Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Hits Metro Manila - Video Clips from bongvideos on Vimeo.

ondoy sucks!!!

It's just been one fckd up weekend because of the devastation brought about by typhoon ondoy. I still haven't heard from our drummer who lives in the cainta area so I'm a bit worried. So if anyone knows how the guy's doing, send me a message...

Destruction all the way, not a happy thought right now. Bunch of shows coming this weekend. No Turning Back @ Laguna, Steve Towson @ QC. Will post more later...

Help in any way you can.

Monday, September 21, 2009

a weekend of shows (part 2)...

htb release party!

Sunday morning. My head was still buzzing from the show the previous night but I need to prepare early as HTB will be having the release party for 'What We Have' @ Ten02 in the afternoon. I prepared the Rush IxDx demos to be given away at this show. Brunch, coffee and a lot of demos scattered on the table. Good.

This is one of the rare shows where I came to the show late as I had some personal shit to take care of. When I arrived, BOUND BY FURY was playing and these guys are getting tighter every time. I hope to see some recorded materials soon. BYSTORM was up next and we delivered a good set. Kids karate kicked their way to the front and even Danj tasted rubber on his face. Hehe. The crowd at that time was hard.

DIVIDED WE FALL from Laguna played next. Fast hardcore with some mid-90's flava thrown in. They ended their set with a Have Heart cover so you know you're in for a good deal when watching these guys. RICHARD COLLIER went up and started their set with a Bee Gees cover "I started a joke...". Awesome. They played a short set and ended with a new song. Nice.

PLAY was next and despite some equipment failure, these f'n thrash gods from Bulacan never fail to deliver. Non-stop circle pits which made the show look like a 5k marathon. They played new songs from their upcoming full-length.

HALF THE BATTLE played last to end this release party and they delivered one of the best sets I've seen them play. They played materials off their new CD and although it was the first time the crowd heard it, they went nuts. They ended their set with a cover from Rancor 'Positive Thinking". Aperfect ending which literally ended the positive tone of the night...

Currently listening to: Cold World 'Dedicated...', Reaching Forward 'For the Cause'

Bad stuff: UST losing to Ateneo yesterday...fck...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a weekend of shows (part 1)...

GI and the Idiots @ Ten02 (pic c/o Jep Peligro, thanks brotha!)

My head's still buzzing from the incredible amount of things that happened this weekend. Prior to that I was suffering the worst case of migraine I ever had so I went to see a neurologist. The doc did not give me any meds but instead hooked up my head to an 'electrode' machine and I guess by pure luck or science, the migraine went away. Kudos, doc.

Saturday night started with Rush IxDx practice at Cubao X. We did our cover of Biofeedback's 'Nothing to Prove'. It will be recorded along with G.I.and the Idiots 'The Flag' (which is for a Twisted Red Cross tribute to be released by Middle Finger Production) sometime this October. The BFK tribute had been gathering dust for the longest time and hopefully it will be released this year or early next year.

After practice, we went to the Center for the Arts for the Rustphantom release show. Only got to see a couple of bands, though, including Demolition of False Progression. We hung out for some time, then went to the TSA homecoming show @ Ten02. Their show started late so it kinda worked out for us. The night was starting to become a blur but I think we went inside to see a band playing 'In My Eyes' by Minor Threat. Awesome.

The last bands we caught, if I rember correctly was SDK, Throw, TSA and GI and the Idiots. The Throw set was good. They did a couple of Dead Ends songs including 'Propaganda' and 'Don't Drop Your Guns'.

TSA was at their best element that night. The crowd lost it when they did 'Hard Times' by the Cro-Mags. The sht was hard as hell. They played a releatively short set but it was f'n memorable. Great guys, great band.

The last band of the night was a make-shift line-up of GI and the Idiots featuring 1/2 TSA, Jun Idiot and Benjie of the original GI. Didn't matter though because the legend that is GI still remains. They played most of their stuff from 'Fascinating World of Garbage' and the crowd went ape-shit. I don't think I've ever seen anyone deliver his or her vocals as intensely as Jun idiot does. It looks like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Fck yeah...

Soundtrack: GI and the Idiots 'Fascinating World of Garbage', TSA, Dead Kennedys 'Bedtime for Democracy'

Friday, September 18, 2009

green halo foodstuff...

gata with ampalaya, sayote, et. al.

tomato curry stew

burger with mosh potato

Some food entries from green halo. Tonight is the release party of the debut record of Rustphantom. We're going to party with them at Center for the Arts later along with Half the Battle and a bunch of other bans, Make sure to hang out if you're in the are.

Speaking of HTB, tomorrow is the much anticipated release party of their new CD 'What We Have' @ Ten02. Should be awesome.

Good stuff: TUI, Pulling Teeth, Biofeedback, Cro-Mags

Bad stuuf: attack of the f'm migraine which rendered me immobilized for two days. fck.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Turning Back @ Sta. Rosa City, Laguna!

