Friday, May 29, 2009

Play, Cebu Tour, Nice Job!

Congratulations to our finest thrashcore unit PLAY for a succestful invasion of Cebu City last week. From the looks ot it, you and the Cebu peeps had an awesome time!
For more pics, check out:

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i like food, food tastes good...

crispy tofu/potato wedges @ burbys, commonwealth ave.

Menudo @ Bodhi

Greens Combo: Adobo/Burger/Java Rice

Relyeno @ Likha Diwa

Lentil/Monggo with Seaweeds @ Likha Dwa
No more commentaries this time. Moving fast. LA just beat Denver so it sucks. Hehe.
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Greens Coffee..

Greens coffee is nice. First time I tried it. Php 40 a cup. Reasonable. Free wi-fi to boot.
Soundtrack while working @ Greens : Extortion 'everything'

Monday, May 25, 2009

upcoming bystorm shirt...

Up now is the 'new' design for an upcoming Bystorm shirt. Design by Dangleregs. Clearly, Gehenna inspired. Shirts c/o Northern Territory...
Good stuff: Unbroken live set @ Burning Fight, Bitter End 'Climate of Fear'

Sunday, May 24, 2009

lam esa grille...

eggplant on a steak @ la mesa grille

sizzling tofu @ la mea grille
Check out some food at La Mesa grille. Another version of sizzling tofu and a new one, eggplant on a stick with teriyaki sauce. Awesome sht..
Good stuff: Beyond 89 No longer at ease and 88 Dew it demo, Left for Dead 'Splitting Heads', Monsters Inc., My Name is Earl Season 4

Saturday, May 23, 2009

more from green halo...

Vegie Burger with mashed potatoes on the side, so far the best meal I had in Green Halo @ Cubao X, and its not even mine. haha. Thanks Cris!

Sweet and sour tofu. fairly regular. i could've made a better version. nuff said.
currently watching: game 3 between L.A. and Denver. LA sucks.
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Staid, Judge Hammers on red shirt, pocket print

FC Five athletic shirt

Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus

Menudo, the way your lola cooks it, if you remember. A friend and I were talking earlier about the menudo our respective lolas cooked. Youknow what I mean, oil-soaked with the fat getting it on with the potatoes and sht. I couldn't imagine that it can be replicated on a vegan dish but to my surprise, the crew of Dr. Tam's did and it was awesome.

Mushroom sisig, different from the usual tofu sisig we get.

Potato curry. the lack of vegie meat made this one an almost exclusive potato curry. The potatoes are too soft even for me. Due to constant reheating maybe?

I was told about a vegan resto existing somewhere in Pasig City but never really got the chance to check it out. A leak told me that it had established a branch in Tiendesitas in Pasig so I went there and tried it once and for all.
I was expecting the food to be pricey and bland because of the presentation but to my surprise it tasted quite good and a fairly regular price. Php 50 for a viand. And they got big rice servings too. Highly recommended.
Bad stuff: Celtics losing game 7 to Orlando. I hate the playoffs now. Denver will beat L.A. Haha. Lebron just hit a game-winning 3 yesterday with no time left.
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ps. why the fck is it so hot this week?! shouldn't it be rainy season already?? what the hell??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 23, 2009, PLAY @ Cebu City

Our natural geography has been one of the major hindrances on why our 'local' scenes have not grown together. Well, some bands are actually bridging that gap. The Cebu kids had been coming to Manila for sometime now and now it's time for Bulacan thrash unit to come to the Queen City of the South to start some serious circle pit mayhem! Good luck to you guys!

Good stuff: Boston beating Orlando for a 3-2 lead in the series. Outspoken 'Discography', 108 'Songs of Separation', watching the Trial Reunion full set during the Burning Fight book launch on the net (vimeo rules!), rainy summer...

May 30, 2009, MAIM's Heartcore!

