Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mushroom cheese pizza

10" Mushroom cheese pizza at The Blue Room. Check it out and look like the guys from Avatar.

Bystorm played last night at the DFP launch and despite the very long day we had (Divisoria, Cubao, band practice, dinner and playing at 12:30 AM), we still managed to play a good set and had Center for the Arts moving. Also some good bands open for DFP such as WEST, STAID, PILEDRIVER among others. Good stuff. Also picked up a couple of CDs that I'll probably have it for review in this blog.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Next Time...

First Blood "Next Time I See You..."

You want a statement shirt? This one's a statement shirt. Picked this one up from the recent FB tour. Great shirt. Great fit.

Good stuff: Mafia wars, Morning Again 'As Tradition Dies Slowly'

Acoustic/Punk Rock Night.

Here's something different for you folk-punk lovers out there. An acoustic night at the Leprechaun Bar with performances from the likes of Al Dimalanta, Albert A. (TBOD) and others. Should be a fun night.

Red Kimono returns to LCN...

Great place to hangout on a Monday evening: Check out Red Kimono @ the UP Ayala Land Technohub. They have a nice vegetarian selection. How often do you see that in Japanese restaurants? And it's pretty diverse too.

In this post (in no particular order because I cannot see the f'n preview, only the codes): Agedashi tofu, Breaded veggies in curry sauce, spicy eggplant and California maki. To those who know me will immediately tell you how I hate maki but when I tried this on, it's actually not that bad. It's just something that I won't eat on a daily (or weekly) basis. Hehe.

Currently watching: Wanted (with Angelina Jolie). Quotable quote: "This is me taking control of my life. What the fck have you done lately?"

Bad stuff: Celts losing on a Rashard Lewis jumper yesterday. Should be an interesting playoff picture in the East.

DFP album launch tonight...

See you all tonight at the DFP album launch at Center For The Arts @ Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Good line-up. Should be an ill show.

It's been a terribly busy week at work so it would be nice to hang out later.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baguio post 05: Good Shepherd

Doing some touristy stuff, I was coerced to visit the Good Shepherd convent to accompany someone to buy goods. I didn't bother checking out the goods so I went in, drank coffee and ate this ridiculous strawberry oatmeal muffin. Tastes like paper. Managed to shoot some hoops though as they have a court a couple of steps down. Surprised to see my friend brought a big box of goodies from GS. What the fck?

Bsguio post 04: 7-11???

7-11 post? Why not? While waiting for a friend I managed to check out what's brewing at the local 7-11 store. I got this Hershey's Hot Choco and though I'm never really a fan of hot choco (why would you go for hot choco when you have coffee?), but this drink blew my mind. Great hot drink when you don't really want to perk up your day but you need a mild hot drink.

Good stuff: Running session yesterday while listening to Freddy Madball's 'Catholic Guilt'

Currently listening to: Quicksand 'Slip'

Baguio post 03: Azotea Greens

Keeyo took me to this vegie resto called 'Azotea Greens' which is located at the Azotea Building along Session Road. It looks like an artsy space and they serve delicious food with a very reasonable price. You get two viands for 50 or 60 pesos. Nice.

In the four photos above, you can see a cup of pechay balls, menudo, lengua, sisig and palabok. Their palabok is by far my favorite. Goes well with Minute Maid mango pulp. Definitely check this place out and will make you come back for more.

Baguio post 02: Bodhi Overload

All the times I was previously at Baguio City, I never once checked out SM City Baguio for some reason. The work I had last week was very near the place so it's automatic that I was egged on to check it out.

I was surprised to find out that there is a Bodhi outlet in their foodcourt. I checked it out and I came back at least three times during the week because of the sheer convenience of getting there after work.

Th three photos include: breaded shitake mushrooms, sweet and sour tau pau, menudillo, kidney and liver steak with beans. I ain't eating Bodhi for two weeks.

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Baguio post 01: Zola Cafe

While walking around and looking for a place to hang out at BC, we found this little place called Zola Cafe smacked right in the middle of Session Road. Got to see a Free Wi-Fi sign and I'm sold. Brewed coffee here is 45 bucks a cup with one free refill so it makes it around 22.50. Fair deal. I think they use local beans because the coffee taste is different, good different.

Also got to to check out their vegetarian pizza. Nice crust. Loaded with veggies. Hot sauce and everything. I can hang around.

