY or TB collapse! Listening to Battery 'Final Fury' (wassup Mustafa?!)

PS. Don't forget the Forum show on Saturday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Forum show line-up!

line-up and timeslots fo saturday's show!

6:01 - 6:20 - shirley steinberg
6:21 - 6:40 - off the chain
6:41 - 7:00 - guerra mundial
7:01 - 7:20 - rush ixdx
7:21 - 7:40 - play
7:41 - 8:00 - strongwill
8:01 - 8:20 - bystorm
8:21 - 8:40 - flash elorde
8:41 - 9:00 - tame the tikbalang
9:01 - 9:20 - goo
9:21 - 9:40 - isvarah
9:41 - 10:00 - divided we fall
10:01 - 10:20 - execution of terror
10:21 - 10:40 - religious nightmare
10:41 - 11:00 - kill ratio
11:01 - 11:20 - nuclear punishment

see y'all! there'll be fun, games and prizes in between sets!

New BYSTORM shirts!

Check out the new BYSTORM 'The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken BYSTORM' shirts which will be available this Saturday at the Forum show. Pinted by Northern Territory. Initial run of fifty (50) pcs on three (3) variations: black ink on red shirt, yellod gold ink on black shirt and gray shirts.

This will coincide with the release of BYSTORM's 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay' Live CD-R. Unfortunately, it seems that the Bulldozed tape will not be available on Saturday's show. Don't worry, we'll throw another party for this bad boy on October 29, 2010 - that's right, the Halloween show. Beware.

Currently listening to: Gorilla Biscuits 's/t' and 'Start Today'

Sunday, September 12, 2010


No place to hang out after band practice? Don't want any noisy bands/people blabbering about anything and everything? Just go to Nomnomnom at the corner of E. Rodriguez and T. Morato Streets in QC an do all that. Hang out and sht. They have a decent vegie selection like this vegie chicken nugget with rice combo and that awesome pasta with vegetables (forgot the name though). They also have an iced tea pitcher and endless supply of ice and water to cool you down on a great evening of stories and planning.

Currently listening to: Battery 'Final Fury 1990-1997', The Weakerthans 'Fallow'

Review: Eyes of Fire/Tsimpayne 'Stoned Jam' split CD-R

Great split between two (2) downtuned, heavy as sht bands from the Flowergrave crew and the other one from Cavite. Eyes of Fire contribute three (3) songs from a live show. One song sounded like it was ripped off from a Juan De La Cruz session. Groovy, Sabbathhic riffs. Too bad, you cannot decipher the vocals and it doesn't help that they don't have lyrics included. Really looking forward to a better recording from this band.

Tsimpayne is a band from Cavite who I've seen once and admittedly I was not that impressed. In this recording though, they are more justified in using the term 'stoner rock'. More groove laden riffs. Think Doomriders and Motorhead.

Good stuff from both bands. Just needs better recording and packaging. The contact info's very hard to read. Approach anyone from the FG crew and I'm sure they'll hook you up. Thanks to Selo for my copy.

Currently watching: The Replacements

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nice to be back.

Finally made it back after a 4/5 day journey to the Lion City. Lots of catching up to do and the Forum Anniv show is already next week.

Still Ill news: The Bulldozed tape will be out of the printers by Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was printed in Kuala Lumpur, so unless it's by a sheer stroke of luck, in all probability, the Bulldozed tapes will not make it (unless you have a relative coming over from KL on Thursday - Saturday, in that case, send me a message) on Saturday's show. On the bright side, it will give us another opportunity to make another release party for the Bulldozed tape! Stay tuned!

On the good news, the Bystorm 'Lungsod ng mga Patay na Buhay' are all but ready for those that will attend the show. This sht will be given to the first one hundred (100) people at the venue this Saturday. So come early and get your Bystorm fix!

Now to the photos above, these were taken during a recent Baguio trip in the best vegie restaurant in Baguio City, cheap and delicious, I tell you. Vegie sardines, curry, soup, sisig, and the crispy kangkong (I was initially looking for the water cress but this is the one available). Really awesome sht here. The name of the resto is Azotea Greens (not related in any way to the Greens in QC, I believe).