MAIM returns with another show! Mixed line-up, should make for a fun show. Don't forget to tell your friends. It's just around the Metro so there's no excuse for you not to go. Bring your friends too!
The Beauty of Doubt and Tame the Tikbalang has new shirt too. Check it out!

Secret Handshakes Tour!

After Have Heart, we got two bands from our beloved region of Southeast Asia coming to visit the Pilipinas Islands: Everafter and Half Asleep!
No shows finalized yet but there's probably be going to be two shows: one in Laguna and the other at Quezon City. Keep checkin for more info. This is gonna be awesome!

fingerpointing for second combat!

A friend sent me this pic which was taken during the Second Combat show earlier this year. Cool pic though I don't know who took it. And who are those guys grabbing the family jewels? hehe..
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 11, 2009: Have Heart Show Review

It's around 6:00 AM on Monday when Led called me up telling me that there's a problem with HH going to the Philippines and that they will not be able to make it. We're fcked, I said to myself. But as it turns out, the tour coordinator is just exaggerating the problem when the truth of the matter is that there's just a small problem with the airlines and HH is actually on their way.
I went to Led's house around 11:00 AM, ate and hanged for a while. And guess what? The rain just dropped like a bomb from the sky and it was so f'n hard. Good thing it stopped around 3:00 PM and after setting up, we were on our way to the venue.
The venue is a tent-like space in the Malate party area. When we got there, the crew is just about finished setting up. We soundchecked and when everything was ok, HLAF THE BATTLE kicked off the show with Easy whispering 'It's hard to start a show'. HTB did not disappoint as they got the grwing crowd going. They played two (2) new songs, if I remember it right. Watch out for the new release from these guys, should be f'n awesome.
Laguna's MIHARA came up next and played a good set. I heard these guys are looking for a new drummer. Contact them if you're interested. They ended their set with a Strife cover. Nice set.
PLAY from Bulacan was up next and they destroyed once again with old songs which came as a surprise sinc elately they have been playing all new material. You should definitely watch out for their upcoming full-length. By the way, they're going to Cebu in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you guys and show them what a T4 circle pit is about! Thrash hard!
After a short break, it's that time of the year again for THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT's reunion show! These guys were again amazing. Never loses a step even if they haven't played in months. Too bad they had a short set (Damn you...hehe). It was during their set that Z cut his eyelid bumping to Joseph IA which resulted in him missing HH's set. Too bad...
KAKTUS KARUKA cancelled that night so it was up to TAME THE TIKBALANG to take the stage and true to their legend, they did not disappoint. They played a tight set and ended with a cover from Bad Brains 'Sailin on'. Classic.
STAID was up next and they are clearly beginning to be one of the premier bands around. Awesome set. I think they played to new songs which were not yet on their demo. I was anxiously waiting fot the Cain cover but they did not play it. I hate these guys. Hehe.
BYSTORM went up next and we kicked it off with an intro from the Cro-Mags 'Malfunction' and then proceeded to our set. I think we did an OK set though I think some would disagree. Haha. We played a relatively short set because aside from the fatigue, it was Have Heart's turn.
The energy buidling up to HH's set that night was amazing. You can just feel the whole energy in the room being zapped up to that one instant when HH will start to play. And true enough, when they started playing, it was all out mayhem! The kids went nuts all over HH. The highlight for me was 'Pave Paradise'. I had goosebumps when they played it. The Outspoken cover ripped. Ronald requested 'Brotherly Love' and it was awesome. If anyone had a video of the 'speech' Pat Flynn made a bout that sone, shoot me a message, I would love that. Would send chills down your spine. Bar none: gig of the year (they even topped the SC/Motivation tour!).
Sorry for not uploading pics, simply because I don't have them. Hehe. I'm pretty sure they'll be jsut floating around.
We spent yesterday hanging out with them, just eating, drinking coffee, sharing stories. It was an awesome time and I hope we could see them soon again. Nicest bunch of guys. I got a cut in the nose, a cut in the forehead and busted lip and an almost broken ankle, but still, it was all WORTH it.
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it's been a rainy summer...