While talking to Keeyo of POE, he told me that this is where the 'socialites' of BC hang out. I guess that's why there are a lot of beautiful people out there. Plus the crew here is all smiles. So make a visit when you're in the City of Pines.

The Sicilian.

12" cheese pizza at the Sicilian. They just got a couple of branches so it's pretty hard to catch. No vegie pasta though.

Good stuff: morning coffee, Ray Allen's winning 3, Voorhees 'The Final Chapter', Weekend Nachos 'Punish and Destroy'

Likha Comeback...

Eggplant on chili bean/garlic sauce @ Likha Diwa. Good stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

erratum on the DFP release party

Sorry, but I thought the DFP release show would be on the 23rd. It would be on the 30th at the Center for the Arts. Apologies!

Railroad Records opening show...

Another show happening on the 23rd would be the debut show for 2010 for Railroad Records. Check this show out if you're in the South.

Two Album releases this Saturday

January 23, 2010. Saturday. This evening will have two new release partied both at Quezon City, one is from THROW, brought to you by the MAIM Collective and the other one will be the debut release of DEMOLITION OF FALSE PROGRESSION. Choose what show you want to go to or better yet, check out both shows since they're in the same vicinity.

Still at Baguio City, working and hanging out at the same time. Got some food/coffee/hangout pics that I'd like to post but I'm just in an internet shop and I did not bring my phone cable so I'll just post 'em this weekend.

Good stuff: Baguio weather, Azotea Greens, coffee...

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Monday, January 18, 2010

First Blood weekend...

So here I am at the City of Pines just hanging out. I stumbled upon a couple of videos of the First Blood show at Ten02 when I realized I made a promise that I'll update this blog.

Saturday. I went to Led's house with O and met with Dha to prepare food for the FB guys whom Bryan and Jay from DFP picked up at the airport. Penne pomodoro was the dish which the girls prepared. We were supposed to practice with Rush IxDx but the studio schedule wasn't at par with ours so we weren't able to do so.

Rob from FB boasted that he got a Ray Allen jersey for a very cheap price at HK and I told him that he could get it here cheaper. He immediately forced the FB guys to go with us to Greenhills to relax and do some shopping. So, me and Led dropped them off at Greenhills and I went to Libis to pick up O and Cris together with the Blockshot peeps. They are supposed to play an early slot at the Pisschrist Cuerdas show so we obliged and brought them early at Cuerdas.

The usual hassles of the show began and people ere stressing out and because of the lack of time, BLOCKSHOT opened the the show! They played amazing indie-pop flavored music and were awesome. The crowd was getting thicker by the moment. It was a shame they were in a hurry and we weren't able to watch them nor hang out more.

I think SISTER BASTARD played a short set and then GUERRA MUNDIAL played next bringing the party vibe back to Cuerdas. These guys are getting better as the days go by. After Z and the Pisschrist guys came, RUSH IxDx went off to a hurried set and I think we did a good job, no practice and all!

After our set, we needed to hurry up because we have to bring the FB guys to Led's house to finally get some rest. I heard the Pisschrist set was awesome that night...

Sunday morning. Woke up early to fix a lot of stuff for the FB show, the amps from Positivity studios, to the logistics of the band, financial matters, tickets and stuff. When we arrived at the venue, there were a couple of familiar faces at the venue who definitely helped us out, making things a bit easier.

TAME THE TIKBALANG actually opened the show with their wicked fast, grooving hardcore songs. It was a bummer they did not play 'Sailin On' by the Bad Brains. Definitely next time. Up next was, in most probability CURSE/GIFT's last show. It's a shame they have to break up early. I'm lucky I managed to catch a couple of their shows. They also recorded their songs before Carlo moves to Canada (Good luck bro!). Would love to hear the songs soon.

DIVIDED WE FALL as up next and played an awesome set which they ended with a 7 Seconds cover. Have these guys recorded their songs yet? I think ISVARAH went up next and opened their set with the intro from 'Incarnate 365'. Holy f'n shit. Glad to see these guys back again. BYSTORM was up next and we played some older material. We didn't play any new songs because of failure to practice once again. Fck the bass guitar for f'n up during our set. Anyway, I really enjoyed our set and apparently, so did the crowd.

STAID was up next with Rashid from TALKSICK filling in on bass for Easy. I lost air during their set because of the non-stop dancing. I gotta exercise these lungs. After their set, the next couple of bands were a blur to me as we also brought the FB guys for some much needed lunch at Green's. Quotable quote from Anthony of FB "(tasting the sisig) these has got to be the best vegan meal I've tasted my entire life. Fck this tour. I'm staying."

