Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Change of venue for tonight's show.

From xkristx at www.diypinoyhcpunk.com:

"UPDATE lang po as per request ...

CHANGE of VENUE of the SoS gig featuring DISKOIRAA from Spain

it'll be in 9 MILE BAR along Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City ( the same venue of previous diy/ug gigs )

same Date: SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 ( that's tomorrow! ) 6PM to 12MN.
same LineUp, Film Showing, food not bombs!, tabling, etc.

reason: current venue was converted to evacuation area because of typhoon.

please SPREAD the WORD! salamat na marami!

for directions: text/call 0909-7778596 / 0948-4933459 / 0915-4026794

commuting tips:

from Cubao : ride a jeep going Fairview > dadaan to mismo ng Kalayaan Ave. watch out for Petron gas stn, malapit na sa venue yun.
from EDSA : ke pa-North or pa-South, baba lang sa Kamuning/Kamias Road. from Jolibee walk or ride to Kalayaan Ave then turn LEFT (Petron na yun!)
if maligaw: text/call na lang numbers above.
if hitching lang, walang pang entrance: don't bother siguro, maulan masarap matulog. we'll just send you mp3 download of band, video link in crapsalad & lyrics via mediafire account.
if you miss this: meron pa Sept. 29 c/o Flowergrave folks (maybe you can bargain with them)

me map from this link: http://www.agimat.net/music/v080714.htm hindi ko lang ma-grab yung map itself (fuckers!)

thanks for reading. pa update na lang our friends. cheers!

Diskoiraa (Spain) shows this week.

This almost flew under the radar of many local kids. DISKOIRAA from Spain will be playing two (2) shows, one in Pasig City tomorrow and another one at Quezon City c/o the Flowergrave crew. Hopefully, there's no more rain on these shows so more people can get to see them!

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Just like Salty in this pic, the rest of the Red Sox are reeling right now by losing a lot of games in September where we saw a 10 game wild card lead reduced to nothing.

The situation : 2 games left, tied with Tampa Bay for the Wild Card. Can the Red Sox pull it off? I BELIEVE.

On local news, the winds of typhoon Pedring is nothing short of devastating. Everyone, be careful. Stay at home.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coche Bomba in the Philippines!

French hardcore punk legends COCHE BOMBA will finally be hitting our shores this coming November. According to Mr. Z, here are their stops for the Philippine leg:

Nov. 9 (Wed) - Lipa, Batangas c/o Mik/ Cyril
Nov. 10 (Thurs) - Splatterhouse Bacoor, Cavite c/o Makopa Production
Nov. 11 (Fri) - Kalye Art Gallery c/o diypinoyhcpunk.com/Kalye crew
Nov. 12 (Sat) - Baguio city c/o Awakened Hope Collective
Nov. 13 (Sun) - Angeles city, Pampanga c/o Francis I.O.D.

They'll be going all around Luzon so make sure to reserve a date and go to the show!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living Hell.

This is the back of a really good Living Hell shirt. LH were pretty big back then but just got lost somewhere or hit it pretty big for me. Either way, this is a pretty wicked "Holy Terror" design with an equally wicked quote. The front is just a repeated Living Hell logo across the chest.

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Review: Sunday Driven Holiday 'Ironic Humor' Demo.

This has been on my playlist for the last two (2) weeks and there is good reason for it. This is the new project of Darwin from Richard Collier. If you have at least a small liking for Richard Collier, you're gonna love this new project. It takes off from where Richard Collier left off. This demo contains six (6) songs including a cover of 'The Killing Moon' from Echo and the Bunnymen. Really good, catchy songs. The quality of the recording is pretty good but with a better recording, this would have been an instant classic. Saw them play once and was really impressed. They'll be doing a few shows near you so get at it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Burger and rice.

Vegie burger steak and rice courtesy of Green Halo. I think this is by far the only thing that I actually enjoy at GH. Really big serving too.

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Southside Kings.

Laguna's long-running PILEDRIVER recently released their latest output 'Southside Kings' and a release party is happening tonight at Amnesia Bar in Laguna. Go out and check it if you can and grab a copy of their new album. Support your local scene. I need to get one myself. Probably in the Divit show happening in a couple of weeks.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iron Age.

Tough times. Things are hard to deal with right now. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Iron Age. Youngblood Records. The Ipod cam is cool. Good apps thanks to Danj.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wake = 200.

