Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Matinee Show!

Tame The Tikbalang does what they do best.

Finally getting my bearings back after a terrible two weeks. Aside from personal sht, our drummer in Bystorm had a terrible freak accident which sidelined him for a couple of weeks. That is the reason why we were not able to play at yesterday's show at Ten02. He'll be undergoing MRI but hopefully we'll be ok. We're going to play at the Earth Decay Fest in lieu of Rush IxDx so it looks to be promising.

Also got some Bystorm 'Kingdom' shirts for you in a different colorway. Brown ink on light brown shirt, yellow ink on dark blue shirts and black ink on dark grey shirts. I still have a couple of Feud shirts which I'll also be bringing at the San Pablo show.

The show last night was awesome. Saw a couple of new bands (the highlight being The Crimson Cartel's cover of 'Enforcer') as well as classics (Tame The Tiks), hanged out with some friends, sold some stuff. If not for the typhoon threat, we would have stayed longer. Congrats to Johner for putting up a great show! I'm really looking forward to more of these shows.

Currently listening to: Warzone 'Don't Forget The Struggle...'

Good stuff: Cliff Lee going to NY tomorrow to destroy them, Giants/Phillies NLCS

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Cliff Lee had another spectacular performance against the Yankees last night with 13 strikeouts. He is now 7-0 in his post-season career and an ERA just over 1. He is going to fetch a hefty price in the off-season and probably end up with the Yankees.