The next set I was able to catch was DEMOLITION OF FALSE PROGRESSION. Another underrated band, better watch out for these guys as they're about to explode. Speaking of which, they have an upcoming release show next Saturday at Center for the Arts. Be there.

The next two bands brought chaos to Ten02. ALCATRAZ and FIRST BLOOD literally brought the house down, including some lights, chairs, etc. I think everyone who was inside the venue lost about 10 pounds just by standing at the venue. F'n blood, sweat and tears! FB even covered one of my fave songs from Sick of it All 'Just Look Around'. I get goosebumps just from thinking about it.

I can't even describe it better than that and everyone present at the show would know what I mean. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out, one way or another. See you soon. I gotta get back to work...

Good stuff: Bodhi at Baguio City, Zola Cafe, First Blood 'Killafornia', Sick of it All 'Just Look Around'

Bad stuff: missing out on the Toxic Orgasm/Vampire State tour :(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hoolllyyy sh*tttttt...

First Blood rippin it up at Ten02. Pic by Boyet Miguel.

Just a quick post today as I'm packing up my stuff to go to the City of Pines for a one-week tour of duty. My whole body (the neck particularly) is aching because of the very incredible weekend we had. I'm planning to make a detailed post about it when I reach Baguio City but I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who came out to support the show and destroy Ten02 with your awesome dance moves, all the bands that played, to everyone who helped organize this event financially, the logistics, equipment and everything but most especially thanks to the guys in Alcatraz and First Blood for taking their time in going to our country. It was all worth it when they said "Dude, honestly, this is the best show we've played in our entire lives". I'm still having goosebumps right now when I put on 'Just Look Around' by Sick of it All.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some updates for the Pisschrist/Blockshot/First Blood shows this weekend!

Pisschrist Tour shirt done by Dyey of Northern Territory.

Don't forget that the Pisschrist/Blockshot show tonight will be held at Cuerdas Bar in Pasig City. Come to the show early because Blockshot will be playing early in order to catch a plane at 9 PM, I think.

Here's the updated line-up for tomorrow's First Blood show:

11:00 am doors open

11:15 - 12:15 Soundcheck

12:15 - 12:35 Curse/Gift (opening act!)

12:36 - 1:00 Divided We Fall

1:01 - 1:20 Tame The Tikbalang

1:21 - 1:40 Isvarah

1:41 - 2:00 Bystorm

2:01 - 2:20 Staid

2:21 - 2:40 Nuclear Punishment

2:41 - 3:00 Demolition of False Progression

3:01 - 3:20 Play

3:21 - 3:40 Prayer of Endurance

3:41 - 4: 10 - Alcatraz

4:10 - 5:00 First Blood

To everyone who wants to score FB merch, make sure to go the venue early because as expected, kids will battle for FB gear. See you all this weekend! Support all touring bands!

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Bystorm tote bag?!@?

Eggman and his one of a kind Bystorm 'Debosyon' tote bag. Pics from this point and the next couple of entries were from the DRegala archives.

Pizza review; Joey Pepperoni

After band practice on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we went to check out this pizza joint at Araneta Avenue called Joey Pepperoni. They got this promo where you can get 2 nine-inch pizzas for Php 200 or 2 twelve inch pizzas for Php 400. Great value. We ordered Margherita and Vegetariana pizzas. Great stuff. The mango juice is for Denver though. Hehe.

Guest appearance from Denver...

Denver of Bystorm makes a guest appearance on this blog sporting an orange (!) xTrue Recordsx shirt. Check out the full-sleeves.

Good stuff: Running, cooking, upcoming Baguio City trip, Pisschrist, Blockshot and First Blood shows this weekend.

Terror 'Rhythym Amongst the Chaos'

Terror 'Rhythym Amongst the Chaos' shirt. Good stuff.

Discrimination Free show windup...

Bystorm and the crew hanging out with Discrimination Free outside Ten02.

First off, sorry for slacking at posting in this blog. Gotta work to make some dough and it's been a hell of a week for work.

The Discrimination Free show last Sunday at Ten02 was okay. The attendance was a little smaller than we expected. Probably because people are saving up their money and energy for the two shows we have this weekend. Kind of a bummer because DF played a great set and were genuinely nice dudes. I guess the timing was just not right.