Finally, Tim Wakefield pitched well enough and the offense erupted for 18 runs to back him up as he nailed the 200th win of his career. What a way to break out of an offensive slump the past few games to put the Rays back in contention. Time to sustain the momentum.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crapsalad does it again.

Sannee compiled some of the footage he took last night in one video. Check out what happened last Saturday at Ten02. Great job again by Mr. Crapsalad!

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Still chILL.

Definitely had one of the best Sundays for some time. The show last night was AMAZING. I would have posted a review but I can't find any decent pic or video floating in the web. Some of the highlights:

1. KAKTUS KARUKA and SUNDAY DRIVEN HOLIDAY nailed it last night. Best sets IMHO. The Caulfield Cult was a pleasant surprise as well.
2. F'n games all became alcohol drinking contests!
3. Hanging out the whole night with friends and those I haven't seen for a while.
4. Papajohn's after practice.
5. Making plans for Still Ill and some probable upcoming shows. Will keep you posted!

Some letdowns:

1. Some bands not being able to make it.
2. The god-damned RAIN.
3. Missing out on some sets.

BTT: This is the official on-field cap of the Boston Red Sox which a good friend got for me. The Red Sox has been slumping lately but hopefully they'll rebound with Lester on the mound.

UST is in the Final Four of the UAAP Basketball but settled for 4th place due to losing to NU today and FEU beating DLSU. UST vs. Ateneo in the semifinal round. Major upset coming to the Eagles who choked on the probability of a sweep yesterday.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Not doing anything on a Friday night? Check out this show happening somewhere in Las Pinas City. The Caulfield Cult from Singapore is laying. Should be a nice warm-up for tomorrow night's show at Ten02.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forgiveness Denied 'Reunion' shirt.

This is the other colorway of the classic Forgiveness Denied 'Reunion' show. The more popular color is the white tee. The show itself was one of the best I've ever been in. Lots of planned and impromptu reunions happened that night. If you were there, you know it was pretty special. Saturday's show promises to be something like that. Be there early.

Currently watching: Wakefield still looking for win no. 200 as the Red Sox battle the Blue Jays in Toronto.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Forum show this Saturday! Line-up announced!

Here is the updated line-up with time slot for Saturday's show at Ten02!


Gates open at 7:00 PM, show starts at 7:30 PM SHARP!

1. EAT ALL YOU CAN – 7:31 – 7:50
2. GUERRA MUNDIAL – 7:51 – 8:10
3. TOWARDS THE END – 8:11 – 8:30
4. KAKTUS KARUKA – 8:31 – 8:50
5. STAID – 8:51 – 9:10
6. BYSTORM – 9:11 – 9:30
7. SUNDAY DRIVEN HOLIDAY – 9:31 – 9:50
8. PLAY – 9:51 – 10:10
9. HALF THE BATTLE – 10:11 – 10:30
10. ISVARAH – 10:31 – 10:50
11. THE CRIMSON CARTEL – 10:51 – 11:10
12. GRIND MATADOR – 11:11 – 11:20
13. EYES OF FIRE – 11:21 – 11:40
14. NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT – 11:41 – 12:00

Bands, please limit your sets to twenty (20) minutes! See y’all this Saturday!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: Ginseng Luzon 'Bit' CD-R.

I've already made a lengthy review of this CD-R but forgot to post it until my hard disk crashed two weeks ago. And just when I was about to do another review, I found out I lost the lyric/info sheet of this record. Not cool. Anyway, this is a collection of the recordings of GL. Some studio and other live recordings. Definitely influenced by Dischord (re: Fugazi) bands and some SST artists. If you've seen them live, you'll know how passionate these guys are about their work. As I've said earlier, I lost my copy of the lyric sheet which also contains their contact info. Anyone care to pitch in on how people can get a copy of this one?

Creamy Pesto.

We got a good variation of pesto sauce for all you pasta afficionados. This one's not your usual basil and cashew nut blend of pesto but a bit creamier than usual. Made it taste better definitely. Got this one at Carlo's Pizza. They have a few branches but its worth it.

Currently watching: UST vs. Adamson (UST has a good chance of making it to the Final Four but they must show that they can beat the top 3 teams to make it all the way).

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Just saw this flyer for this show this Saturday. No address on the flyer though. Anyone care to pitch in where this is happening? Staid, HTB and Isvarah is playing so check it out if you got the time.

Good stuff: Beckett beating NY, Fast Times 'Where were you?'