Saturday, June 30, 2012

Likha Diwa in the morning.

Morning jog at the University of the Philippines. Brunch at Likha Diwa. Gonna be a good day. Vegie bopis, talong/tofu bistek and spicy eggplant.

Good stuff: Red sox on a roll (with Cook's two hit shutout last night) and the KG going back to Boston. UAap season opening next week.

Terror 'Not this time' redux.

One of the earlier Terror shirts. Have posted this earlier but I lovethis dhirt. Simple design. Good colorway and a great song.

Some shows were happening in the metro and the suburbs this weekend but did not go to. Instead, I watched Spider-man and it was aweome. Very cold weather last night too.

Currently listening to: Smashing Pumpkins (anyone going to see them?)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Guest: SDB 'The Geeks' shirt.

Sir Denver Bystorm makes a guest appearnce in this blog via this Geeks shirt which was sold during their recent tour in Southeast Asia. Prett cool shirt.

Had an awesome time playing last night at IDB bar in Paranaque City. Also saw some local acts such as The Boxers (very cool Bad Brains cover) and Sunday Driven Holiday.

Currently listening to: Braves @ Boston via At Bat '12.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: West 'Test of Time' CD.

This is the debut full length of the kings of Tondo and this record does not disappoint. Full-on Hatebreed influenced hardcore played at a maxoimum level. This 11 track CD includes re-recorded versions of the songs from their earlier record. Lyrics deal with the reality of living in Tondo, Manila, to the desaparacidos who just went missing becsuse they had the courage to speak out against the government. The artwork and the production looks top-notch too. Recording quality is likewise awesome. Support bands who have the guts to release their records in this digitsl age.

Contact: can't find any contact info on the inlay. Catch them at your local shows.

Speaking of shows, we'll be hitting IDB tomorrow for the Grand Hotel Paradox show. See y'all!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: Real Tight Crew zine Issue no. 6.

Joab's pumpin issues left and right lately. Guy's been pretty consistent with the frequency and quality. This one's got interviews with Religious Nightmare (awesome interview with Rallye but it was disappointing to learn that Scrawlshop was done), Execution of Terror (fast crust from Antipolo), Flash Elorde (fastcore from Cavite) and Violator (thrash metal from Brazil). Overall, interviews were pretty good except the one with Violator because of the constant comments of the new sidekick of Joab, which to be blunt is just obnoxious. Also features a retrospective on local comp. tapes and local bands who have already broken up. Contains reviews and a tribute to A-Flava. Waitin for the next issue.


Review: Eksena Lokal zine issue no. 1.

This zine is done by Francis of Notorious zine from Pampanga. He abandoned his previous zine and started this new one. Full-sized, 40 pages. Starts off with a bunch of articles, some of which are old already. Best part for me is the editor's diary about his visit to the Visayas region. Some of the write-ups don't make sense though. Contains interviews with Pampangas's More Than Linda, The Holiday and Tomador Crew. Good stuff to read about the local Pampanga scene. Lots of detailed show reviews which make it seem that you were actually at the show. Also contains scene reports from Cebu, South Cotabato, Bacolod, Baguio City and the Quezon Province. Lots of stuff to read in this one.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Bystorm 'Sumalangitnawa' out July 2012.

Finally. After months of waiting, Bystorm's 'Sumalangitnawa' CD will be available for public consumption. Still Ill, Delusion of Terror and Major Malfunction is bringing this 12 track opus for your listening pleasure. Release party to be announced very soon. Spread the word.

Currently listening to: Rise and Fall 'Deceiver/Sinking in Sin'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Konspirazine Issue No. 5.

Wow. This zine has been blown way out of proportion, meaning 96 pages thick, and f'n loaded at that. Jep interviews local zinester Dane of I Remember Halloween, Flattbush (CA) who recently toured the Philippines, Tame The Tikbalang (scene vets way down from the early 90s), Driven Fear (very positive interview from this Aussie-based band, hopefully they can tour here again), The Prolets (anti-imperialist punk band from Paranaque City who recently released their record), The Crimson Cartel (good interview with this really active band. Can't see why the thrash connection, they are more on the hardcore tip. They recently released their record, check it out), Ill Content (bay area based hc/crossover band featuring von from davao city, waddup brother?) and Grand Hotel Paradox (Dubai, UAE) who will be doing a second round of touring this month, do check em out.

Told ya this one's loaded. Also features some write-ups, columns and reviews. A very good issue and current representation of the local scene.


Grand Hotel Paradox @ IDB

GHP from Dubai will be returning to the Philippines this monthand they'll be hitting IDB bar at Paranaque City. Bystorm will be playing on said date - June 22, 2012 along with other awesome bands.

Currently listening to: Quicksand 's/t'

Just hangin.

Bystorm hanging out after practice. The Sumalangitnawa full length will be sent to the printers this week and will be available very soon.

Today is Independence Day if you know your history. Pretty laid back and rainy the whole day. Got some reviews lined up for you that I'll be posting soon enough.

The current: Rival Mob 'Mob Justice', Verse new record, Bourne Trilogy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back at Cafe Vegis.

Got a chance to check this joint out again. Their bbq is good but of a different variety. If youre familiar with 'street' bbq/isaw and like it, then you'll definitely get a kick out if their version. They also has this burger steak thing which is also pretty good including a sweet and sour 'pork' concoction. They really have a good selection for you to check out. Also got some discounted sht from groupon if you would like ro check out.

Good stuff: Best game of the playoffs so far, Celts beating the Heat to take a 3-2 lead in the series with Game 6 to be played at Boston.

Currently watching: Cold World 'No Omega' DVD

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tribute to Archi.

Last night we went to the tribute 'party' prepared by the Flowergrave peeps for our recently departed friend, Archi of Guerra Mundial and Breakfast Insomnia zine. It was more of a gathering of friends to remember the life and times with Archi. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.

There was also an exhibit of artwork dedicated to Archi. The latter must be smiling wherever he is right now.

Other good stuff: Celts beating the Geat, Sox keep on rolling, only 2 games out of first place. Will be hanging out with the bystorm crew later.

Currently listening to: Texas is the readon 'Do you know who you are'

Below is a pic of ADA tearing it up at Kalye last night.