Bound By Fury played that night and I was blown away. You guys gotta record that demo now. Wicked shit. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the show.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dr. Tam strikes back!

It has been a terribly busy week at work but before it got started, I managed to hang out at Tiendesitas and Fun Ranch at Pasig City so I was able to visit Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus once again and it was great. Got to taste that authentic menudo meal again along with tofu kebab and sisig. Also got some fries from "Potato Fries" or something. Their fries/bbq concotion is awesome.

Come out and hang at the Discrimination Free show tomorrow at Ten02. Should be a fun afternoon. I wasn't able to go to San Pablo City today for the Lakefest because of some heavy work load.

Also, I heard somewhere about people talking shit about the First Blood show next week. As much as I would love to really talk about it, I realized that there are just too many dumb people who talk tough shit in hardcore, even worse than politicians, so I'll just let it slide. Dipshit.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


11:00 am doors open

11:15 - 12:15 Soundcheck

12:15 - 12:35 Curse/Gift (opening act!)

12:36 - 1:00 Divided We Fall

1:01 - 1:20 Demolition of False Progression

1:21 - 1:40 Isvarah

1:41 - 2:00 Bystorm

2:01 - 2:20 Staid

2:21 - 2:40 Nuclear Punishment

2:41 - 3:00 Tame The Tikbalang

3:01 - 3:20 Play

3:21 - 3:40 Prayer of Endurance

3:41 - 4: 10 - Alcatraz

4:10 - 5:00 First Blood

sorry if the show is TOO EARLY. ang flight kase ng FIRST BLOOD is 9:30 PM so they need to pack things up early and head to the airport...

opening band will be CURSE/GIFT from Batangas City. Holy shit.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

ALCATRAZ will be pl;aying at the First Blood show!

Holy shit. ALCATRAZ will be playing next Sunday's show with FIRST BLOOD. So now you get to watch two great foreign bands playing next Sunday. Should make this show one of the best yet.I'll post the updated line-up for the show later. Still at work.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 10, Discrimination Free line-up!

soundcheck 4:00 - 5:00

west 5:01 - 5:20
guerra mundial 5:21 - 5:40
rush ixdx 5:41 - 6:00
sister bastard 6:01 - 6:20
bear the scars 6:21 - 6:40
bystorm 6:41 - 7:00
bound by fury 7:01 - 7:20
aunt audrey 7:21 - 7:40
staid 7:41 - 8:00
prayer of endurance 8:01 - 8:30
discrimination free 8:31 - 9:30

Come early and support all the bands that will be playing that afternoon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

King Ly Chee @ Cebu City

It's SRA (Struggle for Radical Action)'s 15th year anniversary and they will be having a couple of visitors to celebrate with them including Hong Kong's King Ly Chee and some bands from Luzon and Davao. Make sure to go to this show if you're in Cebu or the nearby provinces. This promises to be one hell of a show. Congratulations to SRA on their 15th year anniversary!

Pisschrist SEA Tour : Manila and Pampanga leg

Pisschrist from Australia is currently touring Southeast Asia and will be playing two shows in the Philippines, one will be at Cuerdas Bar in Pasig City and the other will be at Angeles City, Pampanga on the 17th, the same day as the First Blood show in Quezon City. If you're having trouble deciding on what show to go to on the 17th, we've come up with the perfect solution, GO TO BOTH SHOWS!

The FIRST BLOOD show in Quezon City will be held from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM so you can go there first and after FB plays, then you can head to Angeles City which is a one and a half hour drive from QC. Make sure to bring extra dough so you can purchase some goodies to support the bands.

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Lakefest this Saturday...

Here's the flyer for the upcoming Lakefest show this Saturday at San Pablo City. Great line-up of bands. Make sure to bring your hoodies because its going to be really cold.

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Welcoming 2010 with a bang!

Happy new year to everyone who reads this blog. The holidays are gone and its back to regular programming for the rest of us. Non-Compliant Issue presents its 30th show to you to open 2010 and we have DISCRIMINATION FREE from Borneo. They will be playing a couple of shows here which include one at the Lakefest at San Pablo City and the day after that, a Sunday Matinee at Ten02 @ Quezon City.

This show has a great line-up which is quite different from that at Lakefest except for the two Baguio City bands. Go to both shows if you can!

Good stuff: holiday season, great food, running, looking for a massage, coffee, Magrudergrind 'Rehashed', Mind Eraser, Dead Prez s/t