Up now is the flyer for the Laguna show of NO TURNING BACK from the Netherlands. NTB is an awesome band playing NY inspired hardcore. They're on tour with TERROR but unfortunately, TERROR will not be able to make it to the Philippines. You can catch them in HK if you like but I'd rather support this show.

Pre-sale tickets will be available at the HTB release party. Make sure to get a couple and support this show. Plus this show will be held at a boxing gym so make sure to tape up, wear your mouthpiece and kick ass in the pit.

Currently listening to: Terror 'Lowest of the Low', No Turning Back 'Holding On'

Good stuff: UST in the Final Four. Should be a hell of a game this Saturday. Bring on Ateneo.

Steve Towson returns!

Up now are the flyers for the return of Steve Towson in the Philippines. He'll be playing a couple of shows in Cebu and then in Manila during the first week of October. The QC show will be held @ Nine Mile Bar @ Kalayaan. Come out and hang. You'll not get disappointed.

Return to stomach entries...

Double serving of Baked Ziti @ Napoli's

Blueberry Muffin @ some coffee shop @ the Cebu International Airport

Food of choice @ Cebu City. Can't remember it it's ngoyong or ngohiong. Can anyone help?

Mosh Potato @ Burgoo. Check out the toppings.

Vegetarian spring rolls @ Superbowl of China

I just noticed that there was a big absence of food entries this past few weeks so I'm gonna make a conscious effort to put more this coming weeks. Keep checkin'.

Half the Battle 'What We Have' Release Party!

T4C and Major Malfunction is proud to present their latest release: Half the Battle's 'What We Have'. This CD includes the entire 1st demo of HTB - rerecorded for your listening pleasure and a lot of new songs. I have heard a couple of track of their myspace page and it was awesome. They also did a great rendition of Rancor's 'Positive Thinking'.

The release party of the CD will be held this coming Sunday @ Ten02 Bar. Show starts @ 4PM. Gates will open around 3PM. So forget going t church and come here instead. Put on your dancing shoes as this one promises to be a wild party.

Don't forget the TSA homecoming party happening this week also and the Rustphantom Release party on Saturday.

The weather has been terrible this past two weeks. Non-stop rains which caused floods in the provinces. Fck that. A lot of shows coming up. Stay tuned.

By the way, I'll be bringing copies of the Rush IxDx demo at these shows so come say hello.

Currently listening to this week: V/A New Names for Old Desires, Morning Again 'Hand of Hope, Reaching Forward 'For the Cause', What Happens Next? 'The First Year', Tear it Up 'everything', Secret Seven 'Discography'...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bystorm - imortal from sannee crapsalad on Vimeo.

found this gem at Crapsalad's site. great job sannee! for more great videos, check out

good stuff: godfather part 2, poker, mafia wars, coffee, rot in hell 'hallways...', integrity 'seasons + humanity...'

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rust Phantom Release Party...

Rust Phantom will be releasing their first recorded effort on the 19th of September. Supporting them will be Bystorm, HTB, Befall, Nuclear and a rare appearance of YxFxCx! Come out to the Center for the Arts...

The day after the release party of Rust Phantom, HALF THE BATTLE will be releasing their new CD 'What We Have' @ Ten02. The flyer will be up soon so keep your ears to the ground. I'm also planning a HTB special this week so keep checkin...

Good stuff: coffee, rainy mornings, Gameface 'Always on'

Baguio City show on the 19th!

Up now is a flyer for an upcoming show to be held at Baguio City on the 19th. Check out Prayer of Endurance and Limitbreak among other bands...

Soundtrack: Lewd Acts 'Lung Patrol', Paint it Black 'Amnesia'

TSA Homecoming Tour!

Bulacan hardcore stalwarts who are now based in Lion City are coming back for a mini-tour. The two dates confirmed are on September 18 @ Leprechaun Bar, Quezon City and another one at Malolos, Bulacan. Bystorm will perhaps play at the Bulacan show. One of the nicest bunch of people we met and you should definitely catch them on this homecoming tour!

Central Luzon invades Cebu!

Tour shirts available on the tour dates @ Cebu

Argao, Cebu show flyer

Cebu City show flyer

Up now are the tour flyers as well as the tour shirt flyer of the upcoming Cebu conquest of hardcore/punk bands from Central Luzon: OMERTA, TALKSICK, STRONG WILL (Bulacan), MORE THAN LINDA and ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND (Pampanga). The tour starts next week so if you happen to be living in the Queen City, make sure to be there. Should be awesome two shows. They'll be bringing CDs, merch and a lot of other stuff so make sure to show support by spending some dough on the merch table.

On other news, RUSH IxDx recently released our demo during the anniversary show. I'll post the download link here tomorrow as well as some stories behind the recording, random thoughts etc.

Good stuff: Gorilla Biscuits 'Start Today', 'Public Enemies' book, 'Carlito's Way' movie, Red Sox baseball, UST basketball, Tear it Up 'Nothing to Nothing'