Currently listening to: Uniform Choice 'everything', Ignite 'Call On My Brothers' (I need this posi fix after listening to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath for three times in a row...)

Friday, September 10, 2010


Still hanging out on my last night at Singapore. Nothing special, just chillin and taking advantage of the free wi-fi. Gonna be home tomorrow. Got some good and not so good stories to tell y'all. Keep posted. Forum show next week. Don't miss out!

Good stuff: coffee, Tear It Up!, Gehenna, Singapore...

Monday, September 6, 2010

That Old Spaghetti House.

Is it just me or are most branches of The Old Spaghetti House gone? I can name only a few branches that are still around. This one's located in Robinson's Otis in UN Avenue.

Mozarella sticks and 4-cheese pizza in a thin weird shape. Tastes good but not commensurate with the amount. Not too expensive but it's not just that worth it. And those mozzarella sticks are a little bland for me.

I'll be heading to Singapore for a leisure trip for a couple of days but hopefully I can still post some stuff here while I'm there. I plan to get some stuff from SG so hopefully there'll be more Lion City content in the coming posts.

Bad stuff: UST bowing out of contention in UAAP (boy, do they suck!), Red Sox facing a tough climb in the AL wild card race...

Good stuff: Tiger Pussy 'Demo', The Weakerthans 'Left and Leaving'

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Now this is a real Outbreak shirt. Nothing speaks more Outbreak than a plague-infested rat! Seriously, be careful of flash floods hitting the metro or you might get a healthy dose of leptospirosis! A medical broadcast brought to you by...

I'm currently on a 'That 70's Show' binge for a couple of days now. Really great series. A lot of funny sht!

Currently listening to: Eyes of Fire/Tsimpayne 'Stoned Jam' split, Propagandhi 'The Recovered'

Friday, September 3, 2010

TSA in Denmark!

How cool is this? One of the hardest working Pinoy hardcore punk bands will be going to Denmark for almost a week long tour. Denmark will never be the same again!

Busy day ahead: a bunch of pleadings due. two band practices. probably going to a show later and some more obligations.

Still Ill news: The mastering of the Bulldozed tape is done and will be sent to the printers today. The covers will be done next week just in time for the forum show. The Bystorm CD-R's are almost ready. Some new shirts will also be available at this show. Keep checking for more info.

Currently listening to: Deathwish Podcast No. 27 featuring Blacklisted. Check it if you're interested:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mann Hann.

It has always been a mystery to me why this restaurant is always full so I just went ahead to check out if they had any vegie goodies. Tried some vegie spring rolls, tofu and rice but unfortunately, they suck. Even their chili sucks. Only good thing they had was this towering iced tea. Seriously, I would have ordered another big one if I wasn't so full drinking the first one. But their food totally sucked.

Currently listening to: Thou 'Summit', SOA 'No Policy Bootleg'

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

X-Cutioner's Song.

On a rainy day or night, one could think of a lot of stuff to do. Me? I browsed thru my old TPB's and got hold of this classic. Put on Strife on the earphones and you'll be taken to a 90's journey of sorts.

X-Cutioner's song: Stryfe (oops..) posing as Cable shoots Professor X and infects him with a deadly virus. The X-Men (Gold and Blue teams) and X-Factor converge. They hunt down X-Force who puts up a hell of a battle against X-Factor and 1/2 of the blue team led by Wolverine. Jean Grey and Cyclops are abducted by the Horsemen without the knowledge of Apocalypse. X-Force taken down and imprisoned in the Mansion. The Gold Team with Beast hunt down Apocalypse and were beaten by a severely weakened Apoc. X-Factor/X-Men Blue/a couple of X-Force puts to rest the Mutant Liberation Front. Stryfe battles Apoc in Egypt and nearly kills him. Apocalypse teleports to the Mansion and offers his help to save the Professor. Cable goes back to Department K and unfortunately bumps into Logan and Bishop. More mayhem until Cable makes them trusts him and takes them to Graymalkin where they find out that Jean and Scott were taken by Stryfe to the moon. Apocalypse saves Charles. The X-Men go to the moon and its an all out battle with the Dark Riders and ends with a great showdown between the two men with the same faces. Really AWESOME shit here.

Soundtrack: Strife 'One Truth', Snapcase 'Steps'