Garden Burger with Cheese @ Mexicali's

Terror zip-up hoodie over a Staid shirt

Vegie Enchilada @ Mexicali's

It's been a hell of a f'n rainy week leading up to the Have Heart show so it got me a bit worried about the turn-out. Anyway, the Celtics-Magic series is another one for the books. Big Baby's winning shot in Game 4 is an instant classic. Sorry for being too lazy in updating this blog. More to come.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have Heart Show Tomorrow! Go Nuts!!!

After months of waiting, Have Heart will finally be playing in the Philippine shores tomorrow. Check out the details in the flyer above. By the way, here's the schedule for the opening acts tomorrow. Don't miss out, the line-up's pretty dope!
7:01 - 7:20 pm - Half the Battle
7:21 - 7:40 pm - Mihara
7:41 - 8:00 pm - Play
Break for 10 minutes
8:11 - 8:30 - The Beauty of Doubt
8:31 - 8:50 - Kaktus Karuka
8:51 - 9:10 - Tame the Tikbalang
Break for 10 minutes
9:21 -9: 40 - Staid
9: 41 - 10:00 - Bystorm
10:01 - 11:00 - Have Heart
The Boston/Orlando series is shaping up to be a great follow-up to the Boston/Chicago series. Boston needs to win Game 4. LA sucks. Just lost a couple of bucks in their Game 3 win over Houston. Artest needs to step up.
Currently watching: Game 3 between Dallas and Denver. Plus I just watched CC Sabathia throw a COMPLETE game shutout of Baltimore. That guys is a f'n monster.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday sports..Fk yeah...

Pacman destroys Hatton in two (!) rounds. Bring on Floyd.

Boston finally disposes off Chicago in seven awesome games. Definitely best opening series in NBA playoff history. Bring on Dwight and the Magic. Prediction: Celtics in 6.

Pazahora @ Bulacan, Show Review

May 1, 2009: Pazahora (Singapore) @ Malolos, Bulacan. Bystorm crew met up at Megamall and guess what? There's a f'n sale so people were everywhere, literally. We ate a quick meal @ Mexicali to celebrate a bandmate's birthday and we were on our way.

After getting inside the venue, the ever generous hosts from Bulacan sent us to the food area and it was awesome. Vegie Menudo, Breaded tofu, spaghetti. Really good stuff.

OMERTA kicked off the show with their Catharsis/His Hero is Gone/Zegota blend of hardcore. Metallic, ambient stuff from these guys. I heard they're going to record new stuff soon. Can't wait to hear the results.

STRONGWILL from Bulacan followed Omerta's set with their own brand of two-steppin, crunchy hardcore comparable to Terror and Death Before Dishonor. Nice set. STAID was up next and what can I say? These guys are one of the best hardcore bands of the moment. Sing-alongs were prevalent in their set. Awesome.

HALF THE BATTLE was up next and they started their set with a new song which I hope they record soon. there's news that the demo would be re-released along with the newer stuff so that's something to watch out for. NO PEACE IN SILENCE played after them but unfortunately I did not catch their set because we went out to buy water.

Arguably, the best band to come out of Bulacan, PLAY was up next and the crowd went ape-shit. Sing-alongs, circle pits, stagedives all over. Really looking forward to their upcoming full-length! BYSTORM played after them and I think we delivered. The bass guitar Cris lent me was working just fine so I was stoked.

Baguio City's PRAYER OF ENDURANCE was up next and they were tight as ever. Never misses a bit even when we were distracting Keeyo. Hehe. Full-on H8000 metalcore!

It was RUSH IxDx's return after POE's set and we were really psyched to play that night. We started off a cover of Manlifingbanner's 'Balance the Books' and then blazed thru 5 more songs. Short but sweet set. Hopefully we can record the songs soon...

