Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Aspire zine No. 1

Finally, we have the debut issue of Aspire and it goes well beyond my expectations. The content and layout is clearly well-prepared. Good interviews with local bands FIST FOUNDATION (Olongapo), SHIRLEY STEINBERG (Malolos, Bulacan), a reprinted interview of THE BEAUTY OF DOUBT, STANDING FIRM (Iligan City) and PILEDRIVER (Sta. Rosa City). One thing that bothered me though in his review of the ‘It’s All In Our Hand’ 3 way split, he states “Lastly, we have Feud. What can I say? This band existed when I was in grade school. Hahaha.” Fcker. This zine also features reviews, a couple of columns from the editor, and a bunch more. This kid from Olongapo did a good job in his first issue. Send him some money so you can get this sht. Check out:

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