Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As you may have heard, STILL ILL, in collaboration with DELUSION OF TERROR and LOVE FROM HATE will be releasing a compilation of upcoming hardcore punk bands from our local community. The thing is we need pics for the cover, back cover, layout etc. as we want the comp. to look like the classic comps such as The Way It Is up to the Generations comp. and we need your help! Send in pics of the following bands or crowd shots while they are playing: RANDOM VIOLENCE, THE BOXERS, OF WOLVES AND SWINES, FORCED MARCH, ARMAS NG LIAS, NEVERDIE, VALUE LASTS, THE VICTIMS, THE SKELETON YEARS, TRES LUCE, TIGER PUSSY, SACRIFIX, FRONTAL, EMBRACE THE ABSURD and HOLY COW. Anyone whose photo will be used will be properly credited and given a copy of the CD. We’re almost done with the recordings and the layout should be done in a month’s time. Don’t send the pics at FB. E-mail it to me: stillillhc@gmail.com. Thanks! Kindly share to your friends who can probably help out!


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Anonymous said...

wohoo congrats! Dame pa rin malupit na banda !


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