Lion City's PAZAHORA was up next and these guys destroyed every band that played that night. Their sound is a clear cross between From Ashes Rise and Tragedy and with those two bands, you cannot go wrong. Very tight set and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Unfortunately, we cannot hang around for long as I had other matters to attend to which required some precious time so it's time to go. It was great to see all of those bands in one show.

Hope to see you at the Have Heart show on Monday, May 11!

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Some resto at Cubao X...

Tofu Sisig

Bohol coffee

Mushroom with Pesto Sandwich

These pics were taken from some resto at Cubao X when Rush IxDx practiced there last week. I forgot the name of the resto but it has Greens in its name. Couldn't be to sure. Nice vegetarian selection. Reasonably priced too.
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Baked ziti (don't the picture deceive you. that is a HUGE serving. 3/4 of Bystorm couldn't finish it and we had to take out a part to the remaining 1/4. hehe)

Cheese Pizza. Yes.

Magrudergrind 'Southeast Asia tour' shirt

Danj's Second Combat 'Repeater' shirt

Den's A Better Hope Foundation 'Ben Davis' shirt

NCI No. 24: New Blood show review

April 26, 2009: Blistering summer heat. Me and the Bystorm guys met up in Quiapo to buy some equipment and then went to Cubao for some much neede practice. It was our first time in the studio at Cubao X. If you want to practice in a nice music studio ran by some cool guys, check them out. They're just inside Cubao X and you probably won't miss them.

After practice, we headed to Ten02 and saw familiar faces in the crowd. After a couple of soundchecks, the show started with SISTER BASTARD. Damn, these guys are good, fast, hard thrash in the vein of the almighty Infest. They played a quick set (what do you expect..hehe) and one of the guys handed me a copy of their latest recording which I'll review later. Awesome set. Expect to see more of them in the near future.

LEGARDA followed suit and played a relatively long set. I read in a board somewhere comparing them to ISIS. I think that's a good description. Batangas City's JUDGEMENT followed them and the mosh started. These guys are heavy. Taking cue from their provincemates Survival of the Fittest and the rest of the Batangas Mosh. Awesome set.

OH MAN! OH GOD! was up next and it was my first time to see these guys live and they did not disappoint. Reminds me of some screamo bands from the 90's, Ebullition stuff, mixed with a couple of newer stuff. Thei vox also gave me a copy of their demo along with a CD-R split which I'll also review later. Great set, but a bit short.

Pagbilao, Quezon's BATTLE FURY were next and played some melodic punk rock tunes which was a nice break from all those noisy mofos. Hehe. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys soon.

Bulacan's Mosh Machine TALKSICK played and these guys are getting better every time I se them. Someone said they sound like Brother's Keeper without the Mickey Mouse vox. I'd think that's a pretty accurate definition. I failed to get a copy of their demo so if anyone in Talksick is reading this, hook me up with a copy next time. hehe.

Representin Flowergrave, RAYHAK was next and were tight as usual. D-beat madness all over the place. I think they have some recorded output or something. Gotta find out later.

Since 3 or 4 bands from the line-up did not make it, Bystorm played a short surprise set just so the night would not end so f'n early. After us, STAID went up next and was clearly beginning to be one of the crowd faves. Awesome set once again with Denver holding the snare stand for Led. Cooperation in full effect.

Even though the crowd turn-out was not as much as we expected, the show was a lot of fun. Thanks to the crowd for showing support to the new (and old) bands that played that night. Remember that these guys will be next in line to organize shows, tours, etc, and to produce records and stuff so let's keep supporting them.

I think a New Blood show Part 2 should happen soon. Probably around July because we still have the HAVE HEART show and the SECRET HANDSHAKES (EVER AFTER/HALF ASLEEP) tour coming up in May and June. We'll see you then.

Currently watching: Game 7 between Boston and Chicago. F'n awesome series. Go Celtics!